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How did Islam impact the Songhai empire

Soon after the death Muhammad (PBUH), warring factions sought to control influence and power in the Arabian peninsula. Many of his most important companions were murdered and killed in this time and historians have studied this era very deeply to understand how, despite all odds, did Islam rise to become …

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Which technological innovation had the MOST direct impact on European exploration in the 15th century? A) steam engine B) printing press C) paper currency D) navigational compass

Answer: 1. B. having less time to develop skills. 2. A. they value leisure time more than buying products. Explanation: For question 1, any job require a lot of time. Actually, most of the cases, you’re payed for your time. So, one negative trade-off is that, while your work, you …

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Impact of Increase in Population on Resource Prices

Population Growth And Resource Prices  Introduction The resource price is the price paid to acquire factors of production. The factors of production include land, labor, capital and organization. The factors of production effect cost that ultimately affects the selling capability of the producer. Land is required to establish basis for …

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Impact of the Changes in Health and Social Care

Facilitating Change In Health And Social Care Understand The Factors That Drive Change In Health And Social Care Services Health as well as social care administrations are continually experiencing during change. Rising thoughts concerning the superlative strategies for giving consideration to individuals affect associations. Changes in Innovative, development association, open …

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Impact of Blockchain Technology in Food Industry

Industry Application of the Technology: Blockchain in the Food Industry Contents Food industry and block chain technology Two real word examples related to IT along with the comparison and contrast Case 1: IBM’s Blockchain for supply chain Case 2: World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Blockchain use Comparison of the two cases …

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Impact of Globalization on Tourism

Globalization And The Tourist’s Industry Globalization is that factor which increased the efficiency of your country’s economy in terms of giving that economy a good fame and a rapid increase in the growth of that economy. The economy of every country should be increased very much because it reflects the …

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