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The end of the Roman Empire marked the beginning of a new era called A) the Germanic Ages. B) the European Ages. C) the Dark Ages. D) the Middle Ages. IS IT “C” OR “D” ?!?!?!?! HELP PLEASE :))))

The correct answer is – D) the Middle Ages. With the final blow to the Roman Empire, and the fall of Rome itself, the Roman Empire came to an end (the Western one that is), and its end marked the beginning of another era, the infamous Middle Ages. The Middle …

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Which trade center in eastern Africa became the center of a flourishing empire in the 1400s?

Answer: a. japan lacked many important natural resources. Explanation: The history of contemporary Japan, the framework in which to situate the formation of Japanese imperialism, is divided into three phases. The first, between 1868 and 1912, is the time of the Meiji revolution. It means modernization and westernization. Liberated Japan …

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