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Arduino: Everything You Need To Know

A Guide to start Your Own Arduino adventure in no Time

What Will I Learn?

  • You will start to programming Arduino
  • You will discover things that will help you to excel in Arduino programming


  • You must be familiar with Internet browsing
  • You must have the well to apply not just watch


Arduino Programming Courses online contains lots of unnecessary information that will surely distract beginners and make them feel odd when they first come to the Arduino World.

The instructor is a very high experienced hardware developer who has strong background in Arduino development and made this course to help new comers to the Arduino world.

He has also been teaching programming since 2010 and have mastered the art delivery.

This course is designed to introduce the Arduino hardware and programming environment to get you started on building projects as soon as possible.

The Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Sensing the environment by receiving inputs from many sensors the Arduino affects its surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and a number of other accessories. It’s intended for anyone making interactive hardware projects.

A Platform for Creating any project that comes in your mind.

No experience is required, and all you need is an Arduino

This course is designed for anyone interested in Arduino with zero background knowledge.Who is the target audience?

  • Electronics Geeks
  • Hardware developers
  • Anyone with slight interest in making great things

Created by Educational Engineering Team, Tech Geeks
Last updated 1/2018
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Which of these statements is correct? A.The introduction of the research paper specifies the focus, purpose, and plan of the paper. B.The introduction of the research paper integrates material from various sources. C.The body of the research paper specifies the focus, purpose, and plan of the paper.

Which of these statements is correct? A.The introduction of the research paper specifies the focus, purpose, and plan of the paper. B.The introduction of the research paper integrates material from various sources. C.The body of the research paper specifies the focus, purpose, and plan of the paper.

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Which of the following is a true statement? The rough draft is the final stage of writing before a paper is given to the teacher for grading. It is a good idea to come up with ideas about a topic after you write your rough draft. Rough drafts do not include facts, examples, and details about the main topic of the paper. Rough drafts consist of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion

Which of the following is a true statement? The rough draft is the final stage of writing before a paper is given to the teacher for grading. It is a good idea to come up with ideas about a topic after you write your rough draft. Rough drafts do not include facts, examples, and details about the main topic of the paper. Rough drafts consist of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion

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Match the term with its definition. match term definition plot a.the angle or perspective from which the story is told point of view b.the story line or action of the story exposition c.the action that follows the climax falling action d.the introduction to the characters, setting, and situation

a. The angle or perspective from which the story is told: point of view

In a narrative, there is a person who recounts the events, this person is the narrator, and the perspective from which the narrator tells the story is called “point of view.” There are three types of points of view: first, second and third.

b. the story line or action of the story: plot

The plot refers to the events of a play, novel, film or a story, that are related to each other in a sequence and that make up the narrative.

c. the action that follows the climax: falling action

The falling action is the section of a story found right after the climax and before the very end. In this part, the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist unravels, things start to work themselves out, the tensions experimented in the previous section start to decrease, the characters may be more relaxed or relief, probably displaying a trait or new insight that they have acquired along the story or might find themselves processing what just happened in the climax.

d. the introduction to the characters, setting, and situation: exposition

The exposition is the part of a story that introduces important background information about the setting, the characters and the main plot.

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Burmese pythons are large snakes that have been introduced into the Florida Everglades ecosystem. Burmese pythons and alligators hunt the same prey. One likely effect of the introduction of the pythons is that

Well which one tends to live around deep waters like the open ocean?

Frogs are amphibians, meaning they need land. The open ocean does not have land.

Dolphins live in and travel around the ocean, not needing land and capable of swimming great depths so they are capable of living in the open ocean.

Alligators live in areas with shallow waters where they can cool down and hide to capture unsuspecting prey. They need to breathe every now and then and even though they are fantastic swimmers in rivers, they can’t go too deep. They also need land to lay their eggs and mate, so the open ocean is not the best option for an alligator.

Hippopotami also live in shallow water like alligators. And like alligators, they need to breathe every now and then and they can’t go too deep in water. Rivers are great for them, but they won’t last too long in an open ocean.

