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How did Greek art reflect the idea of an ideal form? A. through monumental and distorted forms in sculpture B. through symmetry and graceful geometry in architecture C. through imbalance and complex geometry in architecture D. through unfinished and dreamlike forms in sculpture

I believe the answer is: B. through symmetry and graceful geometry in architecture

This perception of ideal form could be seen on how the greek artists made their human sculptures. The sculptures would always depict humans in an extremely fit, chiseled, and ideal body forms.  The incredible symmetrical form could also be seen in how the greek artists design their communal building such as town hall or Altar.

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How did Erich Maria Remarque’s novel All Quiet on the Western Front differ from most earlier stories about war? A. It explained the war in a dreamlike style rather than realistically describing it. B. It described war as the result of social instability rather than political factors. C. It focused on the pain soldiers suffered rather than glorifying their service. D. It provided a civilian’s perspective on war rather than focusing on soldiers.

Karl Marx developed the economic theory of communism.

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One of Karl Marx’s most famous contributions came in his book the Communist Manifesto. This book explained Mark’s views on government, the economy, and ultimately lead to the creation of communism as an idea.

A communism system is one that is economic and political in nature. In this system, the government would control the means of production, the distribution of goods and resources, and would overall have significant control over society. This system of communism is the opposite of the capitalist/democratic system used in America today. These two ideologies would clash during the mid 20th century in what is now known as the Cold War.

Marx’s ideas were based on his observations of the world around him. He felt that the mistreatment of labor by industry and private corporations would ultimately lead to an uprising by angry laborers all over the world.

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