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How did Greek art reflect the idea of an ideal form? A. through monumental and distorted forms in sculpture B. through symmetry and graceful geometry in architecture C. through imbalance and complex geometry in architecture D. through unfinished and dreamlike forms in sculpture


I believe the answer is: B. through symmetry and graceful geometry in architecture

This perception of ideal form could be seen on how the greek artists made their human sculptures. The sculptures would always depict humans in an extremely fit, chiseled, and ideal body forms.  The incredible symmetrical form could also be seen in how the greek artists design their communal building such as town hall or Altar.


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Which item is considered an example of medium? A) A bronze sculpture B) Dores paintings C) Fiction stories D) Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales



Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of a Woman


Magical Realism finds precedent in eighteenth-century Gothic novels, but also connects with sixteenth-century Baroque or Surrealism, almost contemporary in the early twentieth century.

Among the most striking features of this movement, we find the blend of realism with pure unreality that is observed as normal, with the integration of magical elements without seeming extraordinary.

These works do not explain the supernatural elements and are narrated as something natural, with characters unaware of their transcendent dimension. In addition, death has paramount value in the relativistic discourse of truth, with a metaphysical focus on space and time and an intimate atmosphere that blends characters with myths, legends, and natural cultures.

Henri Rousseau’s Portrait of a Woman is considered one of the first magical realistic stories.


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Mount Rushmore is a sculpture that was carved using a model with a scale of 1 in :1 ft. If the model of George Washington’s face was 5 ft tall, how tall is his face on Mount Rushmore?



Option C – BD=76 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

Given : You are designing a diamond-shaped kite. you know that AD = 44.8 cm, DC = 72 cm, and AC = 84.8 cm.

To find : How long BD should it be?

Solution :

First we draw a rough diagram.

The given sides were AD = 44.8 cm, DC = 72 cm and AC = 84.8 cm.

According to properties of kite

Two disjoint pairs of consecutive sides are congruent.

So, AD=AB=44.8 cm

DC=BC=72 cm

The diagonals are perpendicular.

So, AC ⊥ BD

Let O be the point where diagonal intersect let let the partition be x and y.


AC=  x+y=84.8 …….[1]

Perpendicular bisect the diagonal BD into equal parts let it be z.



Applying Pythagorean theorem in ΔAOD

where H=AD=44.8 ,P= AO=x , B=OD=z


(44.8)^2=x^2+z^2  ………[2]

Applying Pythagorean theorem in ΔCOD

where H=DC=72 ,P= OC=y , B=OD=z


(72)^2=y^2+z^2 …………[3]

Subtract [2] and [3]




37.464=x-y ……….[4]

Add equation [1] and [4], to get values of x and y




Substitute x in [1]




Substitute value of x in equation [2], to get z






We know, BD=z+z

BD= 38.06+38.06

BD= 76.12

Nearest to whole number BD=76 cm

Therefore, Option c – BD=76 cm is correct.


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If you examine the images below, you will notice they are examples of sculpture. Which would not be considered an example of an environment sculpture?


Well, if we take penthouses as an example, often these have roofs that are sloped, so one part of the room is taller than another. That’s why an interior decorator knows how to adjust things like closets or where to place beds and similar things to prevent the slope from bothering you during your everyday activities.