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Which sentence gives evidence to support the main idea that ads for junk food are bad for children? The advertising industry spends billions of dollars every year on ads targeted toward children. Many of these ads promote junk foods, which lead to weight gain among children. A World Health Organization report shows that junk food ads harm children’s health. The only way to prevent kids from eating large amounts of unhealthy food is to strengthen laws that control advertisers. Some countries like Sweden have already taken steps to protect children from such ads. But controlling these ads on the Internet and other places may prove to be a big challenge. So, the final responsibility to protect children falls with their parents. Children need to be educated and guided to make healthy food choices. i need help asap


Industrialization led to rising imperialism because 
1) show of power: As one makes new technology, they would either want to test it out or show the other nations that what they produce is ground-breaking and the best. Usually if it is military technology, you would want to test it out, and with the use of “show of force”, can have people groups submit to your country.
2) Better technology: As technology advances, it usually makes something easier. In the case of imperialism, better military advances meant that they could (once again) have other people submit to you
3) Better transportation: This meant that you could take multiple countries at once, and can prove that you’re country is great by having supplies shipped over long distances to keep your troops up. If in need of more troops, you could send more.

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6. Thurgood Marshall was the NAACP lawyer who argued the Brown v. Board of Education case before the Supreme Court. True False 7. How did America react to news that the Soviet Union was the first to put a man in space? with threats of military action with pride in human achievement with determination not to lose the space race with indifference 8. Who assassinated John F. Kennedy? Lee Harvey Oswald John Connally Neil Armstrong Jack Ruby 9. Which of these organized movements by African Americans to fight segregation was first? the Selma, Alabama, voting rights campaign the mass march on Washington, D.C. the “children’s crusade” in Birmingham the Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott 10. What factors helped create the prosperity that many Americans enjoyed in the 1950s? Many Americans had more money to spend, increasing demand for automobiles and other big-ticket items, and thus creating more jobs. The middle class grew in size and enjoyed comfortable living in suburban communities. Television helped advertisers reach a wider market, and Americans were encouraged to buy the many products they saw in ads. all of the above


The Reformation actually started after Columbus’s landing in North America. 

Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 was forced on Spain and Portugal by the Pope. The Pope basically said that all lands in the New World belonged to Spain and all new non-Christian lands in the Eastern Hemisphere belong to Portugal. No other Catholic countries can do anything in those areas without the approval of the owner. 

The pope basically drew two lines on the globe setting the border. The western line started at the north pole cut half way through Greenland and ended at the south pole. The new world was everything to the west. Problem is that it ran through a chunk of Brazil which is why Brazil is an ex-Portuguese colony. 

The Eastern line starts at the North Pole runs through siberia, through the pacific just west of Japan, and cuts Australia in half. Of course, Australia hadn’t been discovered yet. Everything to the the east of this line is the new world. 

Obviously, this treaty didn’t hold up well, but the reformation gave the protestant countries an excuse to explore the new world since they didn’t have to take orders from the Pope. Even so, France, a catholic country, ignored it too. 

Really, the only country that was effected by the reformation in the exploration of the Americas was England. All the other countries, changed their religion once and then went to war with the nearest catholic country. Sweden became Lutheran and stayed that way. The Dutch Republic became Calvinists and stayed that way. 

England kept switching. First it was Catholic. Then, Henry VIII made it protestant. Then, Henry’s daughter Mary I made it catholic again. Henry’s other daughter Elizabeth I (with the two hit movies) made it Protestant again. 

Years latter, Oliver Cromwell over through the monarchy, executed the King Charles I, and established a Protestant fundamentalist religious military dictatorship. He outlawed drinking,smoking, gambling, theater, dirty books, sports, prostitution, and anything generally fun. He would have made Saudi Arabia proud. Basically, all you could do is work, pray, and die. Sex was allowed for creating children, but you couldn’t enjoy it. 

When Cromwell died, the people of England said enough was enough and brought back the King. Charles II kicked out the fundamentalists and brought back drinking, smoking, gambling, dirty books, sports, prostitution, and having fun during sex. Incidentally, those were also all his hobbies. 

This brings us to the famous Pilgrims. They were part of Cromwell’s crowd. They kept agitating a return to the no-fun policy. They annoyed everybody. They weren’t persecuted for practicing their religion, they were persecuted because they kept trying to force their religion on everyone else. Sort of like Southern Baptists. 

Charles II was the most easy going monarch in British history. Do realize how annoying you have to be to get him to throw you out. 

Charles’s brother James II was obsessed with turning Great Britain catholic again. After four years of trying, they kicked him and his followers out. 


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While researching job boards and applying to companies, which two of the following practices can help you stay organized? A. Limit the number of searches you do. B. Bookmark sites that you find useful. C. Keep a detailed log of your activities. D. Take frequent breaks. E. Focus on newspaper ads.


  “I understood, too, that in ordinary civil administration this oath even forbade me to practically indulge my primary abstract judgment on the moral question of slavery.”

Means that the oath he took when he(Abraham Lincoln) went into office and became president forbids him to do something that breaks the constitution no matter if his OWN morals say something else.

“I had publicly declared this many times and in many ways; and I aver that, to this day I have done no official act in mere deference to my abstract judgment and feeling on slavery.”

He publicly said this to show every one his views on slavery different ways and he states that to that day he’s done no official act to defend his judgement and view on slavery.

“I did understand, however, that my oath to preserve the Constitution to the best of my ability imposed upon me the duty of preserving, by every indispensable means, that government, that nation, of which that Constitution was the organic law.”

He understood that his oath to preserve the constitutions to the best of his ability by any means necessary because the constitution was the main law.

“Was it possible to lose the nation, and yet preserve the Constitution?”

He looks for an alternate way to find a way to preserve the constitution without losing the nation.