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Read the excerpt from Chapter 5 of Wheels of Change. These traits led commentators to worry that the differences between the sexes were being blurred, a fear that was reinforced as the four newest states—Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho—granted women the right to vote in the 1890s. Would the bicycle help bring about a new kind of equality between men and women? Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her colleagues certainly hoped so. At any rate, the image of a female cyclist quickly became associated with efforts to win more rights for women. What conclusion does Macy draw in this synthesis of ideas? Women were granted the right to vote in four states as a direct result of the bicycle’s invention. Female cyclists were quickly becoming associated with efforts to win more rights for women. Stanton and her colleagues hoped women cyclists would join their fight for women’s rights. Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho were home to the highest percentage of women cyclists.

Female cyclists were quickly becoming associated with efforts to win more rights for women.

At the end of the passage, usually where a conclusion is stated, it says that the image of a female cyclist was becoming a symbol for women’s rights. The passage does not tell the reader anything about the percentage of women cyclists. While it does tell the reader about women being granted the right to voted, the connection between that and the bicycle is that it blurs the differences between the sexes. Both men and women were riding bicycles and they were both voting. There is also nothing in the passage about women cyclists as a group joining or not joining the women’s rights movement.

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Why did the people in neighboring regions learn to fear Genghis Khan’s relatively small armies?

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Genghis Khan was ruthless and gruesome. His strategy was to scare people into submission. When they were scared, they would surrender easily and it would save Khan’s army much money, time and resources. however, in order to do so, Genghis would ruthlessly slaughter men, women, and children to prove his point. 

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Read the excerpt from President Eisenhower’s State of the Union address on February 2, 1953. A cardinal ideal in this heritage we cherish is the equality of rights of all citizens of every race and color and creed. We know that discrimination against minorities persists despite our allegiance to this ideal. Such discrimination—confined to no one section of the Nation—is but the outward testimony to the persistence of distrust and of fear in the hearts of men. This fact makes all the more vital the fighting of these wrongs by each individual, in every station of life, in his every deed . . . I propose to use whatever authority exists in the office of the President to end segregation in the District of Columbia, including the Federal Government, and any segregation in the Armed Forces. What is the president’s purpose for including these details? to inform his listeners about laws in the District of Columbia to inform his listeners about the work of the US military to persuade his listeners of the importance of equal rights to persuade his listeners to vote for him for president

to persuade his listeners of the importance of equal rights

The excerpt begins with the statement about cherishing equal rights of all citizens. It then talks about how discrimination is still occurring. He then pledges to end segregation in all places where he has the power to do so: Washington D.C., Federal Government, and the Armed Forces. The excerpt does not include and laws, work the military has done, or calls for presidential votes.

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Dhara was recently in a car accident. her doctor told her that she has frontal lobe damage. how will this damage affect dhara? she will not recognize others. she will have memory loss. she will not experience fear. she will be less self-aware.


The correct match would be:

  1. Cerebrum – responsible for speech, emotion, and memory
  2. Cerebellum – responsible for muscle coordination and balance
  3. Brain stem – responsible for involuntary muscles like the heart

The brain can be divided into three main parts:

1. Cerebrum: It is the largest part of the brain. It can be divided into two halves termed as right and left hemisphere. It can also be divided into broad regions termed as lobes (frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobe).

The main functions of the cerebrum include control of voluntary muscles, interpret information received from sensory receptors (touch, vision, hearing, vision), reasoning, learning, emotions, and speech.

2. Cerebellum: It is located below the occipital lobe in the back of the brain. The main function of the cerebellum is the coordination and precision of voluntary actions and the maintenance of posture and balance of the body.

3. Brain stem: It connects the brain with the spinal cord. It consists of the midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata. It helps in controlling and coordinating involuntary movements like the heart, lungs, swallowing, breathing, sneezing et cetera.

