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Which sentence gives evidence to support the main idea that ads for junk food are bad for children? The advertising industry spends billions of dollars every year on ads targeted toward children. Many of these ads promote junk foods, which lead to weight gain among children. A World Health Organization report shows that junk food ads harm children’s health. The only way to prevent kids from eating large amounts of unhealthy food is to strengthen laws that control advertisers. Some countries like Sweden have already taken steps to protect children from such ads. But controlling these ads on the Internet and other places may prove to be a big challenge. So, the final responsibility to protect children falls with their parents. Children need to be educated and guided to make healthy food choices. i need help asap


Industrialization led to rising imperialism because 
1) show of power: As one makes new technology, they would either want to test it out or show the other nations that what they produce is ground-breaking and the best. Usually if it is military technology, you would want to test it out, and with the use of “show of force”, can have people groups submit to your country.
2) Better technology: As technology advances, it usually makes something easier. In the case of imperialism, better military advances meant that they could (once again) have other people submit to you
3) Better transportation: This meant that you could take multiple countries at once, and can prove that you’re country is great by having supplies shipped over long distances to keep your troops up. If in need of more troops, you could send more.

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