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Key to the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the 1500s was that the Spanish a. formed alliances with the enemies of the Aztecs. b. shared a common religion with the majority of the native population. c. began by cultivating the trust of the Aztecs and then destroyed their empire. d. understood the importance of forming economic ties with the Aztecs.

The correct answer is – Andes Mountains. The Andes Mountain Range is a result of a oceanic-continental convergence. This mountain range stretches alongside the western coast of the South American continent, in close proximity of the convergent boundary between the South American tectonic plate, which is continental one, and the …

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“A ship lost at sea for many days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel. From the mast of the unfortunate vessel was seen a signal, “Water, water; we die of thirst!” The answer from the friendly vessel at once came back, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” A second time the signal, “Water, water; send us water!” ran up from the distressed vessel, and was answered, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” And a third and fourth signal for water was answered, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” The captain of the distressed vessel, at last heeding the injunction, cast down his bucket, and it came up full of fresh, sparkling water from the mouth of the Amazon River. To those of my race who depend on bettering their condition in a foreign land or who underestimate the importance of cultivating friendly relations with the Southern white man, who is their next-door neighbor, I would say: “Cast down your bucket where you are”— cast it down in making friends in every manly way of the people of all races by whom we are surrounded.” Booker T. Washington, 1895 In this passage, Washington is urging African Americans to A) start a new life in South America. B) work more closely with whites in the South. C) start a revolution against the United States. D) form groups to fight against the Ku Klux Klan.

1. Free trade 2. Competition 3. Domestic Free trade agreements allow for easy trade between countries and can lower prices, but can create a loss of jobs for one country while the other gains employment. The US has a free trade agreement with Mexico and Canada called the North American …

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