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Your aunt has a fear that makes it difficult for her to leave her home. she feels trapped and is unable to work or engage in any type of activity that requires going outside of her home. you are not surprised when you find out your aunt is diagnosed with

Economic profit is calculated as:

Economic profit = Total Revenues – Total Cost

Total cost both includes explicit and implicit cost. In
this case, the explicit cost is $8,000 while the implicit cost is $64,000.
Explicit cost is a direct payment made to run the business while implicit cost
is the opportunity as accountant that is lost. Therefore,

Economic profit = $150,000 – ($8,000 + $64,000)

Economic profit = $78,000

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Rulers in both China and Japan turned inward and limited foreign contact after the mid-1400s. Which was not a reason for doing this? A. fear of dependence of foreign trade B. embarrassment at their terrible living conditions and backward civilizations C. dislike of outsiders who wanted to change their traditions and beliefs D. fear of European threats to their power

The Reformation actually started after Columbus’s landing in North America. 

Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 was forced on Spain and Portugal by the Pope. The Pope basically said that all lands in the New World belonged to Spain and all new non-Christian lands in the Eastern Hemisphere belong to Portugal. No other Catholic countries can do anything in those areas without the approval of the owner. 

The pope basically drew two lines on the globe setting the border. The western line started at the north pole cut half way through Greenland and ended at the south pole. The new world was everything to the west. Problem is that it ran through a chunk of Brazil which is why Brazil is an ex-Portuguese colony. 

The Eastern line starts at the North Pole runs through siberia, through the pacific just west of Japan, and cuts Australia in half. Of course, Australia hadn’t been discovered yet. Everything to the the east of this line is the new world. 

Obviously, this treaty didn’t hold up well, but the reformation gave the protestant countries an excuse to explore the new world since they didn’t have to take orders from the Pope. Even so, France, a catholic country, ignored it too. 

Really, the only country that was effected by the reformation in the exploration of the Americas was England. All the other countries, changed their religion once and then went to war with the nearest catholic country. Sweden became Lutheran and stayed that way. The Dutch Republic became Calvinists and stayed that way. 

England kept switching. First it was Catholic. Then, Henry VIII made it protestant. Then, Henry’s daughter Mary I made it catholic again. Henry’s other daughter Elizabeth I (with the two hit movies) made it Protestant again. 

Years latter, Oliver Cromwell over through the monarchy, executed the King Charles I, and established a Protestant fundamentalist religious military dictatorship. He outlawed drinking,smoking, gambling, theater, dirty books, sports, prostitution, and anything generally fun. He would have made Saudi Arabia proud. Basically, all you could do is work, pray, and die. Sex was allowed for creating children, but you couldn’t enjoy it. 

When Cromwell died, the people of England said enough was enough and brought back the King. Charles II kicked out the fundamentalists and brought back drinking, smoking, gambling, dirty books, sports, prostitution, and having fun during sex. Incidentally, those were also all his hobbies. 

This brings us to the famous Pilgrims. They were part of Cromwell’s crowd. They kept agitating a return to the no-fun policy. They annoyed everybody. They weren’t persecuted for practicing their religion, they were persecuted because they kept trying to force their religion on everyone else. Sort of like Southern Baptists. 

Charles II was the most easy going monarch in British history. Do realize how annoying you have to be to get him to throw you out. 

Charles’s brother James II was obsessed with turning Great Britain catholic again. After four years of trying, they kicked him and his followers out. 

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An evolutionary psychologist would say that a man should fear his partner’s sexual infidelity because:

There is no definite account on what prompted the Western
Media to announce the arrival of a sexual revolution, but many modern
historians theorized that media outlets played a very big role in spreading the
information about sexual revolution and spreading new ideas that were
considered radical.  Many believed that
the start of sexual revolution that caught the attention of the people,
including media perhaps was the distribution of birth control pills during
1960s and the improvement of obstetrics which helps increase the life
expectancy of women due to the reduce number of women who died due to childbearing.

Since the TV, which was a new mass communication device
during this era together with other media outlet like radio and magazine can
easily broadcast information in just a few seconds; millions of people were
able to know more about these events.

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Why did Congresswoman Chisholm use the supremacist myth comparison in her argument? A. To show that everyone should be considered equal in the eyes of the law. B.To explain that women want the same privileges as men in the workplace. c.To shock people and make them realize that sexism is not as unacceptable as racism. D.To show that the fear white men have of equality for women is just as ridiculous as their fear of equality for blacks.


Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of a Woman


Magical Realism finds precedent in eighteenth-century Gothic novels, but also connects with sixteenth-century Baroque or Surrealism, almost contemporary in the early twentieth century.

Among the most striking features of this movement, we find the blend of realism with pure unreality that is observed as normal, with the integration of magical elements without seeming extraordinary.

These works do not explain the supernatural elements and are narrated as something natural, with characters unaware of their transcendent dimension. In addition, death has paramount value in the relativistic discourse of truth, with a metaphysical focus on space and time and an intimate atmosphere that blends characters with myths, legends, and natural cultures.

Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of a Woman is considered one of the first magical realistic stories.

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Damian has a fear of being sexually abnormal because he has sexual fantasies. the fear of being sexually abnormal _______.

1. This type of immunity would be passive artificial immunity. Passive artificial immunity is the injection of serum that makes human body invulnerable to specific diseases. But the effect of this serum is temporary. To refresh its effect you should to make the injection again. Sure, you can do it only in advice of your doctor.


 According to the information given above, I think that the nurse is aware that the most serious toxic effect of acute acetaminophen overdose is hepatic necrosis. Hepatic necrosis is a serious liver failure that can be caused by toxic injuries of acute acetaminophen (or others medicines) overdose.

3. In my opinion, nurse should respond like this: “

It is normal for children this age to regress during a stressful event like a hospitalization. Try to calm down your child and say her that everything is going to be okay.”

4. The most appropriate response by the nurse is: 

“Tattoos are invasive and there is the potential for disease with their application.” Girl should find tattoo parlor with appropriate conditions to make tattoo without a risk getting infected.

5. Referring to Women’s Health Initiative study, hormone replacement therapy has a potential risk of breast cancer

 and myocardial infarction and stroke may outweigh the potential benefit of alleviating symptoms associated with menopause. 

6. I am completely sure that the most likely cause is 

fibrocystic disease, which results from hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. Sure it’s necessary to undergo medical examination to prevent the possible breast cancer.

7. I think that the cause of her vaginitis is antibiotics. Long antibiotic therapy eliminate bacilli that create healthy vaginal environment. This can lead to growth of microorganisms which can lead to vaginitis.

8. According to the information given above, the nurse should say that girl needs to avoid prolonged sun exposure to prevent a common side effect of this medication. Prolonged sun exposure can cause scorches.

9. The nurse should recommend him to recheck his blood pressure within two months. Hypertension is more prevalent in black communities and blood pressure 150/90 mm Hg is not normal. So it would be necessary to check his pressure at least every 2 months.

10. As far as I remember “

A spinal cord injury patient has no awareness of the need to void” is considered as a reflex (neurogenic) incontinence. Reflex incontinence is caused by a dysfunction in the detrusor muscle.

11. I am definitely sure that the nurse should encourage the patient to see her gynecologist as soon as possible. In 

perimenopausal period all women should make annual checkups that include vaginal examination.

12. In my view, when planning this patient’s care, the nurse should prioritize the r

isk for infection related to suppressed bone marrow function. There is a risk of leukopenia and subsequent infection because doxorubicin suppresses bone marrow function.

13. I think that the most appropriate explanation of the disease sounds like this: “

Tissue similar to the lining of the uterus has implanted in areas outside the uterus.” A benign lesion grows aberrantly anywhere in the pelvic cavity outside the uterus.

14. I am pretty sure that w

hen the needle is inserted and the mass is no longer palpable, this mass may become cystic and was ruptured when the needle was inserted. 


The nurse recognizes in this situation the boy’s attempt to master the primary developmental step of school age, which is called industry. Industry is a sense of learning how to master your skills. In this situation, boy wants to show the nurse his skills and then to master them because he wants to become a doctor. 

