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Sidney works in the accounting department. His boss just assigned him a task that involves creating budget formulas for the company’s payroll expense reports. Sidney will be using Excel spreadsheets to calculate the company’s payroll expense reports. In Excel, what does Sidney need to consider when creating formulas? A. Excel has predefined formulas, so you don’t have to create any formulas from scratch. B. Excel performs operations based on the order of precedence. C. Excel has third-party formulas you can purchase from Microsoft. D. Excel has limited capabilities, so it would be easier to use payroll software for this application.


The option that you’re looking for is the Insert Tab.

Slide elements generally refer to the objects that you can put inside a slide in most presentation programs. This includes elements such as shapes, texts, pictures, videos, and even audio files. The Insert Tab can generally be accessed on the toolbar pinned to the top of your presentation program.