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Match the careers with the job tasks. Tiles 1.agricultural technician 2.hydroelectric technician 3.home appliance repairman 4.textile tender Pairs A.analyzes water for environmental issues, such as drought, pollution, or erosion B.gathers crop or animal samples for scientific testing C.operates and tends cutting machines for various textiles D. troubleshoots and repairs faulty machinery and equipment

Technician is a worker trained with special skills, especially in science and engineering. 1. Agricultural technician – gathers crop or animal samples for scientific testing. (Agricultural: used for farming or relating to farming.) 2. Hydorelectric technician – Analyzes water for envinromental issues, such as drought, pollution, or erosion. (Hydroelectric – …

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Sand is supplied to the California coastal region primarily by: • (a)Coastal erosion • • (b)Local biological activity • • (c)Rivers that flow from the Sierra-Nevada mountains •(d)Ocean floor upwelling

Natural Forces Affecting the Driver:1. While the car stops, the person continues moving the way that the car were moving and then hits the obstacle in the car or the person can be thrown out of the vehicle. If the person wears belt, he will stop moving with the vehicle …

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How is an oxbow lake formed? a.An oxbow lake is formed when a lake shrinks due to erosion. b.An oxbow lake is formed when the wide bend of a river is cut off. c.An oxbow lake is formed when high concentrations of salt are present in lakes. d.An oxbow lake is formed when a dam or levee is built on a river.?

Answer: The financial reforms were most successful because they established lasting methods to protect free enterprise. Explanation: Progressism refers to a set of philosophical, ethical, and economic doctrines based on the idea that progress, understood as scientific, technological, economic and social advancement, is vital to the perfection of the human …

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In some parts of Australia, large areas of woodland have been cut down to create farm and grazing land. This practice is most likely to produce A. greenhouse gases. B. nuclear waste. C. acid rain. D. soil erosion.

Answer: Education, opportunity, land and regular pay. Explanation: The Buffalo Soldiers, as they were called, are those African American solders who served in the 10th Cavalry. They served along the Texas frontier from Fort Richardson along the Red River to Fort Bliss in present day El Paso. Buffalo Soldiers were …

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Read the sentence. The canyon, formed by years of erosion, was a breathtaking sight to behold. What best describes the underlined part of this sentence? restrictive phrase nonrestrictive phrase restrictive clause nonrestrictive clause

The purpose of the verb phrase in the sentence “You are invited to stay for dinner” is the predicate of the sentence. The predicate refers to the part of a sentence or clause that makes clear what the subject does or is. To put it simply, the predicate is everything …

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Riparian zones are important to the natural environment because they _______. a. contain pollution from runoff b. reduce soil erosion c. support diverse organisms d. all of the above

Answer: The correct answer will be option-C. Explanation: The living organism uses energy to survive through performing metabolic reactions. The metabolism is the characteristic feature of living organisms which enables the organism to survive. Organism performs the chemical reactions which could help make the energy molecules in the cell and …

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