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Oxygen carried in a hemoglobin molecule is bound to a/an

Oxygen carried in a hemoglobin molecule is bound to an iron atom. 
The red blood cells contain a pigment called hemoglobin, each molecule of which binds four oxygen molecules.
This protein carries oxygen to the cells and carbon dioxide to the lungs. 
It is the iron atom that binds oxygen as the blood travels between the lungs and the tissues.
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An object pronoun takes the place of a/an _______ in the object part of a sentence. A. different pronoun B. noun C. verb D. adjective

An object pronoun takes the place of a/an _______ in the object part of a sentence. A. different pronoun B. noun C. verb D. adjective

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What is dharma? individual’s moral and religious duties B.the rebirth of the soul in another bodily form C.union with Brahma D.the essential self

What is dharma? individual’s moral and religious duties B.the rebirth of the soul in another bodily form C.union with Brahma D.the essential self

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25. From left to right across a period in the periodic table, elements become less ___________ and more ______________ in their properties. 26. Francium has 36 isotopes, but only francium-223 occurs in nature. Francium-223 spontaneously emits particles and energy, so francium-223 is a(an) _____________ of francium. 27. At sea level, water ______________ at 100°C. 28. Cooking requires continuous addition of energy to the chemical reactions that are taking place. The chemical reactions involved in cooking can be described as __________________. 29. The ________________ theory of matter states that all particles of matter are in constant motion. 30. In Rutherford’s experiments, some of the _______________ aimed at gold atoms bounced back, suggesting that a solid mass was at the center of the atom. 31. You are given the melting points of three unknown substances and are asked to predict which one is an ionic compound. You would select the compound with the ________________ melting point. 32. A flight simulator that helps astronauts prepare for a shuttle launch is an example of a(an) __________________. 33. In the symbol ■([email protected]) He, the superscript 4 is the _________________ for helium, and the subscript 2 is the ___________________ for helium.

25) Answer is: less metallic and more nonmetallic.

Electronegativity increases from left to right across a period, atoms have tendency to attract electrons.

Electronegativity (χ) is a property that describes the tendency of an atom to attract a shared pair of electrons.

26) Answer is: radioisotope.

Radioisotope has an unstable atomic nucleus and emit energy and particles when it changes to a more stable form.

Francium (Fr) is element with atomic number 87 (87 protons and 87 electrons).

27) Answer is: boils.

Boiling is the temperature at which the vapour pressure of the liquid is equal to the pressure exerted on the liquid by the surrounding atmosphere.

The Celsius scale was based on 0°C for the freezing point of water and 100°C for the boiling point of water at 1 atm pressure.

28) Answer is: endothermic.

There are two types of reaction:  

1) endothermic reaction (chemical reaction that absorbs more energy than it releases, ΔH>0).

2) exothermic reaction (chemical reaction that releases more energy than it absorbs).  

For example, the breakdown of ozone is an endothermic process. Ozone has lower energy than molecular oxygen (O₂) and oxygen atom, so ozone need energy to break bond between oxygen atoms.  

29) Answer is: kinetic.

The average kinetic energy of molecules depends on the temperature.  

As temperature increases, molecules gain more energy from surrounding and move faster.  

Kinetic energy (standard unit is the joule J) depends on speed of the molecule.  

Solid gains kinetic energy to become a liquid and then becomes a gas.

30) Answer is: alpha particles.

This was famous Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment: he bombarded thin foil of gold with positive alpha particles.

Rutherford observed the deflection of alpha particles on the photographic film.  

Alpha particles are helium atom particles, consist of two protons and two neutrons.  

According to Rutherford model of the atom: atoms have their charge concentrated in a very small nucleus.  

31) Answer is: highest.

For example, calcium oxide.

Calcium oxide (CaO) has ionic bonds between calcium cations (Ca²⁺) and oxygen anions (O²⁻).

Because it has strong ionic bonds, it has high melting point (around 2600°C).

Ionic bond is the electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions (cations and anions).

