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[99 Points!!] Can someone help me with the following questions? (02.06 MC)Doug wants to get better at volleyball. In order to do this, he has created a list of skills he will need to improve. Which skill should get the most of his attention in order for him to excel at volleyball? Coordination Speed Power Balance (02.07 HC)Which of the following foods is rich in nutrients that will help hair, skin, and nails to grow? Lettuce Yogurt Carrots Apples (01.06 MC)The chart below shows four friends’ target heart rate zones. During their last spin class, each person averaged 170 beats per minute. Based on this information, who worked at the highest intensity level? Name Target Heart Rate Zone Janna 146bpm—188bpm Shania 145bpm—188bpm Paige 140bpm—182bpm Mimi 140bpm—185bpm A.Janna B Shania C Paige DMimi (02.06 MC)Emma has evaluated her skills and determined that she has many strengths, but power is her least-developed skill. She is signing up for a sport, but she wants to avoid anything that plays to her weakness. Which two sports should she avoid? Gymnastics and soccer Archery and bicycling Swimming and baseball Tennis and volleyball


Gymnastics and soccer since those sports are very active and involve a lot of physical cardio, soccer involves a lot of running.

Swimming and baseball are also some hard sports especially swimming since most are your muscles are used during that activity.

Hope this helps 😉