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Identify the Spanish artist who became a court painter and created a work of art known as Las Meninas, which portrayed the daughter of the royal family.

Answer: Diego Velázquez Explanation: Las Meninas is an oil painting by Spanish painter painted in 1656. This painting hangs in the Spanish national art museum Madrid, Spain. This painting shows scenes behind the Spanish court, the centre attention of this painting is the Infanta Margarita stands in the centre, she …

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6. What is a major corporation that includes a number of smaller companies in unrelated industries? a consumer mandate a franchise a conglomerate none of the above 7. What was “white flight”? middle-class white Americans leaving the cities for the suburbs rural poor moving to the cities middle-class white Americans leaving the suburbs for the cities urban poor moving to the country 8. In this case, the Supreme Court required criminal courts to provide free legal counsel to those who could not afford it. Gideon v. Wainwright Miranda v. Arizona Baker v. Carr Brown v. Board of Education 9. In 1896, in _______, the Supreme Court ruled that a Louisiana law requiring “separate but equal” public accommodations was constitutional. Sweatt v. Painter Plessy v. Ferguson Morgan v. Virginia Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka 10. Who gave the “I Have a Dream” speech during the march on Washington? A. Philip Randolph Robert Moses Martin Luther King, Jr. Bayard Rustin

Industrialization led to rising imperialism because 1) show of power: As one makes new technology, they would either want to test it out or show the other nations that what they produce is ground-breaking and the best. Usually if it is military technology, you would want to test it out, and …

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Which response includes an opinion rather than just fact? Frida Kahlo’s passion for painting was so deep that it was the only thing that gave her joy. The bus accident caused Frida Kahlo to suffer from severe pain for the rest of her life. After the bus accident, Frida Kahlo abandoned her study of medicine to become a painter. Frida Kahlo’s artwork gained widespread recognition in the 1980s, many years after her death..

D. To move the reader toward the climax of the story This is the correct naswer. Authors create tension to engage the readers. Tension is what makes a story  worth reading since it will touch or move the reader’s feelings. The reader’s rational side will be set aside by his/ …

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Which statement is an opinion supported by a fact? A. Georgia O’Keeffe was an American painter who famously painted desert landscapes with animal skulls. B. Georgia O’Keeffe painted scenes of desert landscapes and New York City, not upstate New York where she lived. C. Georgia O’Keeffe was a great artist, and she was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1962. D. Georgia O’Keeffe must have liked the desert a lot. She painted her most beautiful paintings while she lived there. EASY QUESTION easy answer free 100 points so please help

Hey there! Correct answer is D. Comma or Period Inside Rule A. Question mark or exclamation point inside: those are not really necessary. B. Colon or semicolon: not, a semicolon would divide the whole sentence and it would be shorten; a colon would work but after requested, when there is …

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