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In the story American Born Chinese, Danny’s cousin Chin-Kee comes for a visit. This is an example of: A. flashback, to give the reader background information. B. an inciting incident, to introduce a central conflict. C. parallel plot, to follow separate characters and events. D. foreshadowing, to create suspense by providing hints about the future.


Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of a Woman


Magical Realism finds precedent in eighteenth-century Gothic novels, but also connects with sixteenth-century Baroque or Surrealism, almost contemporary in the early twentieth century.

Among the most striking features of this movement, we find the blend of realism with pure unreality that is observed as normal, with the integration of magical elements without seeming extraordinary.

These works do not explain the supernatural elements and are narrated as something natural, with characters unaware of their transcendent dimension. In addition, death has paramount value in the relativistic discourse of truth, with a metaphysical focus on space and time and an intimate atmosphere that blends characters with myths, legends, and natural cultures.

Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of a Woman is considered one of the first magical realistic stories.

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Financial aid that is given based on a family financial background is called ____ aid. A.) government based B.)FAFSA C.)merit based D.)need based

Economic profit is calculated as:

Economic profit = Total Revenues – Total Cost

Total cost both includes explicit and implicit cost. In
this case, the explicit cost is $8,000 while the implicit cost is $64,000.
Explicit cost is a direct payment made to run the business while implicit cost
is the opportunity as accountant that is lost. Therefore,

Economic profit = $150,000 – ($8,000 + $64,000)

Economic profit = $78,000

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What are the role, responsibilities, and required background of the production designer of a film?

What are the role, responsibilities, and required background of the production designer of a film?

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When working with additional information in a sentence, when should dashes be used instead of commas or parentheses? A. A dash is always used when renaming a noun. B. A dash is used to continue the flow of a complex sentence. C. A dash is used to set off a relatively important aside in a way that grabs the reader’s attention. D. A dash is used in formal writing to set off less important background information.

Hey there!

Correct answer is D. Comma or Period Inside Rule

A. Question mark or exclamation point inside: those are not really necessary.

B. Colon or semicolon: not, a semicolon would divide the whole sentence and it would be shorten; a colon would work but after requested, when there is already a comma.

C. Question mark or Exclamation Point Outside Rule: would not work, becase it is an very polite and affirmative sentence.

D: A comma or period inside rule: actually, just a comma would work. Please, Cooper’s dad requested, go… Cooper’s dad requested must be in between commas as it is a vocative.

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Tracy, a recent college graduate who earned straight as as a history major, is applying for a job as a legal assistant. although she does not have a background in law, she hopes to land the job because of the _____.


The answer to the question: Although she does not have a background in law, she hopes to land the job because of the:___, would be: Screening effect.


The screening effect is a theory that is used by companies and recruiters in order to effectively select and screen the best candidates for a specific position, even if these candidates may not fulfill all the requirements for that position. What the theory does is propose that candidates who have completed a college degree show their capacities, even if these are not specifically related to an expected topic, by simply achieving this goal, and are therefore worthy to be taken into account for selection. In the case of Tracy, she has not just fulfilled the part of the theory of finishing her degree, but she has overachieved by obtaining the best degrees in topics that are related to a job as a legal assistant. The screening effect will allow recruiters to see Tracy´s records and take her into account, even if she has never had any legal experience, due to her achievements in related topics.  

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Which statements about writing are correct? Check all that apply. 1)The pace of a text is the speed at which events develop. 2)The pace of a text is the feeling, or atmosphere, of a story. 3)Authors use longer sentences and details to fully develop a scene. 4(Authors use short, action-filled sentences to increase the pace. 5)Increasing the pace of a story provides helpful details and background. 6)Increasing the pace of a story is an effective way to build suspense.

Which statements about writing are correct? Check all that apply. 1)The pace of a text is the speed at which events develop. 2)The pace of a text is the feeling, or atmosphere, of a story. 3)Authors use longer sentences and details to fully develop a scene. 4(Authors use short, action-filled sentences to increase the pace. 5)Increasing the pace of a story provides helpful details and background. 6)Increasing the pace of a story is an effective way to build suspense.

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The cartoon below titled “Where the Blame Lies” was created in the late 1800s: A political cartoon shows Uncle Sam standing on a platform. A man stands next to Uncle Sam and points out to a crowd of people. They appear to be entering the United States after exiting ships in New York Harbor. The people seem to be walking in a wild manner. The Statue of Liberty and the American flag can be seen in the background. © The Granger Collection/Image Quest 2012 Which political issue does this cartoon illustrate? the effects of unchecked immigration the health effects of the factory system the effects of low American wages the effects of prohibiting alcohol on society

The correct answer is A) the effects of unchecked immigration.

The political that this cartoon illustrates is the effects of unchecked immigration.