32) Answer is: a scientific model.

A scientific model is a representation of an idea, an object, a process or a system that is used to describe and explain phenomena that cannot be experienced directly.

33) Answer is: the superscript is mass number and the subscript is atomic number.

Atomic number(Z) is the number of protons, which is characteristic of a chemical element..

Mass number (A) is the total number of protons and neutrons in a nucleus.

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The most common type of leukocyte is a/an __________.

The blood type is B+. The blood type depends on some protein substances called antigens present on the cell membrane of the red blood cells that help the cells to identify and communicate with each other. There are four types of blood types;
1- Blood type A which have antigens A on the red blood cells.
2- Blood type B which have antigens B on the red blood cells.
3- Blood type AB which has antigens A and B on the red blood cells.
4- Blood type O which have no antigens on the red blood cells.
There is a second type of antigens present on the red blood cells which is called rhesus. Rhesus may be present, so the individual will be positive (+) rhesus), or it may be absent, so the individual will be negative (-) rhesus.
To determine the blood type, we add anti-a and anti-b serums to two samples of the tested blood.
If the anti-a coagulates only, the person is blood type A.
If the anti-b coagulates only, the person is blood type B.
If the two samples coagulate, the person is blood type AB.
If the two samples don’t coagulate, the person is blood type O.
To another blood sample from the same blood, we add anti rhesus, if it coagulates, the person is )+), if not the person is (-). 

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1). A tax that takes higher proportion from a low-income person than a rich person is known as a/an __ tax? a). proportional b). regressive c). progressive d). estate 2). Which of the following is an external factor that helps create the business cycle? a). Government spending b).Consumer spending c). Bad weather d). Psychological factors 4). Which of the following is an advantage of investing in a mutual fund? a). Guaranteed profit b). No risk c). Investments are made in only one company d). Professional management 6). A characteristic of a natural monopoly is that a). adding businesses in competition would increase cost to the consumer b). the firm is supported by the consumer and voted into existence by the voters c). the firm is dedicated to the use of natural resources d). there’s no government intervention in the market 7). How could the government fight inflation? a). raise taxes b). lower taxes c). add more unemployment insurance d). increase spending 12). A merger between a company and one of its suppliers is known as a ___ merger? a). vertical b). supply c). demand d). horizontal 15). A tax levied on inherited money is known as a/an __ tax? a). excise b). sales c). estate d). death 19). Each worker doing a small part of the overall manufacturing process is known as? a). specialization b). interchangeable parts c). automation d). appreciation 20). Which of the following is a reason for the growth of federal government spending? a). less demand for services b). growing population c). shrinking population d). deflation Please I Need Help Only With These…..

The Contribution Margin per unit (CM) can be calculated
from the difference of Selling Price per unit (SP) and Total Expenses per unit


First, let’s calculate the value of SP:

SP = Sales / Units sold

SP = $1,043,400 / 22,200 units sold

SP = $47


Second, calculate all expenses:

Direct materials per unit = $234,948 / 27,970 units
manufactured = $8.4

Direct labor per unit = $131,459 / 27,970 units
manufactured = $4.7

Variable manufacturing overhead per unit = $240,542 / 27,970
units manufactured = $8.6

Variable selling expenses per unit = $113,220 / 22,200
units sold = $5.1

TE = $26.8


Therefore the CM is:

CM = SP – TE

CM = $47 – $26.8

CM = $20.2 per unit

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A/an triangle has all three angels measuring less than 90° is called what

The triangle ABC is similar to triangle LMP. The order here is very important. The letters correspond to one another
A corresponds to L (first letters of each sequence) 
B corresponds to M (second letters of each sequence)
C corresponds to P (third letters of each sequence)

In a similar fashion, the segments also correspond to one another. 
AB corresponds to LM (first two letters of each sequence)
AC corresponds to LP (first and last letters of each sequence)
BC corresponds to MP (last two letters of each sequence)


AB corresponds to LM. AB is 4 units long. LM is 2 units long. So AB is twice as long as LM. This ratio (of 2:1) will be applied to every paired corresponding value.

