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Match the careers with the job tasks. Tiles 1.agricultural technician 2.hydroelectric technician 3.home appliance repairman 4.textile tender Pairs A.analyzes water for environmental issues, such as drought, pollution, or erosion B.gathers crop or animal samples for scientific testing C.operates and tends cutting machines for various textiles D. troubleshoots and repairs faulty machinery and equipment

Technician is a worker trained with special skills, especially in science and engineering. 1. Agricultural technician – gathers crop or animal samples for scientific testing. (Agricultural: used for farming or relating to farming.) 2. Hydorelectric technician – Analyzes water for envinromental issues, such as drought, pollution, or erosion. (Hydroelectric – …

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A shoe repairman is working with his assistant, who takes twice as long to repair a pair of shoes. Together they can fix 16 pairs of shoes in an eight-hour day. How long does it take the repairman to fix one pair of shoes by himself?

Answer: Option C – BD=76 cm Step-by-step explanation: Given : You are designing a diamond-shaped kite. you know that AD = 44.8 cm, DC = 72 cm, and AC = 84.8 cm. To find : How long BD should it be? Solution : First we draw a rough diagram. The …

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