The cartoon describes a situation of immigrants. So, it illustrates the effects of unchecked immigration with so many people entering the United States with no order at all. The situation shows the risk of a lack of immigration policy could have on the country and the possible consequnences of such a few restrictions to enter the U.S.

The sign that says “Baggage the only Requisite”, showed how easy was for people to enter the United States. And the pice of paper on the floor, besides Uncle Sam, with the names of “Mafia in New Orleans”, “Anarchist in Chicago”, and “Socialist in New York”, is an example of the strong journalism critic of that time.

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Dr. lanzilotti wants to create a stimulus that will produce an afterimage of a red heart shape against a white background. he should make the heart _____ and the background _____.? a. ?green; black b. ?pink; red c. ?red; green d. ?blue; white


Helicases unwind the two parental DNA’s strands and creates the replication fork; single strand binding proteins keep the single strand from joining.

Further information:

• DNA replication: a biological method occurring in all living organisms that is the basis for biological inheritance

Helicase: It is an enzyme that may unwinds the DNA helix ahead of the replication machinery.

Origin of replication: a specific sequence in a genome at which replication is started.

Steps of DNA replication:

• During initiation, proteins fix to the source of replication while helicase unwinds the DNA helix and two replication forks are formed at the source of replication.

• During elongation, a primer sequence is added with complementary RNA nucleotides, which are then substituted by DNA nucleotides.

• During elongation the leading strand is made constantly, while the lagging strand is made in portions called Okazaki fragments.

• During termination, primers are detached and substituted with new DNA nucleotides and the backbone is stuck down by DNA ligase.

Purpose of DNA replication:

The purpose of DNA replication is to produce two duplicate copies of a DNA molecule. This is essential for cell division during development or repair of damaged tissues. DNA replication ensures that each new cell receives its own replica of the DNA.

Answer details:

Subject: Biology

Level: High school


• DNA replication

• Helicase

• Origin of replication

• Steps of DNA replication

Learn more to evaluate:

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Who was the songhai leader who instituted a series of reforms through his empire, including opening up government office to people from any background:?

The Reformation actually started after Columbus’s landing in North America. 

Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 was forced on Spain and Portugal by the Pope. The Pope basically said that all lands in the New World belonged to Spain and all new non-Christian lands in the Eastern Hemisphere belong to Portugal. No other Catholic countries can do anything in those areas without the approval of the owner. 

The pope basically drew two lines on the globe setting the border. The western line started at the north pole cut half way through Greenland and ended at the south pole. The new world was everything to the west. Problem is that it ran through a chunk of Brazil which is why Brazil is an ex-Portuguese colony. 

The Eastern line starts at the North Pole runs through siberia, through the pacific just west of Japan, and cuts Australia in half. Of course, Australia hadn’t been discovered yet. Everything to the the east of this line is the new world. 

Obviously, this treaty didn’t hold up well, but the reformation gave the protestant countries an excuse to explore the new world since they didn’t have to take orders from the Pope. Even so, France, a catholic country, ignored it too. 

Really, the only country that was effected by the reformation in the exploration of the Americas was England. All the other countries, changed their religion once and then went to war with the nearest catholic country. Sweden became Lutheran and stayed that way. The Dutch Republic became Calvinists and stayed that way. 

England kept switching. First it was Catholic. Then, Henry VIII made it protestant. Then, Henry’s daughter Mary I made it catholic again. Henry’s other daughter Elizabeth I (with the two hit movies) made it Protestant again. 

Years latter, Oliver Cromwell over through the monarchy, executed the King Charles I, and established a Protestant fundamentalist religious military dictatorship. He outlawed drinking,smoking, gambling, theater, dirty books, sports, prostitution, and anything generally fun. He would have made Saudi Arabia proud. Basically, all you could do is work, pray, and die. Sex was allowed for creating children, but you couldn’t enjoy it. 

When Cromwell died, the people of England said enough was enough and brought back the King. Charles II kicked out the fundamentalists and brought back drinking, smoking, gambling, dirty books, sports, prostitution, and having fun during sex. Incidentally, those were also all his hobbies. 

This brings us to the famous Pilgrims. They were part of Cromwell’s crowd. They kept agitating a return to the no-fun policy. They annoyed everybody. They weren’t persecuted for practicing their religion, they were persecuted because they kept trying to force their religion on everyone else. Sort of like Southern Baptists. 

Charles II was the most easy going monarch in British history. Do realize how annoying you have to be to get him to throw you out. 

Charles’s brother James II was obsessed with turning Great Britain catholic again. After four years of trying, they kicked him and his followers out. 

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During the ____________ the reader learns the background information. conflict exposition resolution rising action

D. To move the reader toward the climax of the story This is the correct naswer.

Authors create tension to engage the readers. Tension is what makes a story  worth reading since it will touch or move the reader’s feelings. The reader’s rational side will be set aside by his/ her emotions.