Also, the right angle is at angle M for triangle LMP. The right angle will be at angle B for triangle ABC (since B corresponds to M). The answer will have an x coordinate of 7. So the answer is either choice B or choice C.

If we move 4 units down from point B, we land on (7,-10). That isn’t listed as an answer choice. Let’s try moving 4 units up from point B. We land on (7,-2). This is an answer choice

So the final answer is choice C) (7,-2)

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Because graphite contains carbon atoms that are covalently bonded to three other carbon atoms in the same layer, it is classified as a(an) ___ solid A. Metallic B. Amorphous C. Planner network D. Ionic E. Three-dimensional network

Explanation :

In the net ionic equations, we are not include the spectator ions in the equations.

Spectator ions : The ions present on reactant and product side which do not participate in a reactions. The same ions present on both the sides.

(a) The given balanced ionic equation is,

Ni(NO_3)_2(aq)+Na_2S(aq)rightarrow NiS(s)+2NaNO_3(aq)

The ionic equation in separated aqueous solution will be,

Ni^{2+}(aq)+2NO_3^-(aq)+2Na^+(aq)+S^{2-}(aq)rightarrow NiS(s)+2Na^+(aq)+2NO_3^-(aq)

In this equation, Na^+text{ and }NO_3^- are the spectator ions.

By removing the spectator ions from the balanced ionic equation, we get the net ionic equation.

The net ionic equation will be,

Ni^{2+}(aq)+S^{2-}(aq)rightarrow NiS(s)

(b) The given balanced ionic equation is,

NaNO_3(aq)+KBr(aq)rightarrow KNO_3(s)+NaBr(aq)

The ionic equation in separated aqueous solution will be,

Na^+(aq)+NO_3^-(aq)+K^+(aq)+Br^-(aq)rightarrow KNO_3(s)+Na^+(aq)+Br^-(aq)

In this equation, Na^+text{ and }Br^- are the spectator ions.

By removing the spectator ions from the balanced ionic equation, we get the net ionic equation.

The net ionic equation will be,

NO_3^-(aq)+K^+(aq)rightarrow KNO_3(s)

(c) The given balanced ionic equation is,

Li_2SO_4(aq)+BaCl_2(aq)rightarrow BaSO_4(s)+2LiCl(aq)

The ionic equation in separated aqueous solution will be,

2Li^+(aq)+SO_4^{2-}(aq)+Ba^{2+}(aq)+2Cl^-(aq)rightarrow BaSO_4(s)+2Li^+(aq)+2Cl^-(aq)

In this equation, Li^+text{ and }Cl^- are the spectator ions.

By removing the spectator ions from the balanced ionic equation, we get the net ionic equation.

The net ionic equation will be,

SO_4^{2-}(aq)+Ba^{2+}(aq)rightarrow BaSO_4(s)

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In chapter 7,helen writes a child’s mind is like a shallow brook which ripples and dances merrily over the stony course of its education.this is an example of a/an

Answer:Leo Tolstoy wrote the novella The Death of Ivan Ilyich to criticize the emerging middle class of modern Russia in the nineteenth century. Ivan Ilyich, his family, and his friends are part of this budding middle class. Tolstoy’s aim in writing this novella was to criticize the thoughts and the approach of middle class people toward their families, their jobs, and society. He used the life of Ivan Ilyich to demonstrate all the aspects of the middle class that he believed were wrong. Tolstoy portrays Ivan Ilyich as a man whose life decisions are based on social acceptance. He chooses his friends and even his wife based on their social standing. When he starts to find his family life unpleasant because of his wife’s constant nagging, he limits his interactions with the whole family. Instead, he seeks comfort in his work. He assumes a formal relationship with his family members, particularly his wife. This change in his feelings and attitude toward his family does not seem strange to him. On the contrary, getting away from his family becomes his life goal:  

This aloofness might have grieved Ivan Ilyich had he considered that it ought not to exist, but he now regarded the position as normal, and even made it the goal at which he aimed in family life.

