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Build Internet of Things with ESP8266 & MicroPython

Updates: UPDATE 8 : Project 8 How to Push Sensor Data to Google Sheets for Data Logging ? (based on Lab 4 and Project 7) – Internet of Things UPDATE 7 : Project 7 from UPDATE 5 and 6 Labs, pushing notifications up on an alarming activity UPDATE 6 : Using NodeMCU with …

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What is the optimal level or humidity for storing wine

Answer: The correct is: B. build a strong foundation by satisfying the lower level needs. Explanation: Abraham Maslow (20th century) was an American psychologist known for his theory of needs. According to his hierarchy, there is an established order of priority when it comes to human necessities. 1. PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS …

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As the sun rises and the air temperature increases, what typically happens to the relative humidity? (assume the dewpoint temperature remains constant.) select one: a. it will increase. b. it will decrease. c. it will stay the same. d. it will oscillate between extremely high and low values. e. relative humidity has no relationship to temperature.

A divergent boundary occurs when two tectonic plates move away from each other. Along these boundaries, lava spews from long fissures and geysers spurt super heated water. Frequent earthquakes strike along the rift. Beneath the rift, magma—molten rock—rises from the mantle. It oozes up into the gap and hardens into solid rock, …

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Read the sentence. I decided that even a hot day in Arizona feels comfortable because of the low humidity. What is the linking verb? C. because B. hot day C. decided D. feels

Answer: C. Animal testing is a cruel way to advance the progress of science. Explanation: A simple sentence is only one clause that expresses a complete thought, it that has a subject and a verb.   Let’s analyze the options: A. It has presented two conclusions B. It offers a …

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