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When a bullet is fired from a gun, what is true about the momentum? The gun has more momentum than the bullet, so the momentum is not conserved. The bullet and gun have equal momenta in opposite directions, so the system’s momentum is conserved. The bullet has more momentum than the gun, so the momentum is not conserved. The bullet and the gun have equal momenta in the same direction, so the system’s momentum is conserved.

These are 3 questions and 3 answers. Question 1. Answer: I = 0.01 A Explanation: a) Data: i) Type of circuit: series ii) R₁ = 100 Ω ii) R₂ = 100 Ω iii) V = 2 V iv) I = ? b) Formulas i) Equivalent resistance, R = R₁ + …

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The probability that an archer hits a target on a given shot is .7 if five shots are fired find the probability that the archer hits the target on three shots out of the five.

The bag holds5 pennies10 nickels4 dimesFor a total of 5+10+4 = 19 coins —————————————————— For the first selection, the probability of a nickel is 10/19 because there are 10 nickels out of 19 total coins. After that first selection is made, I’m assuming the nickel is NOT put back. In …

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How did president reagan finally resolve the air traffic controllers’ strike? he caved in to their demands. he sent the matter to arbitration. he fired all striking controllers. he stopped domestic aviation?

1- The correct answer is B, as one result of the Great Society was that the lives of many underprivileged Americans improved. The Great Society was a set of US national reform programs announced by President Lyndon B. Johnson for the first time in a speech at Ohio University on …

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You have designed a rocket to be used to sample the local atmosphere for pollution. It is fired vertically with a constant upward acceleration of 17 m/s2. After 30 s, the engine shuts off and the rocket continues rising (in freefall) for a while. (Neglect any effects due to air resistance.) The rocket eventually stops rising and then falls back to the ground. You want to get a sample of air that is 23 km above the ground.

The gravitational force Fg between two objects is given by the equation: Fg=(G*m₁*m₂)/r₂, where G=6.67*10^-11 m³ kg⁻¹ s⁻² is the gravitational constant, m₁ and m₂ are the masses of the two bodies and r is the distance between those bodies.  Due to the gravitational attraction the pencil and the eraser will …

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Which is true of the Boston Massacre? A. A group of British soldiers attacked a small crowd of colonists who were peacefully protesting the tax on tea; the soldiers killed five colonists. B.The soldiers who fired into a protesting crowd of colonists were tried for murder, convicted, and hanged. C.A group of British soldiers attempted to arrest a group who had been caught smuggling tea to avoid the tax; the soldiers killed or wounded several colonists. D.A small crowd of colonists, angry about the tea tax, surrounded a group of British soldiers who became frightened and fired on the colonists.

The correct answer is B) Mayor-council form. The form of city government that you most likely to find in these cities is Major-council form. Visiting old cities of Boston, Massachusetts; New Haven Connecticut; and Providence, Rhode Island, you will find that they are governed under a Mayor-council form. This is …

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Read the sentence from an argumentative essay about the economy. The unstable economy caused lots of people to lose their jobs. Which revision exhibits the best word choice for the underlined portion of the sentence? a.chaos with people losing their jobs b.lots of people to get fired c.a drastic increase in unemployment d.a change in the number of people employed

The best answer is A because distinctive and prominent both similarly mean “important.”  B won’t work because although the paragraph does go on to tell the readers what the trunk does, the two words themselves doesn’t tell the readers anything about the usage of the trunk. C won’t work because …

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