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Which is a compound sentence? We go camping in the mountains with our cousins, neighbors, and friends. If the weather cooperates, we start each day with a hike and a swim. My brother likes to go fishing in the afternoons, but I prefer riding my bike. When evening comes, everyone gathers around the campfire to tell stories. helppp mee asap anyone plzzzzzz

Answer: Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of a Woman Explanation: Magical Realism finds precedent in eighteenth-century Gothic novels, but also connects with sixteenth-century Baroque or Surrealism, almost contemporary in the early twentieth century. Among the most striking features of this movement, we find the blend of realism with pure unreality that is …

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Which sentence has a subject-verb agreement error? A) The lead soprano and all the altos want to have a “Girls Only” choir show. B) She and her friends do not want the boys to bring their cousins to the party. C) Happiness is not really a state of being, but a momentary, flickering feeling. D) Bruce, Lee, and the other men on the team wants to get a new coach for the fall.

A. All college professors have master’s degrees. Oren is a college professor, so he must have a master’s degree is the best example of deductive reasoning Further explanation Logical reasoning is process of using a rational, systematic of steps based on mathematical procedures and given statements to arrive at a …

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Sally and Marvin are cousins, sally lives in a big city whiles Marvin lives in a small town within five years Marvin has visited sally eight times but within that same time sally has visited him once

Answer: Installment credit Explanation: An installment loan is a loan that is paid over time with a number of scheduled payments normally at least two payments are  made towards the loan. The term of the loan may be little as two months or as long as 30 years. Installment credit, …

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