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Angel is hispanic and has applied for a job at buckets inc. buckets inc. has a workforce that is 45 percent hispanic, 35 percent black, and 20 percent white. this closely approximates the workforce available to buckets. angel is turned down for the job and is told that buckets has too many hispanics, so he couldn’t be hired. he is a victim of:

Economic profit is calculated as: Economic profit = Total Revenues – Total Cost Total cost both includes explicit and implicit cost. In this case, the explicit cost is $8,000 while the implicit cost is $64,000. Explicit cost is a direct payment made to run the business while implicit cost is …

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FLORAL DESIGN 4. Glue dots are best used for A. keeping ribbon ends from unraveling. B. gluing foliage in an arrangement. C. gluing foam into a container. D. attaching prices to flower buckets. 5. Individual leaves are usually wired by A. pierce wiring. B. insertion wiring. C. clutch wiring. D. line wiring. 6. The tip of a steel pick looks like A. a nail. B. a steel staple. C. an arrowhead with serrated edges. D. a toothpick. 8. A _______ container isn’t compatible with floral preservatives. A. glass B. straw C. metal D. plastic 13. A pick machine affixes a A. stemmed flower to a foam base. B. wood pick to a flower stem. C. steel pick to a flower stem. D. wood pick or a steel pick to a flower. 15. Which one of the following countries is a major exporter of cut flowers? A. Portugal B. Canada C. Uruguay D. Colombia 18. A floral arrangement’s appropriateness for an occasion depends upon the A. floral designer’s credentials. B. season of the year. C. country in which the flowers are grown. D. longevity of the flowers. 19. A #5 floral ribbon is how wide? A. 7/8-inch (2.2 cm) B. 2 5/8-inch (6.6 cm) C. 5/8-inch (1.5 cm) D. 1 3/8-inch (3.4 cm) 20. What should you keep in mind when bidding on items at an online flower auction? A. The product is almost never guaranteed. B. There are no tools or ratings available to assess the quality of the merchandise. C. You’ll have no competition from other bidders. D. Prices generally don’t include freight.

The correct answer is – c. a hybrid of three Nile creatures including the crocodile, lion, and hippo. Ammit is a goddess and demoness in the religion of Ancient Egypt. She was a hybrid of the three biggest animals that were known to the Egyptians to have eaten people, the …

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