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What’s the approximate area of a segment of a circle with a height 6 m and the length of the chord is 20 m? Round your answer to the nearest whole number. A. 746.67 m2

Hello! The Correct Answer to this would be 100%: Option “85.4”. (Work Below) Given:height = 6mchord = 20 m We need to find the radius of the circle. 20 m = 2 √ [ 6m( 2 x radius – 6 m ) ] 20 m / 2 = 2 √[ 6m( 2 x …

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Which statement is correct about any chord of a sphere? A it connects 2 points inside the sphere B it connects 2 points on the surface of the sphere C it connects a point inside the sphere to a point on the surface of the sphere D it connects a point on the surface of the sphere to a point outside the sphere

Answer with explanation: It is given that in a study, it has been found that ,there is a positive correlation between the number of supermarkets in a city and the number of pet shelters in the city. The Meaning of positive Correlation is that, If Number of Supermarkets =x And, …

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