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Which is a compound sentence? We go camping in the mountains with our cousins, neighbors, and friends. If the weather cooperates, we start each day with a hike and a swim. My brother likes to go fishing in the afternoons, but I prefer riding my bike. When evening comes, everyone gathers around the campfire to tell stories. helppp mee asap anyone plzzzzzz

Answer: Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of a Woman Explanation: Magical Realism finds precedent in eighteenth-century Gothic novels, but also connects with sixteenth-century Baroque or Surrealism, almost contemporary in the early twentieth century. Among the most striking features of this movement, we find the blend of realism with pure unreality that is …

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I NEED SOM HELPPP 5300 ROUNDED TO THE NEAREST THOUSAND…………… Also 42099 to the nearest thousand.

Answer: Option C – BD=76 cm Step-by-step explanation: Given : You are designing a diamond-shaped kite. you know that AD = 44.8 cm, DC = 72 cm, and AC = 84.8 cm. To find : How long BD should it be? Solution : First we draw a rough diagram. The …

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PLEASE HELPPP Which graph has a negative rate of change for the interval 0 to 2 on the x-axis?

Answer: D is correct. x>2 the growth rate of the exponential function exceed the growth rate of the linear function. Step-by-step explanation: We are given a linear function and an exponential function in graph. We need to find interval when growth rate of the exponential function exceed the growth rate …

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HELPPP! ill FAIL my grade if i dont get this right PLEASE HURRY! illl give u all my points IDCC! Find f(-10). f(x) = 7x – 5 A) -75 B) -65 C) 65 D) 90 Gr

Answer: B )The amount of interest accrued on the second account is double the amount of interest accrued on the first account. Step-by-step explanation: A sum of money is invested at 4% for 3 years and accrues $168 in interest. Lets find the principle. The formula for simple interest is …

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