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How were the Black Codes related to the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment A. After the Thirteenth Amendment banned slavery, Black Codes were created to restrict the rights of African Americans. B. Southern landowners were exempt from obeying the Thirteenth Amendment as a result of Black Codes. C.The Thirteenth Amendment banned slavery, so African Americans in the South were no longer affected by Black Codes. D. Black Codes called for the end of slavery prior to passage of the Thirteenth Amendment.


The correct answers are A) Food exporters can export as much wheat as they want, while in the past they were limited to 50 tons and C) Citizens working in foreign countries must send back a quarter of their income.

The government of a country has introduced a few economic policies for the current financial year. The policies John Maynard Keynes most likely to disagree with would be “Food exporters can export as much wheat as they want, while in the past they were limited to 50 tons and citizens working in foreign countries must send back a quarter of their income.”

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was the famous economist that developed the theories later known as “Keynesianism.” He encouraged government intervention to end with the economic problems of the Great Depression. He thought that during a recession, the private sector stopped investing and saving. He considered the government should intervene at that moment to reactivate the economy.


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· Plagued by border problems in their northern territories · Great disparity of wealth within the empire · Wealthy landowners refused to pay taxes · Collapsed in 220 CE These phrases are describing the A) Qin Dynasty. B) Han Dynasty. C) Ming Dynasty. D) Zhou Dynasty.



You and your sibling, whose name is ______    , go to your favorite store called     Walmart.   . There, ______.    finds a toy to buy, called a     nerf gun    . He really wants this toy. The toy is labeled $3.99, and so he brings it to the cashier. The cashier tells your sibling, “That will be $4.19.” Your sibling removes four dollar bills from a pocket and then, finding no more money, starts to cry. He turns to you and begins asking questions as you walk away from the counter.

“Why was the label wrong? It said $3.99!”

You respond, “It rang up as $4.19 because of     taxes    . This is     extra money business have to charge because the government saves the money in a piggy bank like we do, just in case something brakes, they can take money out of the bank to fix it. Things like roads and buildings.    . We pay other types of     taxes     to the government such as     federal state and local taxes    

“Why do we pay them? It seems so unfair! Now I can’t have my toy!”

You respond, “We pay them because     it’s the law    Governments at each level provide us with different things such as roads, food for us to but It helps the economy because where would the government get their money, so they can buy things for us to buy

“It doesn’t help me. I shouldn’t have to pay. I’m just a kid.”

You respond, “Even kids benefit. One specific example is getting free vaccines. A way that our family benefits is how we get to pay only less after being hospitalized. A way that our community benefits is how we get new school buildings.

“How was I supposed to know all this? I don’t have 19 cents. What do I do now?”

You respond, “What you should do is create your own budget. A budget how you plan to spend your money. It lists all your income and expenses. When you subtract expenses from income

. what is left can be spent how you please , on things you don’t really need or it could be an emergency fund. The reason having a budget is bad is because you can’t spend all of your money that you would like to.  

“Will my budget be anything like the government’s budget?”

You respond, “They have similarities and differences. Some similarities include paying for transportation. Some differences include  the governments highest priority is social security, while personal budgets do not include that.  

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