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Jane is studying the rate at which the sale of a particular brand of chocolate has increased over the years. The graph below shows the number of bars sold y, in thousands, after x years since the year 2000:graph of y equals 15 multiplied by 1.1 to the power of x What does the y-intercept of the graph represent?


Answer with explanation:

If we describe the function, it is constant function , from, x= -8,to x= -5, and then deceases till, x=0.And, then the function increases from, x=0 to x=4.and then again behaves as a constant Function from, x=4, to x=8.

The meaning of , f(x)=y , is value taken by the ordinate , y, when value of abscissa x, is substituted in the function of any kind,which may be Logarithm, Polynomial, exponential, ……etc.

Or,to find, f(2), draw perpendicular, from point 2, which lie on X axis, on the graph.The point where it cuts the graph, from that point draw perpendicular on Y axis.The point where this line meets y axis, is required point.

So, f(2)=1