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Read the passage. a new mayor for brookside citizens of brookside have many choices to make in the upcoming election. however, no ballot measure is more important than whom we select as our next mayor. although we have two qualified candidates to vote for, we believe that rochelle jackson has proven herself to be a stronger candidate than suzette muñez. during her eight years as a city council member, ms. jackson fought for tax cuts that resulted in an 18% growth in local business. she also managed the development of our new regional airport and sponsored three new after school programs for brooksides youth. the new laws proposed by ms. jackson have brought about a 31% drop in crime over the last five years. while ms. muñez has an impressive track record as a large business owner, we feel that she lacks the public service experience needed to serve as mayor of brookside. we fear her decisions would better serve big business and not the needs of our citizens and local businesses. we at the brookside gazette strongly urge you to elect rochelle jackson as the next mayor of brookside. this passage is an example of what type of newspaper article?

Let’s say that,

Manufacturing Overhead Cost = MOC

A= Division A

B = Division B

Working Time = T          (either
machine hours or labor hours)

The given variables are:

MOC (A) = $160,000

MOC (B) = $360,000

T (A) = 30,000 machine hours

T (B) = 21,000 labor hours

We are asked to find for the predetermined Overhead Allocation
Rates. This is calculated using the formula:

Overhead Allocation Rates = MOC / T


Overhead Allocation Rate (A) = $160,000 / 30,000 machine

Allocation Rate (A) = $5.33 per machine hour


Overhead Allocation Rate (B) = $360,000 / 21,000 labor

Allocation Rate (B) = $17.14 per labor hour

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What connotation does the poet use for the word in bold? “Tis paid with sighs a plenty And sold for endless rue.’ And I am two-and-twenty, And oh, ’tis true, ’tis true.” The bolded word is sighs A. Happiness and true love B. Confusion and fear C. Anger and a destroyed friendship D. Sadness and a broken heart

Okay, I will give you ideas. Lets make this guy’s name Marsel, and lets say he is single, as he is around 25, and lives with his parents, and works as a surgeon. He is a tall, thin man who is a genius. His income is higher than average, and is at the higher end of the income spectrum. His business is to treat patients by cutting open their body and performing the necessary operations. He has to go to perform surgery at any time he is called, however likes spending time with his parents teaching them about the human body. His attitude toward religion is neutral, he practices it, but doesn’t have much time to practice it. Toward politics he doesn’t care except for picking the candidate of the party that he prefers. Toward people in general he isn’t very social, but if he sees someone hurt, he has sympathy towards them. He doesn’t mind animals, and doesn’t care much about them, except if the animal needs something.

For the son, he is a short and chubby 3 year old boy who is curious to see new things and is playful. He makes his mom take care of him a lot.

PS: Since this doesn’t make sense, if you have to, you can say that he is married.

Hope this helps! 

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What group of people did not stand up for what they believed in due to fear of being beaten or attacked? Moderate Whites Blacks

The activist that initiated the idea of Black Power to describe a more radical approach to civil rights was Stokely Carmichael.

Stokely Carmichael considered the concept of Black Power as a form of solidarity among individuals within his political movement. With his conception and articulation of the word, he considered that his movement was not only a movement against racial segregation, but to combat the widespread racism among American society. Again and again he insisted: For the last time, “Black Power” means black people coming together to form a political force that elects representatives or forces its representatives to defend their interests.

Although the concept of Black Power was vague and interpreted differently by those who used it, from the businessmen who used it to push black capitalism to black revolutionaries who wanted to end capitalism, the idea of Black Power exerted a significant social influence. It helped organize self-help groups in the black community and the formation of institutions that did not depend on whites. It was used for the creation of black culture studies programs in institutes and universities, to mobilize black voters and to choose black candidates, as well as to foster pride and racial self-esteem.

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“I smiled, –for what had I to fear? I bade the gentlemen welcome. The shriek, I said, was my own in a dream. The old man, I mentioned, was absent in the country. I took my visitors all over the house. I bade them search – search well. I led them, at length, to his chamber. I showed them his treasures, secure, undisturbed.” Which word BEST describes the tone the author creates in the sentences? A. indifferent B. amused C. confident D. restained

Andrey and I will meet at the restaurant before we go to the concert. After eating, we will go to the concert hall, which is near the Arts Center Building.