Thus, the organism most likely adapted to the open ocean are dolphins.

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The thesis statement A. is the focus of the literary analysis. B. is the introduction to the literary analysis. C. is the final observation in the literary analysis. D. is the supporting detail of the literary analysis.

Here are a few pointers; hope this is useful)

Ovation-by definition- is show of appreciation from an audience, for a person’s accomplishments or flaw.

“Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world.”

A person’s accomplishment could be how they made a positive change in this world, strong leadership- that makes them a effective leader or simply helping others. A person’s flaw- mistakes in life, sin or even guilt should also be considered an appreciation- an ovation for representing mankind’s flaw and that humanity makes mistakes, fulfilling at least one deadly sin such as greed, lust, selfishness etc.

Thus, regardless of a person’s achievement or flaw- a person deserves an applause for, not the least, living in this society and this world that we are all living together and dying together.

That was just the introduction.. the best part is yet to come.. now it’s your turn!!

Here are other pointers to talk about in your essay:

Shakespeare’s famous line “All the World’s a stage. That agrees with your line: “Everybody deserves a standing ovation…”

Shakespeare explains that men and women are like players: they live, and die, some being celebrated and some forever living in solitude till their death. Shakespeare states the world is a “stage” which symbolizes that mankind is in its peak. The world is changing everyday: little by little and humanity is falling behind.
Due to our world turning into machinery: factories, an automotive future: where humans only job to live (entrance) and to die (exit) the famous humans remembered and the flawed not recalled.

This is according to Shakespeare’s imagery.

I don’t know what grade your in, but I think simplifying Shakespeare’s word of mouth in your essay would be handy and useful as it has strong references of your quote, and agrees strongly in your essay.

Hope this helps 🙂

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Hurry help me !!! Species are disappearing at an accelerating rate through human action, primarily habitat destruction but also pollution and the introduction of exotic species into residual natural environments. I have said that a fifth or more of the species of plants and animals could vanish or be doomed to early extinction by the year 2020 unless better efforts are made to save them. . . . As the last forests are felled in forest strongholds like the Philippines and Ecuador, the decline of species will accelerate even more. In the world as a whole, extinction rates are already hundreds or thousands of times higher than before the coming of man. They cannot be balanced by new evolution in any period of time that has meaning for the human race. What message does the author convey in this excerpt? Humans need to take action to end further destruction of the natural environment. In the coming years, humans will put forth stronger efforts to save plants and animals. The extinction of plant and animal species is problematic in the Philippines and Ecuador. In recent years, the extinction rate for many animal species has significantly increased.

Hey there!

Correct answer is D. Comma or Period Inside Rule

A. Question mark or exclamation point inside: those are not really necessary.

B. Colon or semicolon: not, a semicolon would divide the whole sentence and it would be shorten; a colon would work but after requested, when there is already a comma.

C. Question mark or Exclamation Point Outside Rule: would not work, becase it is an very polite and affirmative sentence.

D: A comma or period inside rule: actually, just a comma would work. Please, Cooper’s dad requested, go… Cooper’s dad requested must be in between commas as it is a vocative.

Hope this helps

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Which development helped improve working conditions in many mines and factories during the late 1800s. 1) the formation of monopolies. 2) the growth of labor unions. 3) the rise of the middle class. 4) the introduction of the assembly line.

Karl Marx developed the economic theory of communism.

Further Explanation:

One of Karl Marx’s most famous contributions came in his book the Communist Manifesto. This book explained Mark’s views on government, the economy, and ultimately lead to the creation of communism as an idea.

A communism system is one that is economic and political in nature. In this system, the government would control the means of production, the distribution of goods and resources, and would overall have significant control over society. This system of communism is the opposite of the capitalist/democratic system used in America today. These two ideologies would clash during the mid 20th century in what is now known as the Cold War.

Marx’s ideas were based on his observations of the world around him. He felt that the mistreatment of labor by industry and private corporations would ultimately lead to an uprising by angry laborers all over the world.

