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Static stretches are part of an effective cool down because they can help

Static stretches are part of an effective cool down because they can help

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In order to prevent injury during your weight-training session, it is necessary to __________. A. do performance testing prior to setting up your workout routine, stretch before and after each workout, get the proper amount of rest and nutrition, and modify your workout as needed B. have your friend check your workout to be sure it is well-designed, exercise only three days a week, and allow for adequate rest between workouts C. never change your workout routine, stretch before and after each workout, allow time to warm up and cool down, and adjust your form as needed D. use slow bouncing movements to warm up and stretch before each workout, follow a plan that includes proper sets and repetitions, adjust your workout and form as needed, and workout every day

In order to prevent injury during your weight-training session, it is necessary to __________. A. do performance testing prior to setting up your workout routine, stretch before and after each workout, get the proper amount of rest and nutrition, and modify your workout as needed B. have your friend check your workout to be sure it is well-designed, exercise only three days a week, and allow for adequate rest between workouts C. never change your workout routine, stretch before and after each workout, allow time to warm up and cool down, and adjust your form as needed D. use slow bouncing movements to warm up and stretch before each workout, follow a plan that includes proper sets and repetitions, adjust your workout and form as needed, and workout every day

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Read the excerpt from Early Victorian Tea Set. Among the upper classes, tea had been popular since before 1700. It received celebrity endorsement from Charles II’s queen, Catherine of Braganza, and from Queen Anne. It came from China, it was expensive, refreshingly bitter and drunk in tiny cups without milk or sugar. People kept their tea in locked tea caddies, as if it were a drug; for those who could afford it, it often was. In the 1750s Samuel Johnson confessed himself a happy addict: A hardened and shameless tea drinker, who has for twenty years diluted his meals with only the infusion of this fascinating plant, whose kettle scarcely has time to cool, who with Tea amuses the evening, with Tea solaces the midnights, and with Tea welcomes the morning. MacGregor’s main purpose in providing the quote is to

The correct answer to this is letter:

D. He quotes the cries of the
spectators and the Viewpoint of Eisenhower, all of which were critical of the
attack on the Bonus Army

The bonus army was a group of veterans, their affiliates and
families who protested for help during the Great Depression.  The economic hardship they experienced caused
them to ask for the WW1 bonus checks earlier than the law specified.  

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Which excerpt from “The Scarlet Ibis” most foreshadows that the narrator will feel regret for something he has done to Doodle? But sometimes (like right now), as I sit in the cool, green-draped parlor, the grindstone begins to turn, and time with all its changes is ground away—and I remember Doodle. Doodle was my brother and he was going to cling to me forever, no matter what I did, so I dragged him across the burning cotton field to share with him the only beauty I knew, Old Woman Swamp. There is within me (and with sadness I have watched it in others) a knot of cruelty borne by the stream of love, much as our blood sometimes bears the seed of our destruction, and at times I was mean to Doodle. Once I had succeeded in teaching Doodle to walk, I began to believe in my own infallibility and I prepared a terrific development program for him, unknown to Mama and Daddy, of course.


Gather references, and prepare your résumé.


Before a job interview, it is advisable to prepare a copy of your résumé and references, as well as bring a pen and notepad.

The rest of the alternatives are incorrect because asking the company to keep your résumé on file is inappropriate – you should always carry a copy of  it; asking and answering questions politely happens during the course of the interview; and restating your interest is done after the interview has occurred.

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Michael thought it was cool that he and Ellie both

Michael thought it was cool that he and Ellie both

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This 1967 movie put the issue of race relations at the forefront of its message. guess who's coming to dinner the manchurian candidate cool hand luke midnight cowboy

This 1967 movie put the issue of race relations at the forefront of its message. guess who’s coming to dinner the manchurian candidate cool hand luke midnight cowboy

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Half of the population of cool town owns a bicycle, and 25% of the population owns a car. if 10% of the population owns both a car and a bicycle, what is the probability that a person chosen at random from cool town owns either a car or a bicycle or both?

