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Learning about civics gives you a foundation for forming educated opinions about

The correct option is “Learning to read Chinese” Kublai Khan was the fifth and last great khan (1260-1294) of the Mongol Empire and the first Chinese emperor of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1294). The empire was separated, creating four khanates, each governed by a khan and supervised by the great khan. …

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Civics One U.S. dollar was worth 16 Mexican pesos in 2009, but in 2011 the U.S. dollar was worth 14 Mexican pesos. What is a likely result of this change in the U.S. dollar’s exchange value? It will cost more for Mexicans to vacation in the United States in 2011. Americans will pay less for goods produced in Mexico in 2011. Americans will pay more for goods produced in Mexico in 2011. It will cost less for Americans to vacation in Mexico in 2011.

Answer: Americans will pay more for goods produced in Mexico in 2011. Explanation: This is a situation of devaluation of the dollar in relation to the Mexican peso. If in 2009 the dollar was worth 16 pesos, but in 2011 it is 14, it means that the purchasing power of …

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Civics Assume the European Euro is increasing in exchange value compared to the U.S. dollar. Who will benefit most in this situation? A U.S. family traveling throughout Europe A European company that imports electronics from the U.S. A European company that imports Asian foods An international travel agency based in Florida

The Reformation actually started after Columbus’s landing in North America.  Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 was forced on Spain and Portugal by the Pope. The Pope basically said that all lands in the New World belonged to Spain and all new non-Christian lands in the Eastern Hemisphere belong to Portugal. …

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