Learn More:

Explanation of Cold War-

Key Details:

Topic: World History, Communism

Grade Level: 7-12

Keywords: Karl Marx, Communism, Communist Manifesto

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What is The word for beginning or introduction on a literary plot line?

What is The word for beginning or introduction on a literary plot line?

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What does weisman's word choice most clearly suggest about his feelings on the introduction of new species of birds and plants to central park?

What does weisman’s word choice most clearly suggest about his feelings on the introduction of new species of birds and plants to central park?

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According to the introduction to Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, What motivates the four friends to write ghost stories

“Being, after some time of entertainment and gifts, dismissed, a while after he came again, and 5 more with him, and they brought again all the tools that were stolen away before, and made way for the coming of their great Sachem, called Massasoyt; who, about 4 or 5 days after, came with the chief of his friends and other attendance, with the aforesaid Squanto.” I would say this sentence shows the Indians wanted to make peace by returning the stolen tools and bringing their chief to meet (the white Americans?) and having entertainment and gifts as well for the (white?) guests.

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The overall purpose of the body paragraphs in a literary analysis essay is to A. support the thesis of your essay (the thesis you stated in your Introduction Paragraph). B. to give a summary of the text. C. give a list of all the elements or techniques the author uses in the text.


The correct heading for a long essay about various activities to do at the beach is ‘Parasailing, Hang-gliding, Snorkeling, and more!


This is the perfect heading for an essay regarding activities to do at the beach since it names several activities that are typically done there.

‘What to wear this summer’ is not a possible option since this heading is possibly aimed at the summer ‘trends/craze’, that is to say, what people want to wear to fit in with the rest.

Writing a Postcard‘ is not suitable because this is not normally done at the beach, it is rather done at home or the apartment. Plus, it only describes one acitvity, not various.

Finally, ‘Choosing a Sunscreen‘ is not possible either because it also describes one single activity and one that is usually done at a shop or before going to the beach.

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What is the an introduction given before a piece of music that is performed to indicate the tempo?

1. In the late 1940s C. Use of backbeat occurred during the transformation of rhythm and blues into rock and roll. Using a beackbeat is based on making accent on 2-nd and 4-th beats in 4/4 rhythm. But the main change during the transformation r’n’b into rock’n’roll was that R’n’B became faster and more dynamic.

2. I think this is the answer: A. it decreased the popularity of rock music by African Americans. White rock’n’roll became popular because of Elvis Presley and Beach Boys. Elvis had very extraordinary appearance and style. His music was a bridge between classical blues, country and rock’n’roll, and his music was really popular among both young and old Americans.

3. I am definitely sure that A. rockabilly music was characterized by hiccupping gulping and stuttering vocals, slapping bass, and using a rhythmic guitar style, and was a combination of rock with country and western music. As I mentioned before Elvis’ music was a bridge between country and rock’n’roll, so he was one of the pioneers of rockabilly music. I’d not call him the father of rockabilly, but he was one of the first and his music is a good example of this style.

4. If my memory serves me well this is the correct order: C. rockabilly, Motown, heavy metal, glam. Rockabilly – 1950’s; Motown – 1960’s; Heavy Metal – 1970’s; Glam – end of 70’s – 1980’s

5. In my view this statement best describes a development in rock and roll music during the 1980’s: 

A. The second British invasion occurs. The first bands which have taken the stage were Def Leppard, Motley Crue and so on. Second British invasion refers to the music that became popular in the US in 1980’s.

6. It’s obvious, that B. The Beatles was the  first to take America by storm, paving the way for other British groups. They were the leaders of the First British invasion that started in 1960’s. It’s still the one of the most popular bands of all time.

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How do the introduction of factories change the way goods were made in the colonies?

How do the introduction of factories change the way goods were made in the colonies?