Tolstoy deplored the middle-class habit of maintaining distance with family members in private but keeping up appearances of closeness for the public. Tolstoy shows his character Ivan Ilyich making the effort to maintain this detachment from his family members while ensuring that his family appears on the outside to be a regular and happy family. Even when he has to be at home with his family, he makes sure that they have guests. That way, he can avoid confrontations or meaningful discussions with his family:

His aim was to free himself more and more from those unpleasantnesses and to give them a semblance of harmlessness and propriety. He attained this by spending less and less time with his family, and when obliged to be at home he tried to safeguard his position by the presence of outsiders.

Ilyich’s work soon becomes an obsession, and everything else, including his family is secondary to his job:

The chief thing however was that he had his official duties. The whole interest of his life now centered in the official world and that interest absorbed him.

Through Ivan Ilyich, Tolstoy portrayed a class of people who make determined efforts to escape human contact and suffering by seemingly living in denial. They are people who run away from love and relationships, and they are unwilling to reflect on their lives. Instead, they choose to exist in their self-centered world until they are jolted into reality. In Ivan Ilyich’s case, this jolt comes in the form of his illness in chapter 4.  

Tolstoy would not have agreed with Ivan Ilyich’s priorities. Unlike Ivan, Tolstoy looked inward throughout his adult life. He searched for a deeper meaning and purpose, especially in regard to his political and religious ideals. While those ideals eventually caused Tolstoy to avoid his wife, he generally had a close relationship with his family. By all accounts, he seemed very much a man who loved and cherished his wife and their 10 children. While Tolstoy was dedicated to his writing, his family seemed to inspire him, rather than get in the way of his literary genius. His wife was involved in his work, having transcribed most of his writing. Even Tolstoy’s last days were spent on a pilgrimage that he embarked on with his youngest daughter.


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How is an oxbow lake formed? a.An oxbow lake is formed when a lake shrinks due to erosion. b.An oxbow lake is formed when the wide bend of a river is cut off. c.An oxbow lake is formed when high concentrations of salt are present in lakes. d.An oxbow lake is formed when a dam or levee is built on a river.?


The financial reforms were most successful because they established lasting methods to protect free enterprise.


Progressism refers to a set of philosophical, ethical, and economic doctrines based on the idea that progress, understood as scientific, technological, economic and social advancement, is vital to the perfection of the human condition.

The great advance of the idea of ​​progressive reforms in Europe occurred with the Enlightenment, when social thinkers and philosophers began to realize that people themselves, instead of gods, can change society and their way of life. The Enlightenment believed that progress had universal application in all societies and that these ideas would spread from Europe to the whole world.

“Modernity” or “modernization” was the key word of the idea of ​​progressive reforms advocated by the classical liberals in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, which proposed the rapid modernization of the economy and society as a solution to remove the traditional barriers to free enterprise and freedom movement of people.

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To force a bill out of committee, a/an _______ petition must be signed by a majority of the representatives. a. calendarB. releaseC. dischargeD. amendment

To force a bill out of committee, a/an _______ petition must be signed by a majority of the representatives. a. calendarB. releaseC. dischargeD. amendment

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A/An _____ is a transformation that occurs when a figure is moved from one location to another. Choose one answer. a. dilation b. translation c. addition d. enlargement

The correct answer is – c. a hybrid of three Nile creatures including the crocodile, lion, and hippo.

Ammit is a goddess and demoness in the religion of Ancient Egypt. She was a hybrid of the three biggest animals that were known to the Egyptians to have eaten people, the lion, the crocodile, and the hippo. Ammit as a funerary deity had titles such as the ”Eater of Hearts”, ”Great of Death”, and ”Devourer of the Dead”. If someone’s heat was judged to be not pure, it was Ammit that was taking action and was devouring the heart of that person, thus permitting that person to continue its voyage to the immortality.