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Think about an igneous rock at the top of a mountain. If this rock went through the whole rock cycle, number the steps that would follow. 1. Step 1 Regolith is dumped into some type of reservoir, usually water, by deposition. 2. Step 2 Metamorphic rock begins to melt back into magma. 3. Step 3 Regolith is transported or eroded by rain or wind. 4. Step 4 Rock is broken down into regolith by weathering. 5. Step 5 Layers deposited begin to compact and cement together to form sedimentary rock. 6. Step 6 Sedimentary rock is buried deeper into the earth’s crust. The intense heat and pressure begins metamorphism and the rock turns into metamorphic rock. 7. Step 7 Magma is resurfaced from volcanic activity, cools, and becomes igneous rock.

Answer: The correct sequence according to the question is steps- 4→1→3→5→6→2→7. Explanation: The given steps show that how the rocks are recycled from one form to another form due to certain factors like weathering over geological time scale which was explained by James Hutton and he termed this concept as …

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A student made a model of isostasy by placing a block of wood in a beaker of water. What does the water in the beaker represent in the model? A.A glacier B.Earth's crust C.Earth's mantle D.A rebound

A student made a model of isostasy by placing a block of wood in a beaker of water. What does the water in the beaker represent in the model? A.A glacier B.Earth’s crust C.Earth’s mantle D.A rebound

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On Tuesday, Pizza Hut sold 60 plain pizzas at 45 each; 20 meatball pizzas at $8 each; 25 sicilian pizzas at $9 each; and 33 large crust supremes at $10 each. what were the total dollars sales for pizza huit on tuesday?

60 plain pizzas were sold at 45 each…(60*4.5=270)20 meatball pizzas were sold at 8 each…(20*8=160)25 sicilian pizzas at 9 each…(25*9=225)33 large crust supremes at 10 each…(33*10=330)add up all the prices to find the total dollars sales for pizza hut…330+225+160+270= (total of dollars)and your total is…985$ was the total dollars sale …

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In an area of the deep ocean, hot magma emerges from a crack in Earth’s crust. Which statement describes what will happen to the seawater above the crack as a result of convection? Water molecules will break apart and flow in a circular pattern. Water molecules will bond together and rise upward. The water will become more dense and sink downward. The water will become less dense and rise upward.

The correct answer of this question is : C i.e Gravitational < Weak nuclear force < Electromagnetic force < Strong nuclear force. EXPLANATION: There are four fundamental forces in nature which are known as gravitational force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force and strong nuclear force. Out of these four fundamental …

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The layer of the earth where mantle convection occurs and on which the earth’s crust resists is the ? A. Outer core B. Asthenosphere C. Lithosphere D. Inner core

Answer:  Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter Explanation: There are total 8 planets in the family of sun-the solar system. 4 terrestrial planets also known as inner planets- Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. These are rocky planets and smaller in size as compared to outer planets. The inner planets and outer planets …

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Which of the Earth’s layers is represented by the number two (2) on the image above? A. the mantle B. the outer core C. the inner core D. the crust

The answer is plate tectonics theory. The idea that earth’s lithosphere is divided into large, moving sections is called the Plate Tectonics Theory. The Plate Tectonics Theory is not attributed to any single person or geologist. In fact, it developed over a number of years due to scientific exploration and …

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