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1. Which of the following was in innovation or invention of the tang and song dynaties? A. magnetic compass for navigation B. glass lens or telescopes C. waterwheel for irrigation D. steel plow for farming 2. Which was the most imprtant effect of trade along the silk road? A. more societies began using money instead of the barter system B. inventions and ideas were exchanged along with material goods C. silk and porcelain were traded freely with foreign nations D. the technique of papermaking spread from china to europe 3. which best describes an influence of kublai khan’s reign in china? A. Isam was introduction into central asia B. buddism expanded into the middle east C. the silk road were extended into europe D. chinese culture disappointed from northern china


It preserved the Union


Although the Civil War was a traumatic episode in the history of the United States, it allowed the solution of irresolvable problems since 1776: it succeeded in abolishing slavery and reuniting the different states into a single, indivisible nation.

During the four years that this war lasted, more than 3 million men were mobilized and casualties reached the figure of 617,000, that is, 2% of the contemporary population. The North lost 359,000 men and the South 258,000. There were more deaths due to epidemics and diseases than to the war itself. To this must also be added the tens of thousands of civilian victims. This conflict is, along with the Second World War, one of the bloodiest in which the United States has participated.

Regarding the development of the country, before and after the war, we can affirm that as a final result, the US was considered one of the most powerful nations of the time and the armament lift of the moment greatly helped its performance during the future world wars.

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Introduction to Engineering Ethics Example Report

Introduction To Engineering Ethics

Codes of ethics concern honesty, when we talk about truthfulness responsibly, engineers must be truthful and objective and they must not be involved or engage in deception. All the engineering codes have the set forth statement of this responsibility. The NSPE code of ethics that are violating the codes of ethics are, an engineer should be expert and associated with the medium size consulting firm and need to distribute the firm’s brochure, so the firm should consider her as an employee. The top candidate to be selected after an extensive screening process and there are negotiation deadlines and based on a firm commitment the engineer has to start on the date. However, he decided on April 23, that he do not want to take the position. Another case, of the engineer who tells the client that drum contains the questionable material and the removal, is recommended by him.

The three of the above cases illustrate the responsibility of truthfulness in engineers that they shouldn’t lie, otherwise the problems could be there. There are rules of forbidding lying, as the others could be misleading from it. To deceive a person can undermine their autonomy, an engineer has the moral duties, duty ethics, and truthfulness in regards with the person’s autonomy.

Introduction to Engineering Ethics Example Report

Honesty contributes towards the internal goods and good social practices, dishonesty can cause failure, financial losses, injuries, and death. Untruthfulness violates the trust because deception could be caused by the violation of the trust. Dishonesty is the bad engineering.

From the examples and cases, which are given in the book, we come to know that engineers should follow the code of conduct, which is based on the truthfulness responsibility; it is their responsibility to take care of the people and say the truth. They have the responsibility of the customer’s safety; they have to provide the useful products. If they do not follow the ethical or truthfulness code of conduct, there could be problems faced by the people or country.

If engineers do not say the trust, the public trust will be lost and as dishonesty is the bad engineering; so many problems could take place if someone lies. However, the engineering practices need to be fair so the nation or clients can trust the engineers; there one word can decide the future. Public welfare is their concern so they should report in a truthful manner, misuse of engineering can result in deceiving the public, and all the professional engineers need to admit their responsibility so the problems should not be there.

I personally believe that every engineer should say the truth as truthfulness is their responsibility, they can decide the good and bad consequence, which can occur in the society. People of the country will not trust the deceivers, to get the respect from the people virtue ethics need to be known.  Honesty can contributes towards the desirable outcomes through doing wrong, dishonesty there will be deception from all the perspective of safety, health and nature the engineers need to be potential and need to make sure that things are in public, or people favor as they have the technical understanding. If they have any doubt in anything or they think that things are not suitable then they should also report without any hesitance, because truthfulness is their responsibility.

In the book, honesty is a concerned with engineers as engineer begin with honesty in studying, so he/she become an engineer. Academic or engineer dishonesty can never make a better engineer as the engineer have the responsibility of the people he needs to learn everything without cheating. As an academic integrity, cheating is the intentional violation of the rules, it could be done in any academic exercise, example it is the using crib notes or if someone’s coping from another student.

