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The half-life of helium-5 is 7.6 x 10^-22 seconds, and the half-life of helium-9 is 7 x 10^-21 seconds. Approximately how many times greater is the half-life of helium-9 than that of helium-5?

(7X10^-21)/(7.6X10^-22)  is equal to: (7/7.6)(10^-21/10^-22) Rule for division of similar bases with exponents… (a^b)/(a^c)=a^(b-c) In this case we have (10^-21)/(10^-22)=10^(-21–22)=10^1 And 7/7.6≈0.921, and we only had two significant figures so 0.92 works 0.92X10^1 9.2 So the half life of helium-9 is about 9.2 times greater than the half life of …

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