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1. 7.2 aliens =1 monster. 1 monster= 15.5 oranges. Using the conversion above, about how many oranges are equal to 1 alien? 2. In a scaled drawing, 1 millimeter represents 150 meters. How many square millimeters on the drawing represents 1 square meters? 3. While driving with his father, Amit holds his breath whenever they pass through a particular tunnel. Amit counts the number of seconds he holds his breath, from the beginning of the tunnel to the end of the tunnel, and finds that he holds his breath, on average for about 8 seconds. If his father drives the car at 60 mph through the tunnel, according to the average time, Amit holds his breath, about how long is the tunnel. 4. Lea’s car travels on average of 30 miles per gallon of gas. If she spent $20.70 on gas for a 172.5 mile trip, what was the approximate cost of gas in dollars per gallon?

127=7 (mod n) means when 127 is divided by n, the division leaves a remainder of 7. The statement is equivalent to120=0 (mod n), meaning that n divides 120. All divisors of 120 will satisfy the statement because 120 divided by a divisor (factor) will leave a remainder of 0. …

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The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 26 millimeters. One leg of the right triangle is 10 millimeters. What is the length of the other leg? 18 millimeters 20 millimeters 24 millimeters 28 millimeters

Answer: The given statement is False. Step-by-step explanation: Let us suppose a triangle ABC. The law of cosine is given by And the Pythagorean theorem is given by Now, in order to the law of cosine to be in the form of Pythagorean theorem, we must have 2abcos C =0. …

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Susan dropped a nail into a graduated cylinder filled with water. She then recorded the number of millimeters the water rose in the cylinder. Which property of the nail can be determined by the change in height of the water?

19.2 g of B2H6 will produce 1.39 moles of water Further Explanation Moles, Atomic mass and Molecular mass   1 mole of a pure substance contains a mass that is equal to the relative atomic mass or molecular mass of the substance. Therefore; molar mass is given as grams per …

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An​ assembly-line machine turns out washers with the following thicknesses​ (in millimeters). Find the mean and standard deviation of the thicknesses. 1.42, 1.83, 1.43, 1.87, 1.22, 1.44, 1.72, 1.91, 1.42, 1.87, 1.42, 1.99, 1.27, 1.94, 1.67, 1.22

When the profit is 0; then P(t)=0You have this equation:t⁴-5t²+4=0 Then, you have to do the following change:t²=z you have this other equation:z²-5t+4=0 Now, you can solve this square equation:z=[5⁺₋√(25-16)]/2=(5⁺₋√9)/2=you have two solutions for z.z₁=(5-3)/2=1z₂=(5+3)/2=4 Now; if z=1; thent²=zt²=1t=⁺₋√1 We have two solutions: t=-1 this is not a valid solution:t=1; …

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