Answer:  The correct option is (C). 10 = square root of the quantity of x minus 8 all squared plus y minus 9 all squared

Step-by-step explanation:  Given that the segment AB has point A located at (8, 9). The distance from A to B is 10 units.

We are to select the correct option that could be used to calculate the coordinates for point B.

Let, (x, y) be the co-ordinates of point B.

According to distance formula, the distance between two points (a, b) and (c, d) is given by


Therefore, the distance between the points A(8, 9) and B(x, y) is given by


Since, distance between A and B is 10 units, so

d = 10.



Thus, the correct statement is

10 = square root of the quantity of x minus 8 all squared plus y minus 9 all squared.

Option (C) is correct.

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Tameko enjoys playing on her school’s volleyball team. She enjoys the physical activity and is proud of earning a place on the team, but this year, her friends have started making fun of all the school teams and clubs. They aren’t making fun of her directly, but the friends have suggested that they don’t think it is cool to play sports or have so much school spirit. Tameko is starting to feel pressured to quit the team. What should she do? Quit the team; image is important and playing volleyball is not worth the risk of losing friends Tell her friends how much she likes being on the team; if they don’t respect that, find some friends who do Join a traveling volleyball team and don’t tell her friends about it; what they don’t know, they can’t laugh at Explain to her friends why they should love volleyball, and avoid ever hanging out with them again

1. The answer is “C”.

“Identical twins” who have been raised apart are typically more similar in intelligence level than biological siblings raised together because they have been born with the same genetic code.

Identical twins originate from a single fertilized egg that parts into two. Before it parts, it is either male or female. After it parts, there are either two guys or two females. The two sections of the fertilized egg embed in the uterus and every create one of the twins.  

Identical twins have the equivalent hereditary source. No immediate reason for monozygotic twinning has been resolved; it isn’t innate. Monozygotic twins speak to around 33% all things considered. They may look strikingly comparative, and it might be hard to reveal to them separated.

2. The answer is “A”.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that one of the only ways individuals will accomplish the objectives in each of his six stages was to participate in “consensus democracy” in small group settings.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that the best way to support development through these stages was by discourse of good problems and by investment in consensus democracy inside small groups. Consensus democracy was rule by understanding of the gathering, not larger part rule. This would invigorate and widen the reasoning of youngsters and grown-ups, enabling them to advance starting with one phase then onto the next.

3. The answer is “D.  showing a learner how to correct common mistakes”.

The term scaffolding alludes to a procedure in which instructors display or exhibit how to take care of an issue, and afterward venture back, offering support as required. Analyst and instructional architect Jerome Bruner first utilized the term ‘scaffolding’ in this setting, harking back to the 1960s. The hypothesis is that when understudies are given the help they require while discovering some new information, they stand a superior possibility of utilizing that learning freely. Bruner suggests positive association and three methods of portrayal amid educating: activities, pictures, and dialect.  

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Which line from the text shows why scientists continue to study yawning? One thing is certain: you are probably fighting the urge to yawn right about now. Other scientists believe, however, that yawning is a form of communication. One mystery that still remains unsolved is why we yawn—what makes us yawn and what purpose it serves. The theory is that yawning helps cool the brain, allowing it to work more efficiently.


The integumentary system covers the surface of the body is true about the integumentry system.


The integumentary system includes the skin, nails, glands, hairs, and nerves. Its main role is to act as a barrier to protect the body from the outside environment. It also retains body fluids, regulates body temperature, eliminates waste products, and protects against disease.

The integumentary system is the largest organ in the body that covers the surface of the body.

Thus, The integumentary system covers the surface of the body is the true statement about the integumentry system.