A Victimless Crime is a crime in which one get hurts; it is wrong and unfair practice, cheating means the meaning of achievement in which there is fear of being caught. Academic dishonesty is the serious offense, as it violates the serious procedures and decisive instructor so that the advantages could be gained. Cheating violates the trust and the trust of the professor. Many of the researchers have stated that, sometimes professors are also involves in the cheating. There is the need to minimize the opportunities for cheating so the engineers could learn as gaining knowledge is very important fro them.

Robert should not do cheating, even if he is on probation and have the low grades, if he really wants to become an engineer, then he should work hard to gain the relevant knowledge and studies, cheating is unethical way. From the examples given in the book, it is illustrated that an engineer can never be successful if he does cheating. If he is desperate still he does not do that as his future is based on what he is learning from his academy, cheating is an unfair practice.

Given article is about the cheating, in my opinion, organizations need to keep the check on a student, if we talk about the field engineering, then more concentration is needed, as the engineers are going to play important roles in future. The safety of people is the there concern so they needed to have the relevant courses knowledge. Cheating means the dishonesty if an engineer have the habit of dishonesty, and then he/she can never be trustful to his people or clients.

Cheating is wrong and unfair practices, to be a good engineer cheating should not be done. As, from the researchers point that cheating is also promoted by the teachers; teacher sometime to get good remarks form the authority, parent or student promote unfair practices, so the good grades of their class give them appreciation. In some cases, students help each other, because they are friends. These cheating practices are part of organizations or institutes these days, it is need to think that engineers can never be successful and country or people has to face loses if they do not have adequate knowledge.

The firm or academy in which there are unfair or cheating practices promoted need to take step, the government needs to check all the engineering institutions so the teachers or students should not do such practices. Academic integrity and ethics need to be undertaken for the future of the world, if the organization or academies keep on promoting the unfair practices there can never be peace, through cheating other students get the right of students who work hard day and night for the good grades. Intuitions need to recognize the value of practices and through enforcing disciplinary procedures the cheating and other unethical practices can be eliminated.

Also Study:

Ethics in Engineering Practice and Research

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What is significant about Nathaniel Hawthorne’s mention of his ancestors in the introduction to the novel?

The answers are as follows:

1. Love is the primary theme in the literature of American Romanticism.

2. the natural and spiritual world are connected  

3. William Wordsworth  

4. genre within a genre

5. Who; Roman; Catholic; United; States

Further Explanation:

Equivalent to the Romantic movement of Britain, the American Romanticism focused on the emotions of the people and the love for nature. Also, imagination was a core part of the movement. Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, and Nathanial Hawthorne are some of the important figure f American Romanticism. They focused on writing novels and not on poetry.  

Transcendentalism refers to one of the philosophical movement in American genre. The transcendentalist gave importance to the goodness of the individual and celebrated the purity of the humans.  

William Wordsworth was not part of the American Romanticism movement. He was a part of the Romantic Movement in England. He has written many poems about nature, common people and emotions. Wordsworth had not just emphasized the feelings of the common man but has also expressed his views about the beauty of nature. All the other three writers belong to the American Romanticism movement.  

Genre refers to the grouping or segregation of an idea from the many. Each genre prevails with its significant characteristic and idea. Sub-genre refers to the genre within a genre.  

Capitalization is one of the significant parts of punctuation. The proper nouns are capitalized. Also, the first word of every new sentence is capitalized.

Learn more:

1. What is Lennon’s vision of peace give examples?

2. The character in “i know why the caged bird sings” that is most like the free bird in “the caged bird” is ?

Answer details:

Grade: High School

Subject: English

Chapter: American Romanticism


American Romanticism, Romantic movement, William Wordsworth, Genre, sub- genre, Capitalization.

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Introduction to Classical Control Theory

Towards A Scalable Theory Of Control

If we look back into the history of control theory, James Clerk Maxwell introduced the control theory in the 19th century. Later on, Edward Routh, Charles Sturm, and Adolf Hurwitz initially gave the control theory. In the whole seminar, we understand the class of network control issues for which scalable distributed controllers can be provided to get the best performance level. The whole criteria will be understood through the examples of controlled system and processes at a huge level.

