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A semi- circle sits on top of a rectangle. Find it’s area and perimeter. Use 3.14 for pi. The height is 4in and the base is 3in

Check the picture below if the width or base of the rectangle is 3 units, that means the diameter of the semi-circle is 3, and thus the radius is half that, notice the red radius line the area of the figure is the area of the rectangle 3×4, plus the …

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Cromwell is acquiring some land for $1200000 in exchange for semi annual payments of $75000 at an interest rate of 6.35%. how many years will it take cromwell to pay for this purchase

The formula of the present value of annuity ordinary isPv=pmt [(1-(1+r/k)^(-kn))÷(r/k)]Pv present value 1200000PMT semiannual payment 75000R interest rate 0.0635K compounded semiannual 2N time? 1200000=75000[(1-(1+0.0635/2)^(-2n))÷(0.0635/2)]Solve for n1,200,000÷75,000=[(1-(1+0.0635/2)^(-2n))÷(0.0635/2)] 16=[(1-(1+0.0635/2)^(-2n))÷(0.0635/2)] 16×(0.0635÷2)=(1-(1+0.0635/2)^(-2n)) 0.508=(1-(1+0.0635/2)^(-2n)) 0.508−1=-(1+0.0635/2)^(-2n) −0.492=-(1+0.0635/2)^(-2n) 0.492=(1+0.0635/2)^(-2n) -2n=log(0.492)÷log(1+0.0635÷2) N=-[log(0.492)÷log(1+0.0635÷2)]÷2 N=11.35 years

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