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Iran remained a politically independent nation. However, Russia controlled trade in northern Iran, and Britain controlled trade in southern Iran. This is an example of a. Colony Protectorate Sphere of influence

The correct answer is Sphere of influence Explanation: The concept sphere of influence refers to an exclusive power a country has over the economy, military forces or politics of a different country and that mainly benefits the country the outsider nation. This concept differs from the colony and from protectorate …

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What did the United States of America do in retaliation against Iran? They sent more troops to the area. They detained Iranian refugees. They froze all Iranian assets. They boycotted oil from the region.

The correct answer should be They froze all Iranian assets They also introduced sanctions and put an embargo on all trade with Iran. They didn’t boycott oil since nobody would do that, and they didn’t send troops out of fear of what would happen to those people. No detaining of …

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From 1980 through 1988, Iran was involved in a bloody war with

Poland Hungary Bulgaria In the aftermath of World War II, the influence of the Soviet Union extended through the countries that were invaded by fascists in the Eastern Front, such as Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Poland In January 1947, elections were held, resulting in the communist Republic of Poland. Previously …

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Which of the following caused major political turmoil during the Carter Administration? A .Iran-contra Affair b. Iran hostage crisis c. Camp David Accords d. OPEC

The correct answers are A) Carter served as the peacemaker between Egypt and Israel and B) Carter tried to solve problems of national debt and energy conservation by asking people to make sacrifices.   The statements that are accurate about President Carter are: Carter served as the peacemaker between Egyot …

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HELP A SISTA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which did President Carter fail to do? A. promote détente with Communist countries B. create a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt C. free Americans taken hostage by Iran D. take action against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

The correct answer is: Because the United States supported Iraq in a war with Iran. On June 6, 1982, the Israel Defense Forces invaded Lebanon with the support of the United States of America, this country provided military support to Israel in the form of weapons and materiel. As a …

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