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What prevents wind from blowing a straight line from the north pole to the equator



The correct sequence according to the question is steps- 4→1→3→5→6→2→7.


The given steps show that how the rocks are recycled from one form to another form due to certain factors like weathering over geological time scale which was explained by James Hutton and he termed this concept as the rock cycle.

The steps of the rock cycle in sequence according to the question are:

1.  Breakdown of rock by weathering into regolith- step 4

2.  Dumping and deposition of regolith in a reservoir- step  1

3.  Erosion and transportation of regolith by rain or wind- step  3

4. Cementing of the deposited layer to form sedimentary rock- step  5

5. Conversion of sedimentary rock to a metamorphic rock due to intense heat and pressure- step 6

6. Conversion of  metamorphic rocks to magma due to the melting of metamorphic rocks-
step 2

7. Conversion of magma to igneous rocks due to volcanic activities and cooling of magma-  step 7

Therefore sequence according to the question is steps- 4→1→3→5→6→2→7 is correct.


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The stratospheric chemical that prevents much of the solar ultraviolet radiation from penetrating to earth’s surface is:


The gravitational force Fg between two objects is given by the equation:

Fg=(G*m₁*m₂)/r₂, where G=6.67*10^-11 m³ kg⁻¹ s⁻² is the gravitational constant, m₁ and m₂ are the masses of the two bodies and r is the distance between those bodies. 

Due to the gravitational attraction the pencil and the eraser will attract if we there is no friction on the surface. 

m₁=10 g=0.01 kg is the mass of the pencil
m₂=20 g=0.02 kg is the mass of the eraser
r=2.5 cm = 0.025 m

First we calculate the Fg:

Fg={(6.67*10^-11)*0.01*0.02}/(0.025²)=2.1344*10^-11 N

To get the velocity v of the pencil:

v²=2as, where a is the acceleration of the pencil and s is the path. In our case s=r so we can write:


a=Fg/m₁= 2.133*10^-9 m/s²


v=√(1.0665*10^-10)=1.0327*10^-5 m/s

We have the velocity and the acceleration, so we can calculate the time t with the equation:

t=v/a=(1.0327*10^-5)/(2.133*10^-9)=4841.6 s

1 hour has 3600 s so when we divide time t in seconds by 3600 we get time T in hours:

T=t/3600=4841.6/3600=1.3449 h. 

So the time for the pencil and eraser to touch is T=1.3449 hours. 

Also time T can be expressed like T= 1h and 20 mins and 41.64 s


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If a person dies at home, what prevents them from donating organs? a.When a person dies at home blood circulation can’t be maintained to the organs like it can in a hospital setting. b.The organs are contaminated because death occurred in a non-sterile environment. c.The organs may be damaged on the way to the hospital. d. A person can only have their organs donated if they died in a hospital due to legal reasons.


1. The answer is “C”.

“Identical twins” who have been raised apart are typically more similar in intelligence level than biological siblings raised together because they have been born with the same genetic code.

Identical twins originate from a single fertilized egg that parts into two. Before it parts, it is either male or female. After it parts, there are either two guys or two females. The two sections of the fertilized egg embed in the uterus and every create one of the twins.  

Identical twins have the equivalent hereditary source. No immediate reason for monozygotic twinning has been resolved; it isn’t innate. Monozygotic twins speak to around 33% all things considered. They may look strikingly comparative, and it might be hard to reveal to them separated.

2. The answer is “A”.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that one of the only ways individuals will accomplish the objectives in each of his six stages was to participate in “consensus democracy” in small group settings.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that the best way to support development through these stages was by discourse of good problems and by investment in consensus democracy inside small groups. Consensus democracy was rule by understanding of the gathering, not larger part rule. This would invigorate and widen the reasoning of youngsters and grown-ups, enabling them to advance starting with one phase then onto the next.

3. The answer is “D.  showing a learner how to correct common mistakes”.

The term scaffolding alludes to a procedure in which instructors display or exhibit how to take care of an issue, and afterward venture back, offering support as required. Analyst and instructional architect Jerome Bruner first utilized the term ‘scaffolding’ in this setting, harking back to the 1960s. The hypothesis is that when understudies are given the help they require while discovering some new information, they stand a superior possibility of utilizing that learning freely. Bruner suggests positive association and three methods of portrayal amid educating: activities, pictures, and dialect.  