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Which statement is the most important reason for warming up and cooling down? It reduces your risk of injury. It increases response time. It improves immune function. It stabilizes you emotionally. 1 points Question 2 Which term describes the promotion of health products, services, or practices of questionable safety, effectiveness, or validity for an intended purpose? quackery sham scam fishing 1 points Question 3 Which precaution should you take to protect yourself from the consequences of too much sun? Wear a hat, such as a baseball cap. Apply sunscreen only during the summer. Wear sunglasses that block at least 50 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Put on sunblock 30 minutes before going in the sun. 1 points Question 4 Which is the more questionable phrase when used in advertising? secret formula FDA-approved medically proven variation in efficacy 1 points Question 5 Which statement is true of cooling down after physical activity? A cool-down is a period of semistrenuous activity after physical activity. Cooling down increases blood flow to the muscles and decreases body temperature. Cooling down increases the lactic acid in your muscles, helping to protect them from injury. You should cool down for about 5 to 10 minutes after being physically active. 1 points Question 6 Which statement about dressing for physical activity is true? Clothes should be tight and lie flat against skin to prevent chafing. Rubberized or plastic clothing prevents you from sweating. In general, you should wear heavier weight clothing to keep muscles warm and flexible. You should wear a hat in cold weather and in sunny weather. 1 points Question 7 Which question is not relevant when evaluating advertisements? What is the product’s purpose? Who is the target audience? What is being advertised? How expensive is the product? 1 points Question 8 Which characteristics should you look for when choosing a shoe for physical activity? a sole that is exactly the same height at the heel and the toe a cushioned heel cup to protect the heel from impact a firm, molded inside to stabilize the foot a sole at least as wide as the upper part of the shoe 1 points Question 9 Which statement is true of electrolytes? The major electrolytes lost in sweat are hydrogen, potassium, and iron. Electrolytes help carry electrical impulses from one cell to another. Electrolyte replacement during physical activity is beneficial. Electrolyte concentrations decrease due to the loss of body water. 1 points Question 10 Which statement is true of warming up before physical activity? A warm-up is a period of semistrenuous activity that prepares the body for physical activity. A warm-up increases the amount of oxygen to your brain by raising your body temperature. You should warm up for about 15 to 20 minutes before being physically active. Stretching is important for flexibility and keeps your muscles from tightening up during physical activity.

This is completely false.

Legal Medications can come with many risks.

For example, oxycodone, a painkiller, is very similar to heroin in the risk of addictiveness as well as abusability.

The same being with amphetamines (adderall/dexedrine) to meth.

Just because it is legal, does not mean it is any safer or more dangerous.

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1 My name is Maddox Smith. 2I am the Treasurer of the San Marcos High School Charity Club. 3We’re having a canned food drive. 4This event is going to be off the hook and raise lots of dough for the homeless peeps. 5It’s just two weeks away and I am writing to ask for your help. 6The Charity Club is planning to place collection boxes for canned food items at various local stores. 7We’d love it if you would allow us to place a bin at Shop Mart. 8All of the collections from the food drive will go to the local food bank to be sent out to local families who are really, super poor. Choose the revision of sentence 4 that is most appropriate for a business letter proposal. This event is going to be cool and raise lots of cash for the homeless people. This event will be off the hook and raise a good deal of dough for needy families. This event will be successful in raising donations for local families in need. This event is going to be extra special and raise a great deal of donations for local families in need. This sentence is appropriate as is.


The Embargo Act placed a restriction on trade after European ships harassed U.S. vessels.


The Embargo Act, adopted by the United States Congress in 1807, imposed a full embargo on the French Empire involved in the war and Great Britain.

The embargo was a response to violations of the neutrality of the United States by seizing US merchant ships and merchandise as a prism by the navies of both European countries. In addition, the Royal Navy used the forced incorporation of American citizens into the crews of warships. Both Great Britain and France resorted to plundering American units as a way to sustain the war effort. The Chesapeake Leopard Affair was the brightest and most painful example of this policy for the citizens of the young American nation.

President Thomas Jefferson acted prudently in trying to match the response to the public’s agitation. His recommendation was economic warfare, not military mobilization. Congress passed the Embargo Act on December 22, 1807. The expected effects of this drastic move were to force both France and Britain to withdraw from robbery activity, forced enlistment and to respect the neutrality of the United States. The embargo turned out to be an impractical measure, as it was both a diplomatic and economic failure. After its introduction, it imposed great burdens on the American economy and citizens.

The extensive circumvention of the restrictions on maritime and land trade by American merchants and the legal loopholes in the act have significantly reduced the embargo. British merchants have appropriated the lucrative trade routes left by Americans. Demand for English goods in South America increased, which compensated for the losses suffered as a result of the embargo.

