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Sharon is thinking about opening a bakery. She knows she wants to set her own hours, reduce her stress and make a profit. But she still has a lot to think through. Which of the following would NOT be a good early step? A.Immediately finding a storefront property for her business, putting down a deposit, and signing a lease. B.Contacting a mentor who has experience in the restaurant industry. C.Creating an initial elevator pitch with her limited information and starting to ask around for advice. D.Beginning to estimate her target market for her business. Main Menu

The answer is new technology and media The fastest way for companies to get information across to their customers these days is through internet technology and its associated media. Information through these channels is fast. Brands connect with customers through various technological devices and create campaigns that work across media, …

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Which term refers to a form of monopoly in which the same people own and run many different companies in one industry? A. corporation B. multinational C. trust D. enterprise

Posted in History C) trust  hope this helps XD Related Questions Posted in History Use the following excerpt from Boccaccio’s The Decameron to answer the following question: “In the year of our Lord 1348, there happened at Florence, the finest city in all Italy a most terrible plague; which, whether …

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What four concepts are discussed in the political writings of John Milton? -People’s right to select and eliminate rulers -The violent overthrow of the government -Government ownership of industry – Support for the Commonwealth – The citizens’ desire to live without a monarchy -Freedom of speech

The answer to the question “What four concepts are discussed in the political writings of John Milton”, is that Milton discussed (1) The people’s right to select and eliminate rulers; (2) His support for the Commonwealth; (3) The desire of the citizen’s, to live without a monarchy; and (4) The …

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In 1941, the national defense industry was prohibited from engaging in racial discrimination. this was the result of what?

In multilateral interactions with other countries, the United States would most likely first attempt as a national security strategy is a Military action. The United States concentrates on developing the procedure which includes military tactics as their security strategy but they also equally focus on the means to introduce diplomatic, …

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Impact of Blockchain Technology in Food Industry

Industry Application of the Technology: Blockchain in the Food Industry Contents Food industry and block chain technology Two real word examples related to IT along with the comparison and contrast Case 1: IBM’s Blockchain for supply chain Case 2: World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Blockchain use Comparison of the two cases …

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The Apple Company Research Paper | Industry Analysis

The Apple Company Introduction Apple is the multinational company in America that manufactures and design computer software and consumer electronics products. Best-known hardware products of company include iPhone, iPod and Macintosh computers. Apple company produce many software which provide many facilities to users like a suite of audio tools, Mac …

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