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Which hygeine claim is supported by research? a. there are no benefits to hand washing b. regular hand soap prevents disease just as well as antibacterial soap c. regular professional teeth cleaning has no effect on dental health d. brushing with a fluoride toothpaste has no effect on cavities


Charlie had a waist circumference of 47 inches and a BMI of 29 this shows that she is overweight. BMI test level is high from normal ranges shows that she is at higher risk of disease. She should lose weight and concern to the doctor.

Further Explanation:

Body mass index (BMI) is a measured value derived from the height of a person and mass.

{text{BMI}}=dfrac{{{text{mass (kg)}}}}{{{{left( {{text{height}}}right)}^2}{{left({text{m}}right)}^2}}}

BMI indicates whether the person is healthy or overweight mainly used by physicians.

• Range of BMI in a normal person is 18.5-25mathbf{kg/m}^{2}

• Range of BMI in skinfold person is 25-30mathbf{kg/m}^{2}

• Range of BMI in underweight person is 15-18.5mathbf{kg/m}^{2}

The skinfold measurement test is used to determine a person’s body fat percentage and body composition.

In this test, we are the proportion of body fat by determining skinfold thickness at pinches specific part of the body. The estimate of these folds is determined the fat beneath the skin, also called subcutaneous adipose tissue.  

The tester pinches the skin at the site and drags the fold of skin away from the muscle so only the fat tissue and skin are being held. The skinfold thickness is measured by skinfold calipers in millimeters.

Skin test includes the seven locations of the body:

1. Triceps

2. Quadriceps

3. Suprailiac

4. Pectoral

5. Subscapular

6. Midaxilla

7. Abdomen

Charlie had a waist circumference of 47 inches and a BMI of 29 this shows that she is overweight. Females with waist size 47 inches have higher risk of having disease. BMI test level is high from normal ranges shows that she is at higher risk of disease.She should lose weight and concern to the doctor.

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1. Learn more about carbohydrate monomer

2. Learn more about core muscle stabilization

3. Learn more about energy storage

Answer Details:

Grade: High School

Subject: Health

Chapter: Physical Fitness


Body index mass, weight, doctor, triceps, abdomen, midaxilla, Quadriceps, skinfold, mass, height, pectoral.


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Which statement is the most important reason for warming up and cooling down? It reduces your risk of injury. It increases response time. It improves immune function. It stabilizes you emotionally. 1 points Question 2 Which term describes the promotion of health products, services, or practices of questionable safety, effectiveness, or validity for an intended purpose? quackery sham scam fishing 1 points Question 3 Which precaution should you take to protect yourself from the consequences of too much sun? Wear a hat, such as a baseball cap. Apply sunscreen only during the summer. Wear sunglasses that block at least 50 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Put on sunblock 30 minutes before going in the sun. 1 points Question 4 Which is the more questionable phrase when used in advertising? secret formula FDA-approved medically proven variation in efficacy 1 points Question 5 Which statement is true of cooling down after physical activity? A cool-down is a period of semistrenuous activity after physical activity. Cooling down increases blood flow to the muscles and decreases body temperature. Cooling down increases the lactic acid in your muscles, helping to protect them from injury. You should cool down for about 5 to 10 minutes after being physically active. 1 points Question 6 Which statement about dressing for physical activity is true? Clothes should be tight and lie flat against skin to prevent chafing. Rubberized or plastic clothing prevents you from sweating. In general, you should wear heavier weight clothing to keep muscles warm and flexible. You should wear a hat in cold weather and in sunny weather. 1 points Question 7 Which question is not relevant when evaluating advertisements? What is the product’s purpose? Who is the target audience? What is being advertised? How expensive is the product? 1 points Question 8 Which characteristics should you look for when choosing a shoe for physical activity? a sole that is exactly the same height at the heel and the toe a cushioned heel cup to protect the heel from impact a firm, molded inside to stabilize the foot a sole at least as wide as the upper part of the shoe 1 points Question 9 Which statement is true of electrolytes? The major electrolytes lost in sweat are hydrogen, potassium, and iron. Electrolytes help carry electrical impulses from one cell to another. Electrolyte replacement during physical activity is beneficial. Electrolyte concentrations decrease due to the loss of body water. 1 points Question 10 Which statement is true of warming up before physical activity? A warm-up is a period of semistrenuous activity that prepares the body for physical activity. A warm-up increases the amount of oxygen to your brain by raising your body temperature. You should warm up for about 15 to 20 minutes before being physically active. Stretching is important for flexibility and keeps your muscles from tightening up during physical activity.