The bill also undermined the national unity, causing strong protests, especially in New England’s commercial centers. It intensified support for the Federalist Party and contributed with it to obtaining a large number of seats in Congress.

On March 1, 1809, after 15 months, in the last days of President Jefferson’s term, the embargo was canceled.

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Which of the following is not the name of an air mass? tepid moist cool moist warm moist hot dry warm dry

Which of the following is not the name of an air mass? tepid moist cool moist warm moist hot dry warm dry

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Please Help?!?!?! A cool fluid is more dense than a warm fluid. True or False???

The correct options are as follows:
 Mass movement refers to the movement of surface materials such as soils, mud, rocks, etc down a slope. The force of gravity is responsible for pulling the materials down the slope. Mass movement usually occur along mountain side and hill side as a result of angle of repose of the land form involved.

This statement is not true, mass movement does not always result into landslides. Mass movement basically leads to bulk movement of earth surface materials from one location to another location. It can happen rapidly or gradually over a long period of time.

 The principal cause of mass movement is the slope angle of the land form concerned. If the angle is overly steep, that is, above 40 degrees, the force of gravity will pull the surface materials downward causing a mass movement.

 Slump refers to the downward movement of large segments of earth surface, which occur when the base of a land form can no longer support the weight at the top of the land form. The sediments usually break off in one piece and water is usually one of the factors that lead to the break off.

 Mud flow refers to the type of mass movement that involves rapid, surging flow of materials that has been made liquefy by the addition of water. Mud flow usually contains large amount of clay, which makes it fluid in nature and enhances its ability to travel over long distances. Mud flow is usually made up of different materials which have different sizes.

 Huge amount of water are usually evaporated from different water bodies on a daily basis as a result of heat from the sun. When the cloud become saturated with the evaporated water, the water is release back to the earth in form of rainfall. Thus, the amount of water evaporated from the earth surface and the amount of rainfall released to the earth are usually of equal amount.

 The velocity of a river refers to the speed with which the water body moves through its channels. Water velocity is usually highest near the surface and lowest near the bottom. The higher the velocity of a water body, the higher will be its ability to transport materials and the reverse is also true.

Gradient refers to the stream grade, which is measured based on the ratio of drop in elevation per horizontal distance. It is usually measured in meter per kilometer or feet per mile. A high gradient implies a steep slope and rapid flow of water while a low gradient translate to slowly moving water.

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Biology B Unit 4: The Human Body – Lesson 12: The Integumentary System 1) Which of these is NOT a function of your skin? (1 point) a) keeps your body cool when you exercise b) releases waste products like urea and salts c) helps prevent pathogens from entering your body d) holds the bones of the skeleton together 2) The integumentary system includes (1 point) a) skin only b) hair only c) nails only d) skin, hair, and nails 3) Which of these skin cancers is most likely to spread to other parts of the body without early treatment? (1 point) a) basal cell carcinoma b) squamous cell carcinoma c) melanoma d) basal cell carcinoma and melanoma 4) What happens when the keratin-producing cells of the skin die? (1 point) a) Melanin and keratin are produced. b) An additional dermis layer is formed. c) A waterproof coating is formed. d) Melanin is produced. 5) Dandruff is caused by the shedding of excess cells from the outer layer of the skin. What is this outer layer called? (1 point) a) dermis b) hypodermis c) epidermis d) hair follicle


Two diseases caused by microorganism include –

a) Ebola hemorrhagic fever

b) Tuberculosis


Microbes are unicellular organisms. There are mainly five types microorganism that cause diseases. –  

a) Virus  

Example of a disease caused by Virus –  

Ebola hemorrhagic fever caused by Ebolavirus and Filoviridae family

b) Bacteria

Example of a disease caused by bacteria –  

Tuberculosis (TB) is a kind of respiratory disease caused by bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

c) Fungi

Example of a disease caused by Fungi

Athlete’s foot is a fungal disease caused by Trichophyton  

d) Protozoa

Example of a disease caused by Protozoa

Ameobiasis caused by Entamoeba histolytica

e) Worms

Example of a disease caused by worms  

Infection in intestine is caused by Ascaris lumbricoides, Ancylostoma duodenale,  etc.  

