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Why do hoaxes work? (apex) A. They look and sound like the truth. B. They make people laugh and feel happy. C. They are factual and historically accurate. D. They cause people to lose money.

Answered by answersmine AT 22/10/2019 – 02:45 AM I think the correct answer would be A. Hoaxes work because they look and sound like the truth. Hoaxes are reports that are very false but was made to mask what really is the truth. These are different from rumors since these …

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Investment historically have doubled every nine years if you start with a $2,000 investment how much money would you have after 54 years. first complete the equation

Answer: $128,000 Step-by-step explanation: Investment historically have doubled every nine years. If you start with a $2,000 investment. After 54 years it would be doubled = 54/9 = 6 times 2000 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 = $128,000 We can see : $2,000 …

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Then chance stepped in. In 1798, Napoleon went to Egypt to protect its trade interests. In addition to an army, he brought along Egyptian scholars who were charged with copying the inscriptions and studying the architecture. The following year, the French bolstered their defenses by rebuilding a fort in the town of Rosetta. In the midst of the fortification, the Rosetta Stone was discovered. Ironically, this large stone tablet was found not by one of the scholars but by a soldier. Luckily, he recognized that the inscriptions must have value. Militarily, Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign was a disaster—the British decimated the French navy—but historically, it was of long-lasting importance. Which best describes the primary structure of this excerpt? problem and solution chronological order list form comparison and contrast

No, although some literature is, such as Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad or Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. These types of works were most popular in the late 19th century and early 20th century. But, there are other types of literature that are fueled by the writer’s own …

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What is historically significant about this 1879 speech by Chief Joseph? It is a detailed description of the conflict between the non-native settlers and the Native Americans. It is a direct and eloquent plea delivered in Washington for the equal treatment of all Native Americans. It is a subtle and polite attempt to make peace with those who work for the government. It is an adamant demand of requirements issued by the Native Americans to the non-native settlers.

The correct answer is – C. socialist ideals. In the year of 1959, Fidel Castor led a revolution in Cuba against the militaristic leader of the country that was set up by the United States few years earlier, and won. Castro managed to get hold onto the government and became …

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