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According to Maslow, which need are people striving to satisfy when they seek stable places to live and work?

Answer:    Joshua is correct Explanation:  Animals, however well preserved and bred in conditions that are not in nature, that is, not in their natural habitat, animals still retain the animal instinct. Thus, young animals in the wild can be met daily, except for members of their species, and members …

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How many positive integers satisfy 127=7 (mod n)? n=1 is allowed.

Answer: 3 positive real root and 1 negative real root and no complex root. Step-by-step explanation: Here, the given function, Since, the coefficient of variables are, -3,   5,    -1,    8,    4, The sign of variables goes from Negative(-3) to positive (5) , positive(5) to negative(-1) and …

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Seventeen-year-old jamie’s parents provide a good home and plenty of food and drink. they are also very affectionate and respect jamie, who works hard both in school and in his part-time job. according to maslow’s hierarchy of needs, jamie will most likely be motivated to satisfy his __________ needs.

Answer A. Currency exchange-Foreign money B.Commodity Market-Raw, unprocessed goods C.Stock Market -Shares in corporations Explanation Currency exchange market– this is market that deals with the exchange of foreign currencies where the participants members are able to buy and sell currencies. They are normally made of banks, commercial companies, Forex brokers …

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