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Last year,only 4 companies used ice to cool their buildings.this year 8 more companies will use ice to cool their buildings.what is the percentage increase in the number of companies using ice from last year to this year

Answer: The maximum number of cookies eaten by Jim is 10.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

Total number of cookies n(U) = 80

Number of cookies containing vanilla  n(V) = 40

Number of cookies containing nuts n(N) = 45

Number of cookies containing both n(V∩N)  = 15

So, we get that

n(Vcup N)=n(V)+n(N)-n(Vcap N)\\n(Vcup N)=40+45-15\\n(Vcup N)=85-15\\n(Vcup N)=70

Since Jim is allergic to both nuts and vanilla, but he loves cookies.

So, number of cookies eaten by Jim which is neither nuts nor vanilla.

n(Vcup N)'=n(U)-n(Vcup N)\\n(Vcup N)'=80-70\\n(Vcup N)'=10

Hence, the maximum number of cookies eaten by Jim is 10.

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If a few sunspots cool the Earth, why don’t many sunspots make it even colder?

1. The answer is B. Birds can fly across the oceans and settle in either island that makes up New Zealand. Plants also can produce pollen and seeds that can be easily dispersed by wind or water to either island. The distribution of birds and animals across the more or less uniform. However, animals are unable to make ocean crossing hence each island has its own species of animal that is adapted to its island’s environment.

2. The answer is A. Endemic species means species that are specifically adapted to a particular environment and can only be found there due to the high adaptation to the environment over many years. The Bighorn sheep are native to North America, not in New Zealand.

3. The answer is D. Million of years ago, the continents were one continent called Pangea. Due to tectonic plate movement, powered by the convection currents of the mantle, Pages broke off into the continents we have today. Using the jigsaw puzzle, the initial location of a continent in Pangea can actually be determined by checking their current location and the shape of their coastal outline that fits into that of their closest continent. This is true for New Zealand that fits in between the Australian and Pacific plates.

4. The answer is Stewart Island. This island is also the third biggest of the islands that make up New Zealand. It is inhabited by approximately 500 people in a settlement known to the locals as Oban. It experiences an oceanic climate of high rainfall and warm weather like the rest of New Zealand and has many birds species.

5. The answer is The roaring forties bring strong west winds from the Indian Ocean. The roaring forties are the westerly winds in the southern hemisphere that are caused by descending cooler air being deflected towards the south pole by the earth’s Coriolis effect. They pass across the Australian land mass and are warmed before picking the moisture over the Tasman Sea. This wets these winds that bring rainfall to Southern Island’s west coast.

6. The answer is Te Anau. The Milford Trek is popular with tourism in the Fiordland. Visitors use the Milford Trek to hike, visit the Fiordland National Park, Doubtful Sounds and Milford Sound, kayaking, fishing and hunting, and etcetera. Te Anau also hosts the Kepler Challenge that involves marathon competition through the Fiordland National Park.

7. The answer is They act as a barrier, protecting the area east from the prevailing west winds. The Southern Alp are formed due to the collision of the Indo-Australian plate and the Pacific Plate. When the wet roaring forties from the west hit the southern Alps, they bring rain to the windward side (that is the west coast), while the leeward side (the east) is protected from the strong winds and the winds also become drier because most rainfall has been shed from the forties.

8. The answer is Kiwi. These birds have nocturnal behaviors a behavior attributed to having been acquired due to the intrusion of their habitat by predators and humans. The birds have a strong sense of smell unlike other birds with nostrils at the end of their long beaks. However, they can so be sighted at daytime but more so often during the night.

9. The answer is 3 days. The Milford Track is approximately 53 kilometers long starting at Lake Te Anau, passing through the Fiordland National Park and finish it at Milford Sound. One needs to camp along the Track during the night hence the 3 – 4 day taken to hike.

10. The answer is Silver Beech. The Fiordland National park also has podocarps trees. The main understory plants in the park are crown ferns, mosses, and liverworts due to the wet climate in the region.