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What did the United States of America do in retaliation against Iran? They sent more troops to the area. They detained Iranian refugees. They froze all Iranian assets. They boycotted oil from the region.

The correct answer should be They froze all Iranian assets They also introduced sanctions and put an embargo on all trade with Iran. They didn’t boycott oil since nobody would do that, and they didn’t send troops out of fear of what would happen to those people. No detaining of …

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Five Iranian weightlifters going to the olympics in Sydney have an average weight of 180 pounds. If the heaviest is 260 lbs, and none of the others is more than 185 each, what is the minimum weight of the fifth wrestler?

Answer: function in vertex form is: vertex is: (8,5) and is a minimum on the graph. axis of symmetry is x=8. Step-by-step explanation: A: Hence is the vertex form of the given function g(n). B:  Hence the vertex of any equation of the type is given by (h,k) so, the …

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