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Iran remained a politically independent nation. However, Russia controlled trade in northern Iran, and Britain controlled trade in southern Iran. This is an example of a. Colony Protectorate Sphere of influence

The correct answer is Sphere of influence Explanation: The concept sphere of influence refers to an exclusive power a country has over the economy, military forces or politics of a different country and that mainly benefits the country the outsider nation. This concept differs from the colony and from protectorate …

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What did William E.B. DuBois encourage African Americans to do? A) use violence and force to achieve higher goals B) not attend school and start their own businesses C) attend a trade school and get a job D) obtain a higher education and become politically active I know it’s probably C or D if that helps.

Roman engineers built bridges and roads, which allows for more quicker travel from one part of the empire to another. They also built forts and walled cities in many places, and filled them with supplies, so that if there was a revolt, the Romans there (if they are outnumbered) are …

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The historian Procopius attributes this speech to Theodora. She supposedly said it to Justinian when he wanted to flee from the Nika Riots. “Now if you wish to save yourself, O Emperor, this is not hard. For we have much money; there is the sea, here are the boats. But think whether after you have been saved you may not come to feel that you would have preferred to die. As for me, I like a certain old proverb that says: royalty is a good shroud (burial garment).” —History of the Wars, Procopius Which of the following reflects Theodora’s attitude about dealing with the Nika Riots? It is too dangerous to flee the rioters. It is shameful for an emperor to flee the rioters. It is politically savvy to flee the rioters. It is honorable for an emperor to flee the rioters.

Answer: The correct answer is A. As a result of the Embargo Act, British and French merchants suffered because they sold fewer goods. Explanation: The Embargo Act of 1807 sought to restrict foreign trade on the American coast. The act was passed by Congress during the second administration of President …

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DUPLICATE How did the Second Industrial Revolution Affect the North, South, West, and Midwest? Politically, socially, economically, Population growth, and Transportation, for each Region. Explain how the Second Industrial Revolution affected the North, South, West, and Midwest. Which region would you have preferred to live in during this period? Why

2. In what ways did the views of W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington differ? They both wanted the same things when it came to education, social equality and there was no focus in one specific part of the country, but DuBois understood that equality would only come with economic …

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