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The circuit to the right is constructed using 9 identical batteries and 9 identical resistors. the lower left corner of the circuit is grounded. determine whether the current through each resistor is zero or non-zero.

Answer: a) The time the police officer required to reach the motorist was 15 s. b) The speed of the officer at the moment she overtakes the motorist is 30 m/s c) The total distance traveled by the officer was 225 m. Explanation: The equations for the position and velocity …

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In a certain computer game, the computer can make 1 of 4 moves, which it chooses randomly. According to the game manual, the probability it will make 1 of the moves is 0.5, the probability it will make 2 of the remaining moves is 0.25, and the probability it will make the last move is unknown, but nonzero. Why can the player immediately know that these probabilities are incorrect?

You cannot make negative cookies so (c(f) and f)≥0.  And since cookies must (or at least should be in the real world) integers, f must be a multiple of 1/24. (otherwise you’d have fractional cookies).  What is a “reasonable” upper bound for c(f) is very subjective, obviously we cannot make …

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