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If two species are able to mate and produce an offspring which can mate with itself, but is unable to mate with either parent’s species, it is an example of

Answer: One parent organism and no egg or sperm fertile offspring despite geographical isolation. Asexual reproduction is the mode of reproduction in which a single parent organism produces several offspring, without the production of gametes. One parent organism and no egg or sperm : This type of reproduction occurs in …

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During his presidential campaign, Jimmy Carter asked Americans to vote for him MAINLY because heA)had more experience than his running mate, Gerald Ford. b.knew how to combat high unemployment and high inflation. c.was an expert at negotiating with leaders of other countries. d.could restore Americans’ faith in their government after Watergate.

1.The Japanese attacked the military base at pearl harbor, Hawaii Here is the list of date when each event happen : – japanese Invasion to China : Started at the year of 1937 – Germany invasion to Europe: Started at  May 1940 –  President Roosevelt proposed the Lend-Lease-Act on 11 …

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