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Consider college officials in admissions registration, counseling, financial aid campus ministry, food services, and so on. How much money do these people make each year? Suppose you read in your local newspaper that 45 officials in student services earn an average of $50,340 each year. Assume that the standard deviation is $10,780 for salaries of college officials and student services. Find a 90% confidence interval for the population mean salaries of such personnel. Round your answer to the nearest dollar and don;t forget to use the $ sign.


Since sample size is > 40, we use the z-score
in calculating for the confidence interval.

The formula is given as:

Confidence Interval = X ± z * σ / sqrt (n)


X = mean = $50,340

z = z-score which is taken from standard distribution
tables at 90% confidence interval = 1.645

= standard deviation = $10,780

n = sample size = 45

Substituting to the equation:

Confidence Interval = 50,340 ± 1.645 * 10,780 / sqrt (45)

Confidence Interval = 50,340 ± 1,607

Confidence Interval = $48,733 to $51,947

Therefore the salary range of the personnel is $48,733 to $51,947.


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Does entrance counseling have to be accurate


However, they also point out that it’s OK to have an unusual kind of family structure. On One Tree Hill, for example, Lucas is being raised by a single mom, and he has a close relationship with his uncle, but his dad isn’t completely out of the picture. On a teen show such as iCarly, on Nick, Carly’s older brother plays the role of guardian, because her dad is in the Air Force. Her mom is never really spoken of. 

2. I do feel that most of the portrayal of family is accurate, on TV. Modern shows have steered away from the conventional “Mom, Dad, 2.5 kids plus dog” formula, which is accurate, because not all TV watchers are fortunate enough to have that kind of situation. See above answer for specific examples. 

3. I think that a definite negative theme in today’s modern shows, revolve around views on alcohol and drugs. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own views, but more often than not, after a character drinks, or does something they shouldn’t, they panic about what their parents will do once they find out. This panic may lead them to increasingly dangerous situations. For example, in OTH, Nathan is drinking, and then goes out to drive his girlfriend’s car. When he crashes it into another car, he realizes the trouble he is in, and leaves the scene of the accident; thus potentially getting him in even more trouble. I realize that TV is in no way an accurate depiction of all life aspects, and it is “only TV”, but I think Nathan should have faced the consequences right away, because by running from the scene, he only put himself in danger of being caught, or arrested. Again, though, I’m reading too much into it. 


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Su lin and angela are discussing how the veterinary technician can play an important role in preventing euthanasia of animals for behavior problems. su lin says that veterinary technicians can provide the pet owner with preventative counseling. angela says the veterinary technician can provide treatment options and identify behavior problems. who is correct?


The answer to this question is False.

Free trade is an international trade (import and export)
that has no restrictions and tariffs. Free trade has the following benefits it
will increase exports, free trade will increase competition in the market, it
can reduce tariffs, it can help a country make use of surplus raw materials,
and it will increase economic welfare.