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Think about an igneous rock at the top of a mountain. If this rock went through the whole rock cycle, number the steps that would follow. 1. Step 1 Regolith is dumped into some type of reservoir, usually water, by deposition. 2. Step 2 Metamorphic rock begins to melt back into magma. 3. Step 3 Regolith is transported or eroded by rain or wind. 4. Step 4 Rock is broken down into regolith by weathering. 5. Step 5 Layers deposited begin to compact and cement together to form sedimentary rock. 6. Step 6 Sedimentary rock is buried deeper into the earth’s crust. The intense heat and pressure begins metamorphism and the rock turns into metamorphic rock. 7. Step 7 Magma is resurfaced from volcanic activity, cools, and becomes igneous rock.

Answer: The correct sequence according to the question is steps- 4→1→3→5→6→2→7. Explanation: The given steps show that how the rocks are recycled from one form to another form due to certain factors like weathering over geological time scale which was explained by James Hutton and he termed this concept as …

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Fast riverine floods include flash floods from intense thunderstorms. True False

Answered by answersmine AT 22/10/2019 – 03:32 AM The statement “Fast riverine floods include flash floods from intense thunderstorms” is true. The two variables that contribute to flash flooding are rainfall intensity and duration. The greater the intensity and duration of the rainfall is, the greater is the tendency to …

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To warm up before a run, David begins by completing quad and hurdler’s stretches. Which of these accurately evaluates his choice of warm-up activities? A. These activities are appropriate because they prepare muscles for intense movement. B. These activities are not appropriate because the muscles stretched are not warm yet. C. These activities are appropriate because they make the leg muscles more flexible. D.These activities are not appropriate because they stretch muscles not used in the exercise.

1. The answer is “C”. “Identical twins” who have been raised apart are typically more similar in intelligence level than biological siblings raised together because they have been born with the same genetic code. Identical twins originate from a single fertilized egg that parts into two. Before it parts, it …

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Read this excerpt from margaret frink’s memoir:the deafening noise and halloing that this army of people kept up, made the alarm in the river more intense. the quicksand and the uncertainty of depth of water kept all in a state of anxiety. our horses would sometimes be in water no more than a foot deep; then, in a moment, they would go down up to their collars.what is the mood of this excerpt? a.fun b.relieved c.exhilarating d.stylized

Answer:    Joshua is correct Explanation:  Animals, however well preserved and bred in conditions that are not in nature, that is, not in their natural habitat, animals still retain the animal instinct. Thus, young animals in the wild can be met daily, except for members of their species, and members …

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Billy just completed an intense resistance-training workout. how long should he wait before his next weight training workout to allow his muscles to rebuild and recover?

A) Increase his activity and exercise levels and add more calories to gradually gain weight  B) Increase his activity and exercise levels and eat the same number of calories to gradually gain weight C) Increase his snacks to two or three per day until he reaches his target weight D) Increase his …

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