These answers are not right:

A. To introduce the characters in the story and describe where the story takes place  ( This is part of the setting).

B. To reveal the author’s personal bias and opinion ( The opinion should be infered through the whole story , not jut through the tension in it).

C. To neatly tie up loose ends at the story’s close ( The tension leads to the climax not to the end of the story),

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Cosmic background radiation provides direct evidence for the origin of

Cosmic background radiation provides direct evidence for the origin of

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Texture fills are available to add as a slide background

Texture fills are available to add as a slide background

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Which statements about the Hudson River School paintings are true? Choose all answers that are correct. A. They are representational landscapes that show wild America. B. They show a flattened space that creates a shallow depth of field. C. They have contrast in size between foreground and background objects that create impressive scenes. D. They show landscape features more magnificent than they really are.

The correct answer is C) The state budget process is more organized, with state governors and state legislators sharing responsibility.

The historic Budget-making process as described in this excerpt compares to the modern way that states create Budget in that the state budget process is more organized, with state governors and state legislators sharing responsibility.

In the process of developing a state Budget, there are many participants. These members are guided by laws, public priorities in the expenditure and economic or political variables. Most states develop budgets on a traditional incremental basis. The states start with a baseline of the last year Budget. The states receive the help of the Budget Processes National Association of State Budget Officers(NASBO).

The participants in the elaboration of Budget are the state budget office, the state agencies, the state legislature, and the governor, who has the veto power.

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Which is not an example of adapting messages appropriately? a. being respectful of another’s cultural background b. doctor giving instructions to a patient using simple medical terms c. mom scolding her son harshly d. lowering your voice in a movie theater

Hello there!

In grammar, inflection is the modification of a word to express different grammatical categories such as tense, case, voice, aspect, person, number, gender, and mood.

Now, we have this conjugation of the verb “to play”: playing.

Let’s see the possible answers:

A. infinitive: no, a verb in infinitive does not have any conjugation; thus, this option is no the correct one.

B. Present, third person singular: this conjugation applies to a specific moment and pronoun: present – usually or currently happens -, and pronoun, thind person singular: he/she/it. Example of the verb conjugated in that form: she plays, he plays, it plays.

C. Past tense: this is used to talk about actions that already took place. Conjugation of the verb “play” for all the pronouns in past tense: I played, you played, she played…

D. This is the correct answer: present participle. The present participle is the form of a verb used in forming continuous tenses; its structure – almost always – is the basic form of the verb, plus ING ending. Example: PLAY – ING. Playing.

Correct answer is D.

Hope this helps

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Which of the following do the National Geographic video and “Hope Survives in Search for Katrina’s Missing” share? A. A focus on indivdual victims B. A broad overview of Hurricane Katrina C. Interviews with people who suffered D. Background sounds that give context

The correct answers are:

1- Nostalgia: Often in thought go up and down The pleasant streets of that dear old town, And my youth comes back to me. (From “My Lost Youth” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)  

Here, the poet reminisces about his native city of Portland, Maine. He remembers the streets, the trees and the shore very dearly.

2- Resentment: Not everlastingly while others sleep Shall we beguile their limbs with mellow flute, Not always bend to some more subtle brute; We were not made eternally to weep. (From “From the Dark Tower” by Countee Cullen)

In his poem, Cullen express his discontent with white people reaping the rewards of black people’s hard work. He resents white people for the way they treat them, and believes that they will come a time where black people will be happy again.

3- Resilience: They send me to eat in the kitchen When company comes, But I laugh, And eat well, And grow strong . . . (From “I, Too” by Langston Hughes)

Despite being discriminated, Hughes endures his situations and, instead of giving up, he eats and grows strong for the future.


4- Hope – Tomorrow/ I’ll be at the table/ When company comes (From “I, Too” by Langston Hughes)  

Huges keeps the faith and believes that there will come a time where he will be the master of the house and will be sitting at the table, even when there is company.

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Gun Violence in America & Background Check Reforms | Essay

Gun Violence in America Essay

The United States of America is unfortunately riddled with a variety of problems. Each of these problems requires unique attention to resolve the issues at hand. Amongst the many problems the United States is plagued with include: foreign enemies, environmental issues, education dilemmas, and many more. An area that is riddled with issue that needs reform is crime and public safety. Specifically, gun violence in America is an area of both crime and public safety that needs immediate reform. New policies must be implemented in order to address the prominent issue of gun violence in America.