Hence, two parts of speech which will complete the sentence is a pronoun, preposition.

Pronouns refer to the words which replace nouns in a sentence. For example, Alan is a good boy. Alan works hard. Alan is punctual.

Hence, instead of a repetition of noun we use pronouns,

Alan is a good boy. He works hard. He is punctual.

Therefore, in the above sentence ‘Andrey and I’ is replaced by ‘we.’

Prepositions are used to express the relationship between two or more places, persons or time or express a relationship in time or space.

In the above sentence preposition ‘near’ indicates the location of the concert hall.

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What “nature” of Macbeth does Lady Macbeth fear? Based on Macbeth’s words and actions so far, do you believe Lady Macbeth has reason to be concerned? Explain.

Answer: D. Strangles/Creep.

Explanation: The tone of a text or sentence is the author’s or speaker’s attitude towards the audience, the subject or even the characters of the text. There are many different kinds of tones, like: positive, negative, objective, sad, angry, etc. In both the given excerpts we can indentify a disturbing tone, created by their word choices, the words that best express this tone are “strangles” in the first excerpt, and “creep” in the second one.

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Match the mood with the correct phrase. Match Term Definition Birthday A) eyes filled with happy tears Funeral B) playtime and songs Argument C) hugging and comforting others Wedding D) frustration and anger building Car accident E) sudden fear with fast decisions

The characteristics of each poem are:

  • “I, Too” by Lansgton Hughes: 1, 6

1- This poem is a reference, and a sort of answer, to Whitman’s poem “I Hear America Singing.” In his poem, Whitman talks about how every American -mechanics, carpenters, boatmans- is singing. However, he makes no mention of black people. This is why the poem is entitled “I, Too,” to express that Hugues, an African American man, is still an American.

6- This poem does not have specific rhyme scheme or meter. Therefore, it is written in what is known as “free verse.”

  • From the Dark Tower” by Countee Cullen: 2, 3, 4, 5

2- The social injustice paradox means that social injustice is rooted in the lack of access to education, money and power, and that the solution lies in institutions which are always supported by those with money and power. This poem refers to this paradox because it refers to white people oppresing African Americans and not allowing them to be rightfully repaid for their work.

3- This poem is written in iambic pentameter and has a traditional (ABAB) rhyme scheme.

4- The poem symbolizes the great efforst black people did while working, only to have their profits taken by their white maters.

5- The whole poem is filled with an angry tone. Lines such as “Not always bend to some more subtle brute;” clearly express the resentment and repudiation she feels for white people.

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Read the passage below from “Marigolds” and answer the question. “I had indeed lost my mind, for all the smoldering emotions of that summer swelled in me and burst—the great need for my mother who was never there, the hopelessness of our poverty and degradation, the bewilderment of being neither child nor woman and yet both at once, the fear unleashed by my father’s tears. And these feelings combined in one great impulse toward destruction.” What literary technique does the author employ in the last sentence of the passage? A)irony B)symbolism C)sensory detail D)foreshadowing

Telephones, fax machines, and electronic mail transmit messages at many businesses.

The subject of a sentence is the noun that is doing the action.  For instance, in the following sentence “boy” is the subject:  The boy kicked the ball.  A sentence, however, can have more than one subject, and this will be indicated usually with the conjunction “and.”  When a sentence has more than one subject performing the same action, this is called a compound subject as in The boy and girl laughed.  With that in mind, we can see that the final sentence of the sentences you provided has three subjects (telephones, fax machines, and electronic mail) that are performing the action “transmit.”

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What explanation does Eumaeus give for the bad behavior of the suitors? He says that the suitors have no fear of the gods. He says that the suitors have been raised by their parents to expect Penelope to provide feasts for them. He says they are simply rotten scoundrels who should be killed. He believed Penelope must choose a new husband and that the pillaging of the palace is her fault.


12. What the quote from “The Cask of Amontillado” reveal about Montresor’s intentions is B)He wants to make sure that Fortunato does not suspect his motives

13. unreliable

14. The details of the setting that contribute least to the poem’s mysterious and despairing mood are B)The room is decorated with busts of ancient gods.

