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An action movie production team needs glass spheres to hold a green liquid that looks like an explosive l. if all of the available 3,392’92 cubic inches of the liquid is to be poured into 30 glass spheres l, what should the diameter of each sphere be. assume that each sphere is filled to the top


We need 30 glass spheres whose TOTAL volume = 3,392.92 cubic inches.
Therefore each of the 30 spheres must have a volume of  3,392.92 / 30 =


cubic inches
Sphere Volume   =   4/3 • π • r³
radius^3 =
Sphere Volume / (4/3 • π)
radius^3 = 113.0973333333 /


radius^3 =


radius = 3 inches
diameter = 6 inches


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Which excerpt from “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” best illustrates how Leon’s beliefs differ from those of Father Paul? “Well, I’m glad you understand. I hope I’ll be seeing you at Mass this week—we missed you last Sunday. See if you can get old Teofilo to come with you.” The priest smiled and waved at them as they drove away. Leon walked toward the old man’s bed. The red plaid shawl had been shaken and spread carefully over the bed, and a new brown flannel shirt and pair of stiff new Levi’s were arranged neatly beside the pillow. It was noontime now because the church bells rang the Angelus. They ate the beans with hot bread, and nobody said anything until after Teresa poured the coffee. Leon turned to look up at the high blue mountains in the deep snow that reflected a faint red light from the west. He felt good because it was finished, and he was happy about the sprinkling of the holy water; now the old man could send them big thunderclouds for sure.


Answer: D) Bountiful harvests, to suggest Gant’s agricultural success.

Explanation: In the given excerpt we can see many sensorial details like “His grape vines thickened into brawny ropes of brown” and “And the flowers grew in rioting glory in his yard—the velvet-leaved nasturtium, slashed with a hundred tawny dyes”, these sensorial details about Gant’s harvests helps to create an image of abundance, and products of great quality, which demonstrates Gant’s agricultural success.


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Tank a has a capacity of 9.5 gallons. 6 1/3 gallons of the tank’s water are poured out. how many gallons of water are left in the tank?


3frac{1}{6} gallons are left in the tank.

  • The total capacity of the tank = 9.5 gallons
  • The total amount of water poured out in gallons = 6frac{1}{3}

Further Explanation

To determine the total amount left in the tank = Total capacity of the tank – Total amount of water poured out in gallons

= 9.5 (also expressed as 95/10) – 6frac{1}{3} (otherwise expressed as 19/3)

= 95/10 – 19/3

= (95 x 3) – (19 x 10) / 30

= (285) – (190) / 30

= 285 – 190 / 30

= 95/30

= 19/6

= 3frac{1}{6} gallons

The above solution to the given mathematical problem was derived as a result of following the rules of BODMAS.

The math problem has an element of fractions in it.

9.5 is the given value of the tank, and was expressed as fraction i.e 95/10 because the volume of water poured out of the tank was given as a fraction and whole number ( 6frac{1}{3} ), which was then factored to get a fractional value (19/3).

To determine the remaining gallons left in the tank, the Lowest Common Multiples of the denominators (30) was factored out, and is divided by the denominators and then multiplied to by the numerators of both fractions.

The derived values were subtracted from each other, and broken down to their lowest factors to finally derive the total amount of gallons of water left in the tank.



  • bodmas
  • lowest common denominator
  • mixed numbers
  • fractions
  • gallons of water