Theory of control in a control system engineering deals with dynamic processes and machines. The main objective of the theory of control is to design a controlled sculpt for controlling the various systems by using optimal methods to maintain the stability. For this purpose, a well-functioned controlled system with the indispensable functionality is needed the most. This specific kind of system controller is used to supervise the main process variable and then compares it with the set point.

Introduction to Classical Control Theory

There exists a huge dissimilarity among the definite and required assessment of the specific progression variables, known as an error signal. Also known as, setting point-progression variable error is used as a response to produce the controlled system. There are also other factors such as controllability and observability. On the basis of these advanced features of automation that are being used for manufacturing purpose, aircraft, communications and other industries.

However, a most important function of the control theory is being used in controlled system engineering fields that are specially designed to monitor the process control system of industries. As being a universal hypothesis, the theory is at the top of rank where the feedback is required. According to the control theory, it consists of two major kinds of the controlled loop such as unlock loop and locked loop. The locked loop is called feedback control as well and the theory is based on the locked-loop. If we take the example of the unlocked loop, the control action does not rely on the results of the theory. It can be easily understood with the example of the heating boiler, which is controlled, with the help of a specific timer. Due to this fitted timer, heat can be provided for a specific period.

Control action in the whole process of heat boiler is responsible to switch on and off the boiler. In locked-loop control or feedback control, the control action totally depends on the feedback from the end of the process. In heating boiler scenario, a locked loop will be consisting of a thermostat, which is being used to compare the building temperature with the thermostat temperature. A control loop consists of feedback loop, which is used to process the setting and another point of the controller. Because of this fact, a locked loop is known as feedback loop as well. A huge list of examples occurs in the result of the theory.

To deal with the boundaries of the unlocked loop, the theory set up a feedback loop. A locked loop controller utilizes these feedback loops to handle the output of dynamic systems. Locked-loop controllers have the following benefits as compared to the unlocked loop controllers such as

  • The rate of disturbance and ambiguity decreases simultaneously
  • Guaranteed performance and efficiency of the systems even due to the occurrence of model improbabilities.
  • An unstable system can be stabilized through the functionality of locked loop.
  • Reduced the level of sensitivity among the various controlled system.
  • Improved and enhance the performance of various controlled tracking systems.

Locked loop and unlocked loop are being used together at the same time in some controlled systems and in these types of systems, the unlocked loop is commonly known as feed forward. Moreover, the most common factor to be considered about the architecture of locked-loop controller is the PID controller.

Term PID is known as the proportional-integral-derivative controller is a method that is specifically designed to control various techniques in the control system. PID controller is used to calculating the error value, which is a difference between set point and the process variable. However, the classical theory is not enough to define the compatibility of large control systems such as power systems and chemical reaction networks. To deal with this situation, new approaches and methods need to be identified. These new technologies and methods will not only compatible with the analysis and synthesis of the controller but also used for the modelling and verification purposes.

Classical control theory is a branch of control theory that directly deals with the response of dynamic systems. The objective of classical theory is to control a system, which is often known as plant and its output factor will be a control signal known as a reference that may consist of fixed or changing values. For this purpose, the controller is designed and manufactured which especially monitors the output and later on compares it with the reference.

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How do I start a cec on the interlopers, with the first paragraph explaining the exposition or introduction of the story?

