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Student council representative

Student Council Representative

Acting as student council representative, improvement in school has needed to be identified to take necessary action in adequate way. There are certain challenges faced by ERIKALANE elementary school like changing in demographics, elimination of funding, poor PTSA participation and decrease in reading score leads to major problems in running operations of school. This reveals that improvement in school plan need to be address to formulate the strategic planning in essential and adequate manner.  Analyze data, clarification of problem, create the action plan, implement action plan and monitoring progress are the major role of principals.

Addressing school improvement needs as well as monitoring for the implementation of planning is the major associated role for the school improvement. Establishment of school standards and criteria for selection of course assessed towards their capability and skills proficiency. Recognition of gap between current achievement and state standards for the efficacy in school improvement need to be identified. (Maryland.gov, 2016)  In my opinion, I would like that engagement and involvement of entire staff in analyzing data as well as making data drive decisions towards school improvement process. As the challenges towards ERIKALANE elementary school, increase parent participation in the student affair programs helps in demonstrating the skills and capabilities of student. When parents participate in the student counseling programs, it nurtures the student core capabilities and communicate gap of skills. Therefore in my opinion, acting as student council representative, improvement in school by parent participation reveals to generate improvement in school. I believe in the abilities of each and every student in the school in our team, together, execute and overcome this challenge in well manner.


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