16. The effect that the author’s use of onomatopoeia has on the reader is B)It adds to the suspense.

17. The fact that boys build a big pile of stones help create suspense because A)The reader wonders why the boys build a big pile of stones.

18. The quote from “The Lottery” that best illustrates the theme that good people can do bad things when conforming to a group’s social expectations is B)“Although the villagers had forgotten the ritual and lost the original black box, they still remembered to use stones.”

19. Many horror and suspense stories such as “The Lottery” use stereotypical C) stock characters instead of complex individuals because readers readily relate to them.


12.- By using warning expression the character shows himself as a not dangerous one.

13. An unreliable narrator has compromised their credibility so the reader doesn’t know what to expect from them, a situation that increases the suspense.

14. The other options are more connected to the psychological effects of color and atmosphere.

16. an Onomatopeia represents a word that produces physically the sound of its pronunciation which can make the reader get deeper in the story.

17. The fact of unknowing what is about to happen is one of the basic action for writers to create suspense.

18. The villagers were eager to keep on going with a tradition that carries a lot of violence within even when they were not violent selves.

19.  A stock character is an archetype which is easy to relate to and identify in a story without any complications or turns since they are flat characters.

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Reread Lines 146 to 203 and check three questions Everyman asks Death to answer. May he come back from his pilgrimage? What judgment awaits him? May he have someone to go with him? Where can he go to escape endless sorrow? For Adam’s sin must die of nature. 145 EVERYMAN. Death, if I should this pilgrimage take, And my reckoning surely make, Show me, for saint charity, Should I not come again shortly? DEATH. No, Everyman; and thou be once there, 150 Thou mayest never more come here, Trust me verily. EVERYMAN. O gracious God, in the high seat celestial, Have mercy on me in this most need! Shall I have no company from this vale terrestrial Of mine acquaintance that way me to lead? 155 DEATH. Yea, if any be so hardy, That would go with thee and bear thee company. Hie thee that thou were gone to God’s magnificence, Thy reckoning to give before his presence. What! weenest ° thou thy life is given thee, 160 °think And thy worldly goods also? EVERYMAN. I had weened so, verily. DEATH. Nay, nay; it was but lent thee; For, as soon as thou art gone, Another a while shall have it, and then go therefrom 165 Even as thou hast done. Everyman, thou art mad! Thou hast thy wits five, And here on earth will not amend thy life; For suddenly I do come. EVERYMAN. O wretched caitiff! whither shall I flee, 170 That I might ‘scape endless sorrow? Now, gentle Death, spare me till tomorrow, That I may amend me With good advisement. ° °warning DEATH. Nay, thereto I will not consent, 175 Nor no man will I respite, But to the heart suddenly I shall smite Without any advisement. And now out of thy sight I will me hie; See thou make thee ready shortly, 180 For thou mayst say this is the day That no man living may ‘scape away. (Exit DEATH.) EVERYMAN. Alas! I may well weep with sighs deep. Now have I no manner of company To help me in my journey and me to keep; 185 And also my writing is full unready. How shall I do now for to excuse me? I would to God I had never been get! To my soul a full great profit it had be, For now I fear pains huge and great. 190 The time passeth; Lord, help, that all wrought. For though I mourn it availeth naught. The day passeth, and is almost a-go; I wot ° not well what for to do. °know To whom were I best my complaint to make? 195 What if I to Fellowship thereof spake, And showed him of this sudden chance? For in him is all mine affiance, ° °trust We have in the world so many a day Been good friends in sport and play. 200 I see him yonder, certainly: I trust that he will bear me company; Therefore to him will I speak to ease my sorrow.


3. There is within me (and with sadness I have watched it in others) a knot of cruelty borne by the stream of love, much as our blood sometimes bears the seed of our destruction, and at times I was mean to Doodle.


This is the statement that most foreshadows the fact that the narrator will feel regret for something that he has done to Doodle. In this excerpt, the narrator tells us that he believes there is some element of cruelty within him, and that at times, this cruelty was shown in his dealings with Doodle, as he could be mean to him. This suggest that the author will be cruel to Doodle later in the story.