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According to Deborah Tannen in “You Just Don’t Understand: Men and Women in Conversation,” which statement is true about gender and listening behavior? A. Men and women listen in the same way. B. Women listen less to men than men listen to women. C. Men ask more argumentaive questions or seek to puncture holes in the other person’s position than do women. D. The differences represent negative motives on the part of both men and women.


Answer:    Joshua is correct

Explanation:  Animals, however well preserved and bred in conditions that are not in nature, that is, not in their natural habitat, animals still retain the animal instinct. Thus, young animals in the wild can be met daily, except for members of their species, and members of all other species, including predators, as well as humans. This means that in the natural environment, young animals can find themselves in a variety of dangers on a daily basis, but not only that. In this way young animals develop their ability to survive, escape from predators, manage, and develop their hunting skills, etc. All this is essential for socialization because according to all these developed skills and abilities their socialization depends. To deny any of the conditions prevailing in the wild means to deny the development of any skill or instinct, to deny proper socialization.