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Think about an igneous rock at the top of a mountain. If this rock went through the whole rock cycle, number the steps that would follow. 1. Step 1 Regolith is dumped into some type of reservoir, usually water, by deposition. 2. Step 2 Metamorphic rock begins to melt back into magma. 3. Step 3 Regolith is transported or eroded by rain or wind. 4. Step 4 Rock is broken down into regolith by weathering. 5. Step 5 Layers deposited begin to compact and cement together to form sedimentary rock. 6. Step 6 Sedimentary rock is buried deeper into the earth’s crust. The intense heat and pressure begins metamorphism and the rock turns into metamorphic rock. 7. Step 7 Magma is resurfaced from volcanic activity, cools, and becomes igneous rock.

Answer: The correct sequence according to the question is steps- 4→1→3→5→6→2→7. Explanation: The given steps show that how the rocks are recycled from one form to another form due to certain factors like weathering over geological time scale which was explained by James Hutton and he termed this concept as …

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A Writers Reference and The Little, Brown Compact Handbook can: A. provide complete bibliographies for different content areas. B. provide free online style guides on the use of APA, MLA, Chicago style and Purdue citation methods. C. provide instruction in all areas of writing, from the writing process to research methods to citation and documentation. D. provide instruction on Information Literacy, the definition of information, bibliographies for business programs and instructions for exams.

The correct answer is the third option – In time I began to be more amused than revolted by what they threatened. It didn’t matter to me what they did to each other. It presents us with a different perspective of Grendel, from his own point of view. We can see that …

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Which statement is most accurate regarding the Mayflower Compact?

Answer: Chavez was born as the second of five children in a family of small farmers from Arizona. In 1939 the family sold their farm to pay off debts, after which they had to earn their living in Arizona and California as day laborers. Chavez attended different schools but did …

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What effect did the Mayflower Compact have on American government?

Answer: The correct answer here is: This tactic has been used throughout history to draw attention to causes. Explanation: Unfortunately, all throughout human history, not just in recent times, fear, and violence, have been used as weapons to move people politically and ideologically, from one side to the other. In …

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