D) the tone of the piece, and e) the perspective or point of view. Be sure that your paragraph has a topic sentence that identifies the subject, and provide evidence (quotes) from the excerpt to support each part of the analysis.
“Then I started back, with more fear than food, and went to meet the people whom I had left behind, with the greatest haste I could make. I overtook them after two day’s march and went with them till we had passed the desert and arrived at their home. Here I was not made welcome as previously, because the men as well as the women indulged in much weeping for the persons killed at Cíbola. Without tarrying I hastened in fear from that people and that valley. The first day I went ten leagues, then I went eight and again ten leagues, without stopping till I had passed the second desert. On my return, although I was not without fear, I determined to approach the open tract, situated at the end of the mountain ranges, of which I said above that I had some account. As I came near, I was informed that it is peopled for many days’ journey towards the east, but I dared not enter it, because it seemed to me that we must go to colonize and to rule that other country of the seven cities and the kingdoms I have spoken of, and that then one could see it better. So I forebore to risk my person and left it alone to given an account of what I had seen. However, I saw, from the mouth of the tract seven moderate-sized towns at some distance, and further a very fresh valley of very good land, whence rose much smoke. I was informed that there is much gold in it and that the natives of it deal in vessels and jewels for the ears and little plates with which they scrape themselves to relieve themselves of sweat, and that these people will not consent to trade with those of the other part of the valley; but I was not able to learn the cause for this. Here I placed two crosses and took possession of all this plain and valley in the same manner as I had done with the other possessions, according to my instructions.”

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Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Human Resource Management


Human resource management is that department of an organization which deals with the process of recruitment means hiring and firing of new employees and in replacement of old employees. The selection process involves the steps of selecting a new employee through a proper procedure in an organization. This procedure depends on the strength of your decision, which you choose to select that person for the job. The success of an organization depends on the working of employees in any organization. If the employees in an organization are not much efficient then they will not be able to achieve the targets with a hard work and success in that organization.

It is the responsibility of HR manager to maintain a positive atmosphere in an organization so that the working capabilities and efficiency in an organization improve day by day and with a mesmerizing way. Your competitors have always remained in a search that whenever you did something wrong and reputation goes down so you should remain curious and attentive that your working efficiency may not goes down. HR manager should keep on introducing new ideas and themes so that there came a variety of your working accomplishment procedures within your organization.

Recruitment and Selection is the proper procedure followed by the HR manager in an organization. Our HR manager of Makah & Madinah Hotels is a very hard working and passionate person who loves to work hard with a great efficiency and accuracy as well. He feels that some old employees are not showing proper efficiency in their working. HRM policies and procedures are shaped and designed to support the employees in terms of their relaxing atmosphere in the premises of Hotel. HR manager should look around within organization that any gender discrimination issue, a difference of job among employees, age difference as well.

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Recruitment And Selection 

These terms are to be kept in control of HR Manager so to avoid conflicts in the Hotel atmosphere. If HR Managers feels a disturbance in its employees then he can fire them and can hire the new person on that designation in the department of that hotel. It includes a proper procedure that how you appoint a new person in the hotel management which could be sweepers, clerks, cashiers, chefs, stewards, waiters and any other person could be in the Hotel. The procedure must be followed by the Recruiter in order to attain best results, which are:

Staffing Of Agents

Agents are those people who, on behalf of your hotel or any other organization hire or find employees who are willing to do the job in other countries and collect their data according to eligibility criteria of the organization.

Evaluating Of Applicants

Applicants when send their Resume according to the nature of the job you advertised for according to your need in the hotel. You first had a look on that by a panel of members you appointed for this purpose. They consider all the person’s qualifications and selects some persons for an interview in their hotel at a specified date.


When you select some persons for an interview, the receptionists of the hotel management then call them for the interview at a specified date. When they reached on time, you interviewed them according to the job, which you described in your advertisements. The questions must include relevance with the job and nature of designation you are going to fill space for. After a detailed interview, our managers of hotel hires the required person by a proper discussion on its salary and working timings. They then appointed as a member or employee of Hotel and they are given an appointment letter as a confirmation of their job’s proof. After a day or two, they joined you.

Developing Candidate Trust

After hiring or selecting a person for your required designation to fill. It depends on the person that whether they join or not because sometimes many persons have applied for a job in many other organizations as well. Therefore, you must attract them with such good offers that they will not go anywhere else and you can best utilize its abilities in your hotel. After a complete paperwork, you must welcome the new candidate in your organization or Hotel.