Gun violence in America is a prevalent problem. There are multiple examples supporting the issue of gun violence in the United States. For example, everyday, 89 people die from gun violence in the United States (Gun Violence Statistics). Additionally, when compared to other countries with similar development or socioeconomic status, the United States has exceptional homicide rates driven by gun violence (Comparing the U.S. to Rest of the World). Furthermore, within the first five days of 2016, police in Chicago say shootings are already up more than 176%—47 compared with 17 in 2015. Ten of this year’s shootings were homicides (Flores, 2016). Not only that, overall, there have already been 1,899 instances of gun violence in the United Since since the start of 2016; 475 of which were fatalities (Gun Violence Archive). This number will increase as the year progresses.

Gun Violence in America & Background Check Reforms

Currently, there are a variety of policies that seek to diminish the issue of gun violence. Firstly, the policy of universal background checks heavily aids to it’s decline. This policy requires licensed firearms dealers to perform background checks on prospective purchasers and maintain records of all gun sales; however, it does not require unlicensed “private” sellers to do so. An estimated 40% of all firearms transferred in the U.S. are transferred by unlicensed individuals (Universal Background Checks). Although there are many statutes that attempt to lessen the consequences of gun violence, the Second Amendment of the Constitution protects citizens, and allows them the right to bear and keep arms. Recent reforms attempt to tighten the reins on gun sales in the United States in order to diminish gun violence.

Due to the fact that gun violence in America is extremely prominent, the problem is rooted somewhere within our society. There are many ideas as to exactly why gun violence has increased over the years. For example, a survey conducted across the United States concluded that many factors were equally to blame. Pop culture, the easiness of obtaining a gun, mental illness, the decline in parenting and family values, alongside many others issues were at fault (Gun Control Survey). Modern-day media tends to highlight issues of violence, often making individuals desensitized to the issue. Additionally, the easiness to obtain weapons with the lack of background checks through private sellers contributes to the prevalence of gun violence. Likewise, the prominence of mental illness in gun related violence is astronomical. Although mental illness is not the causation of gun violence, it is heavily correlated. Finally, the decline in parenting and family values contributes to gun violence, considering in today’s world, both parents work; therefore, there is no family time to teach, to learn, and to love.

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Considering the Second Amendment allows citizens the right to bear and keep arms, many individuals can easily acquire a weapon. Despite this being the case, there are policies that seek to alter the ways in which citizen can acquire a weapon. Mentioned previously, recent reforms require background checks to be preformed by licensed firearms dealers on prospective purchasers. Although this seeks to reduce gun violence, it is not enough. The problem with these background checks is that they aren’t extensive, nor are records being kept. In order to fix this issue, The White House is seeking to expand the preexisting background checks for buyers drastically. The measure being done clarifies that individuals who are in the business of selling firearms are to register as licensed gun dealers. This will effectively narrow the so-called “gun show loophole” (the sale of firearms by private sellers, including those done at gun shows), which exempts most small sellers from keeping formal sales records (Bradner, 2016). Additionally, considering the 2016 Presidential election is nearing, candidates seek to rally votes. In doing so, they promise to enact reforms on the issues at hand; in this case, gun violence. There is an overwhelming support from the public for change, which only continues to increase. 93% of the American public, which includes 90% of Republican voters, support expanding background checks to all gun sales (Gross, 2015). Candidates who wish to have public support must address the prominent issue of gun violence in America.

Despite there being policies to address gun violence, the current ones have failed. The White House is correct in attempting to expand background checks on prospective buyers; however, there are policies that can be implemented to effectively conduct these checks. For example, a new policy should be enacted to conduct extensive background checks not only of the individuals purchasing the weapon, but on the individuals’ father, mother, spouse, or anyone close to them as well. Doing this will allow the government to potentially understand the socioeconomic status of the individual. Also, it will allow them to see if those individuals have any crime record. Likewise, a check for mental illness should be implemented. Considering many gun violence instances are correlated to mental illness, a psychological analysis should be conducted. The extensive background check, alongside the psychological analysis will ensure that the individual purchasing the weapon is not a threat to public safety.

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There are many positives aspects, as well as negative ones, about this new policy. Firstly, the extensive background checks will heavily reduce the sale of firearms to those who have previously committed a crime and should not possess a weapon. Likewise, psychologically evaluating prospective buyers reduces firearm sales to those who are mentally unstable. The negative side to this, however, is that extensive background checks may become costly. Also, due to the fact the background check will address family members, it may take a while for the check to be conducted. Furthermore, adding the psychological component will surely be expensive, untimely, and could potentially spark outrage. The outrage would address those who are mentally ill being excluded from a certain right of the Constitution that all citizens should have.

Additionally, second-hand consequences may result. For example, those who possess a firearm for self-defense purposes may not posses a gun at the particular needed moment due to the untimely process. To combat this, powerful, non-lethal weapons should be allocated to individuals until their weapon is obtained. This would provide protection until the acquisition of the gun. Overall, a policy that both reforms, and expands current gun violence laws regarding background checks must be implemented. This would reduce gun-related deaths in the United States drastically.

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