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Why might a government entity choose to offer some information and services online as in e-government A. Prevent in person participation in government B. To increase public interest in government C. To decrease the number of paid staff D. To Improve access to more of its citizens

My answer would be D, here is why:  At the dawn of the information age, it became possible for American and other societies to be able to transfer information all over the world with just one click, this has increased laziness in our society dramatically. People these days are more …

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Your friend recently entered a few chess competitions, but lost them all really badly. if he has an entity theory of self, what is he most likely to do

Answered by answersmine AT 22/10/2019 – 05:24 AM If the individual has entity theory, then it means that he or she has the thought or belief that his or her knowledge about things are unchangeable in a way that they are built that way and are already fixed. If the …

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A(n) __________ is a large parcel of the atmosphere, sometimes subcontinental in size, that may move over earth’s surface as a distinct, relatively homogenous entity.

Natural Forces Affecting the Driver:1. While the car stops, the person continues moving the way that the car were moving and then hits the obstacle in the car or the person can be thrown out of the vehicle. If the person wears belt, he will stop moving with the vehicle …

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Through which entity has the U.S. promoted labor rights and national security in Latin America? A. Pathways to Prosperity B. Department of Agriculture C. North Atlantic Treaty Organization D. European Union

The correct option is “Union soldiers, who mostly voted for Lincoln.” In the US presidential election of 1864, Abraham Lincoln was reelected as president. Lincoln competed under the flag of the National Union against his former superior general in Civil War, the Democratic candidate, George B. McClellan. McClellan was the …

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