Managing Change

In a hotel management conducted under HR, the needs of all departments of the staff are managed and fulfilled by HR manager, as it is its foremost responsibility. He/she further transfer it to seniors of its management. All the needs, which are essentially of each employee within the hotel, are must be fulfilled and provided them by the hotel management so that they can feel comfortable while working in the hotel. The needs must be proper uniform, wages given on time, little relaxation in working hours etc. If they are affordable then you must provide them with these.


Some policies according to the working criteria’s in the hotel must be prepared so that a proper working atmosphere could be remaining in the hotel. The employees of the hotel especially the junior employees like sweepers, watchmen, cleaner, laundry workers and kitchen helpers are must be motivated with little incentives and bonuses because they already have a low wage as compared to the senior staff in the hotel. Therefore, they must be provided with the little percentage of monthly bonus or bonus n their extraordinary performance, which could motivate them and encourage them to work hard with more enthusiasm in the hotel.

Maintaining Relationship

These steps involve the maintenance of positive atmosphere in the department of the hotel where you hired a new employee. Some time old employees did not accept new member so you must crates such policies, strategies that the atmosphere remains positive, and new and old employees work combine within the department by helping each other without any conflicts.


HR managers must estimate the cost of the process that is used in the recruitment and selection process and they keep an estimation of the cost related to the employee’s needs and incentives provided by the hotel management. That they may not become over budgeted or may not be less than the assigned budget. It should be in a balanced condition.

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Personnel Administration Departments

Personal Administration

The Administration of Makah and Madinah Hotel has some functions to fulfil as a must. Otherwise, the administration working efficiency may disturb. Here are some functions, which are to be accomplished by the Administration Department:


The documentation procedure involves the proper paperwork of every employee whether it is junior or seiner in the hotel. Paperwork includes keeping the documents of each people like their degrees their identities proofs, their nationality evidence etc. All these documents are essential to keep employees in an organization because it keeps your working efficiency legal and of your employees also. Any business must be run on legal terms and regulations so that in future your business may avoid any problems. As you are going to book, your hotel rooms and all the reservations are to be done online so you must provide proper information of documents to the customers and make easy for them to provide their documents online as well. This makes them comfortable and they rely more on your online booking methodology and procedures as well.

Quality Check

The term quality is the essential term, which should be examined very keenly and with complete interest because it is the base of your business reputation. If the customer does not satisfy with your quality, they will definitely leave your services and products for your business. The Quality must be of very high level as an online booking website your quality includes proper timing to the customer, timely replies to the customer, assigning them complete information about your hotel and guide them about all the procedure properly. This makes them happy and they suggest more to join your hotel and contact you online for the reservations of rooms.

Employee Relations

Employees relationship maintenance is the most important and essential part of Hotel and any other organization’s Administration that cannot be even neglected for a while. When your employees have good relationships in between them then they work better and more comfortable in the surroundings of the hotel but if their relationship is negative and not good then their working performance may be disturbed very much. As it effects badly towards your business development as well.

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Duties And Tasks Of Each Employee And Each Position

The duties of each employee in the hotel area are assigned by HR managers and seniors as well that what to do by whom and where according to their abilities and qualifications. The duties, which are assigned by HR managers, which must be according to the working abilities and according to the efficiency of the persons. The position of each employee must be assigned by HR must be according to the degree and qualification they have. The duties which HR manager going to assign every employee must not overload the work of that employee.

Their duties limit their working hours and their working efficiency as well. Each employee must be efficient and hard work in its working as they are going to provide their services in the hotel management. Each employee position must be change within few weeks so that every employee understands every type of working in the hotel surroundings. It is the essential duty of every employee that they must work properly according to the duty given to them. If someone does not follow the rules and instructions of the managers then they must be threatened by any means, which discourages their sense of rebel in them.

Training And Training Program

The hotels have many tasks to perform by the employees regarding the security, cleanliness and others as well.  Sometimes you hire some persons, which are not aware of that type of work. Therefore, you must need to train them by arranging proper training sessions and programmers. That actually makes them comfortable to learn the new working styles and is easy for them to take out some time from their working hours to learn new techniques and procedures for working in the hotel.

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

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