This is completely false.

Legal Medications can come with many risks.

For example, oxycodone, a painkiller, is very similar to heroin in the risk of addictiveness as well as abusability.

The same being with amphetamines (adderall/dexedrine) to meth.

Just because it is legal, does not mean it is any safer or more dangerous.


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Amber lives in new york, “the city that never sleeps,” so she feels she has a great deal of freedom and choice. however, sociologists argue that this freedom prevents city dwellers from developing intimate personal relationships or community, a situation that is often referred to as


However, they also point out that it’s OK to have an unusual kind of family structure. On One Tree Hill, for example, Lucas is being raised by a single mom, and he has a close relationship with his uncle, but his dad isn’t completely out of the picture. On a teen show such as iCarly, on Nick, Carly’s older brother plays the role of guardian, because her dad is in the Air Force. Her mom is never really spoken of. 

2. I do feel that most of the portrayal of family is accurate, on TV. Modern shows have steered away from the conventional “Mom, Dad, 2.5 kids plus dog” formula, which is accurate, because not all TV watchers are fortunate enough to have that kind of situation. See above answer for specific examples. 

3. I think that a definite negative theme in today’s modern shows, revolve around views on alcohol and drugs. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own views, but more often than not, after a character drinks, or does something they shouldn’t, they panic about what their parents will do once they find out. This panic may lead them to increasingly dangerous situations. For example, in OTH, Nathan is drinking, and then goes out to drive his girlfriend’s car. When he crashes it into another car, he realizes the trouble he is in, and leaves the scene of the accident; thus potentially getting him in even more trouble. I realize that TV is in no way an accurate depiction of all life aspects, and it is “only TV”, but I think Nathan should have faced the consequences right away, because by running from the scene, he only put himself in danger of being caught, or arrested. Again, though, I’m reading too much into it. 


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Which disorders can be caused by inbreeding? 1)albinism—a genetic disorder that causes the absence of skin pigment 2)bone fracture—an injury to the bones from a fall or an accident 3)flu—a disease caused by a virus 4)hemophilia—a genetic disorder that prevents blood from clotting 5)vertigo—a sensation of things spinning



Option D, Insects get food from flowers and help the flowers reproduce


In a mutualistic relationship, both the species that live in association with each other get benefits of some kind from the association.

Here in option D, both the insects and flower get benefited when they live in association with each other. The flower provides food to the insect and in return to that insects helps the flower in reproduction.

Thus, option D is correct


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The character who prevents a fight between the Pardoner and the Host is the — a. Squire c. Monk b. Knight d. Oxford Clerk


The correct answer is the letter D.

Below is a quick explanation:

During the novel, Faulkner presents 15 different “points of view,” each chapter narrated by a character, including Addie, who, after death, expresses his thoughts from his coffin. In 59 chapters under the title of their narrators, the characters gradually develop their perceptions and opinions, predominantly Darl.

The story, from As I Lay Down, helped to found the revival movements of the south and offers a great deal of effort to reflect on being and existence, the metaphysics of existence in everyday life.


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How does the Fourth Amendment help protect citizens of the United States? It provides citizens with the right to a speedy and public trial before a jury of their peers. It prohibits the government from interrogating citizens with torture or imposing cruel punishments. It allows citizens to share communications in public places without the threat of arrest. It prevents the government from holding or searching citizens without authorization from a judge.


How does the Fourth Amendment help protect citizens of the United States? It provides citizens with the right to a speedy and public trial before a jury of their peers. It prohibits the government from interrogating citizens with torture or imposing cruel punishments. It allows citizens to share communications in public places without the threat of arrest. It prevents the government from holding or searching citizens without authorization from a judge.


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What is the main obstacle that prevents norville Barnes from easily landing his first job in the big city?


The best way to answer questions like this is process of elimination.


“to criticize individuals for their resistance to

I would say not. The passage does not seem to criticize


“to explain the obstacles to achieving

This one doesn’t seem right either. If anything it seems to
explain the opposite as Arnetta’s father enlist her for it.


“to describe the Supreme Court’s legal

This one seems to be the best answer as it explains what the
Supreme Court did and what the results were, especially for this family.


“to reveal the heroism of children who integrated

The passage doesn’t really talk about heroism of any
children. “We were little chickens”, does not sound very heroic. This
one is out.


I would pick C.