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Why does the function of the hormone oxytocin in the progression of labor during childish illustrate a positive feedback mechanism


The correct match would be:

  1. Cerebrum – responsible for speech, emotion, and memory
  2. Cerebellum – responsible for muscle coordination and balance
  3. Brain stem – responsible for involuntary muscles like the heart

The brain can be divided into three main parts:

1. Cerebrum: It is the largest part of the brain. It can be divided into two halves termed as right and left hemisphere. It can also be divided into broad regions termed as lobes (frontal, parietal, temporal, and occipital lobe).

The main functions of the cerebrum include control of voluntary muscles, interpret information received from sensory receptors (touch, vision, hearing, vision), reasoning, learning, emotions, and speech.

2. Cerebellum: It is located below the occipital lobe in the back of the brain. The main function of the cerebellum is the coordination and precision of voluntary actions and the maintenance of posture and balance of the body.

3. Brain stem: It connects the brain with the spinal cord. It consists of the midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata. It helps in controlling and coordinating involuntary movements like the heart, lungs, swallowing, breathing, sneezing et cetera.

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What is content? a. the details of a conversation b. the opening statement of a conversation c. the feedback received during a conversation d. the way a message is received


I don’t really want to go to that graduation ceremony, Mom. I don’t care about Brenda’s graduation at all. He won’t stop repeating what a great class they were and that they have a great future to go. It’s annoying, Mom. – Tommy said-

You’ve got to go, Tommy. – Mom said – Brenda will be sad if you don’t go.


The original conversation shows the use of more formal vocabulary and structure, in the provided answer some of the words and expressions were changed by more popular ones without going to the full opposite by presenting a totally informal conversation all covered with slang words.

Popular words are considered “natural” in spoken English.

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The change in how people remember, from remembering details to remembering how to access details, is most likely to result in which type of barrier? feedback medium sender receiver decoding

Charlie had a waist circumference of 47 inches and a BMI of 29 this shows that she is overweight. BMI test level is high from normal ranges shows that she is at higher risk of disease. She should lose weight and concern to the doctor.

Further Explanation:

Body mass index (BMI) is a measured value derived from the height of a person and mass.

{text{BMI}}=dfrac{{{text{mass (kg)}}}}{{{{left( {{text{height}}}right)}^2}{{left({text{m}}right)}^2}}}

BMI indicates whether the person is healthy or overweight mainly used by physicians.

• Range of BMI in a normal person is 18.5-25mathbf{kg/m}^{2}

• Range of BMI in skinfold person is 25-30mathbf{kg/m}^{2}

• Range of BMI in underweight person is 15-18.5mathbf{kg/m}^{2}

The skinfold measurement test is used to determine a person’s body fat percentage and body composition.

In this test, we are the proportion of body fat by determining skinfold thickness at pinches specific part of the body. The estimate of these folds is determined the fat beneath the skin, also called subcutaneous adipose tissue.  

The tester pinches the skin at the site and drags the fold of skin away from the muscle so only the fat tissue and skin are being held. The skinfold thickness is measured by skinfold calipers in millimeters.

Skin test includes the seven locations of the body:

1. Triceps

2. Quadriceps

3. Suprailiac

4. Pectoral

5. Subscapular

6. Midaxilla

7. Abdomen

Charlie had a waist circumference of 47 inches and a BMI of 29 this shows that she is overweight. Females with waist size 47 inches have higher risk of having disease. BMI test level is high from normal ranges shows that she is at higher risk of disease.She should lose weight and concern to the doctor.

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Grade: High School

Subject: Health

Chapter: Physical Fitness


Body index mass, weight, doctor, triceps, abdomen, midaxilla, Quadriceps, skinfold, mass, height, pectoral.

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?in order to receive customers’ feedback on the company’s latest product, the marketing managers of havtol inc., a food products company, created a software. the customers who log into the company’s web site will be directed to a page where they have to answer a questionnaire. the managers can query the server at any time and collect the data required. in this scenario, havtol inc. is using a(n) _____.

predetermined overhead rate can be obtained by calculating the total cost
(variable cost + fixed cost) then dividing it to the amount of work hours. This
is calculated based on the estimated machine hours.

Total cost =
$7.03 * 62,000 + $1,486,140

Total cost = $1,922,000

The predetermined overhead
rate is therefore:

Predetermined overhead rate
= $1,922,000 / 62,000 hours

Predetermined overhead rate
= $31 / hr

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Which statement draws an accurate comparison between social media marketing and conventional marketing? Social media marketing is more expensive than conventional marketing. Social media marketing is more labor intensive than conventional marketing. Social media marketing allows no feedback while conventional media marketing does. Social media allow customers to express their views while conventional media do not.

The four leadership styles (coach, supporter, delegator, and director) can be exhibited by an individual according to the situation that he or she faces, and the level of competence as well as motivation that his or her follower is exhibiting.

Based on the situation described in the question, Rhea’s leading them by explaining decisions and asking for feedback, which means that she’s using (A) Coach leadership style, where she leads to get the best possible results from her employees.

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The primary responsibility of initiating feedback is assigned to the:

The primary responsibility of initiating feedback is assigned to the:

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Which of the following is an example of a scenario that could benefit from Flash software? A. Emily would like to add a survey to her website so she can get feedback from visitors. B. Ethan would like to digitally store pictures to eventually upload to his website. C. Taylor would like to learn which colors would be most effective to use on her website. D. Jamie would like to test out different font sizes and styles to choose ones for her website.

The best option to answer the question is (C) she can use bright, contrasting colors and place a link to the index of summer clothing product pages in a noticeable location.

The other options are not the best avenue of action to take since she using black and white colors might not be the best way to attract the young adults who are looking for summer clothing – she should choose bright colors instead.

Writing a detailed article might be a good way to market her products if she links her clothing in the article, but since the option doesn’t mention her doing that, we should choose option (C) instead, since it directly states putting links that direct her visitors to summer clothing that her website offers.