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Which type of tree does not have rounded cones and most of the leaves are not sharp? A. Juniper B. Cypress C. Incense Cedar D. White Cedar

Which type of tree does not have rounded cones and most of the leaves are not sharp? A. Juniper B. Cypress C. Incense Cedar D. White Cedar

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Read this excerpt from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death” and answer the question that follows. Here the case was very different, as might have been expected from the duke’s love of the bizarre. The apartments were so irregularly disposed that the vision embraced but little more than one at a time. There was a sharp turn at every twenty or thirty yards, and at each turn a novel effect. To the right and left, in the middle of each wall, a tall and narrow Gothic window looked out upon a closed corridor which pursued the windings of the suite. These windows were of stained glass whose colour varied in accordance with the prevailing hue of the decorations of the chamber into which it opened. That at the eastern extremity was hung, for example in blue—and vividly blue were its windows. The second chamber was purple in its ornaments and tapestries, and here the panes were purple. The third was green throughout, and so were the casements. The fourth was furnished and lighted with orange—the fifth with white—the sixth with violet. The seventh apartment was closely shrouded in black velvet tapestries that hung all over the ceiling and down the walls, falling in heavy folds upon a carpet of the same material and hue. . . .And thus were produced a multitude of gaudy and fantastic appearances. What kind of writing does the excerpt represent?

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The answer should be D. Argumentative! It makes an argument that also persuades you in a different way but only of the sense that this time it is knocking what argument you made down. Have a good rest of your day! 

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A client with emphysema is admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. on the third hospital day, the client complains of a sharp pain on the right side of the chest. the nurse suspects a pneumothorax. what breath sound is most likely to be present when the nurse assesses the client’s right side?

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When the nurse assesses the client’s right side, there will probably be decreased breath sound. Pneumothorax refers to the presence of air or gas in the pleural cavity resulting in removal of the lungs from the chest wall. On examination breath sounds are usually absent on the affected part of the chest.

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At the end of the story, what two actions of Beowulf contribute to Grendel’s death? A. Demeaning words and brutal strength B. Evil spells and a powerful arm C. A steel spear and magical powers D. A sharp sword and a cunning mind

Here are a few pointers; hope this is useful)

Ovation-by definition- is show of appreciation from an audience, for a person’s accomplishments or flaw.

“Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world.”

A person’s accomplishment could be how they made a positive change in this world, strong leadership- that makes them a effective leader or simply helping others. A person’s flaw- mistakes in life, sin or even guilt should also be considered an appreciation- an ovation for representing mankind’s flaw and that humanity makes mistakes, fulfilling at least one deadly sin such as greed, lust, selfishness etc.

Thus, regardless of a person’s achievement or flaw- a person deserves an applause for, not the least, living in this society and this world that we are all living together and dying together.

That was just the introduction.. the best part is yet to come.. now it’s your turn!!

Here are other pointers to talk about in your essay:

Shakespeare’s famous line “All the World’s a stage. That agrees with your line: “Everybody deserves a standing ovation…”

Shakespeare explains that men and women are like players: they live, and die, some being celebrated and some forever living in solitude till their death. Shakespeare states the world is a “stage” which symbolizes that mankind is in its peak. The world is changing everyday: little by little and humanity is falling behind.
Due to our world turning into machinery: factories, an automotive future: where humans only job to live (entrance) and to die (exit) the famous humans remembered and the flawed not recalled.

This is according to Shakespeare’s imagery.

I don’t know what grade your in, but I think simplifying Shakespeare’s word of mouth in your essay would be handy and useful as it has strong references of your quote, and agrees strongly in your essay.

Hope this helps 🙂

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Natural Forces Affecting the Driver In one or more complete sentences, explain how natural laws apply to the following scenarios: How does inertia affect a person who is not wearing a seatbelt during a collision? How does kinetic energy affect the stopping distance of a vehicle traveling at 30 mph compared to the same vehicle traveling at 60 mph? How does kinetic energy affect the stopping distance of a small vehicle compared to a large vehicle? Keeping in mind the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle, how can a driver best prepare to enter sharp curves in the roadway? Using information about natural laws, explain why some car crashes produce minor injuries and others produce catastrophic injuries. Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings Imagine you are taking a road trip! Select a destination and navigate the trip. Answer the following questions in one or more complete sentences: Where will you go on your trip? You approach a railroad crossing with a cross buck sign that has no lights or gates. What should you do? You arrive at an intersection with traffic lights that are not working because of a power outage. What do you do? There is a flashing yellow light at the intersection you are approaching. What does the flashing yellow light indicate, and what should you do to safely navigate this intersection? On the road you are traveling, the pavement markings change from broken white lines to solid white lines between the lanes of traffic. What does the line change mean? After an hour on the expressway, your passengers need to use the restroom and they want to get some food. As you approach the next exit, what color sign will you look for, and what type of information would you expect to see on that sign? When you take the exit ramp off the expressway and merge onto the next road, you see yellow lines dividing the roadway. What do the yellow lines tell you about the traffic flow?

Natural Forces Affecting the Driver:

1. While the car stops, the person continues moving the way that the car were moving and then hits the obstacle in the car or the person can be thrown out of the vehicle. If the person wears belt, he will stop moving with the vehicle and won’t hit the obstacle.

2. We count approximate kinetic energy using the formula K = v^2. So the vehicle which is moving at 30 mph will have four times less kinetic energy than vehicle which is moving at 60 mph. If they have the same road conditions, the breaking distance will be four times as great for the car moving twice as fast.

3. Kinetic energy depends on object’s mass and velocity and it has direct relationship with the stopping distance. The lesser mass of the vehicle = the lesser kinetic energy and lesser stopping distance. => If both vehicles have the same velocity, then small vehicle has lesser kinetic energy than large vehicle.

4. We know that kinetic energy has this relationship with velocity K = v^2. So the best way to prepare to enter sharp curves in the roadway is to lower the speed. The most appropriate speed is 20-30 mph, but it depends on road conditions and car’s breaks condition.

5. Car crashes can happen with everyone so the best way is to be prepared. First the driver should wear a seatbelt while he’s driving. He should check his tires and breaks condition regularly. And also it’s important to slow down the vehicle while entering sharp curves. Without following these rules, the driver can get catastrophic injuries in a car crash.

Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings: 

1. It doesn’t matter where you go. All you need is to learn highway code. It’s very different to know the meanings of every road sign. Also, it’s necessary to check your car’s conditions and you should take some spare parts for your car in case of accidents. So wherever you go, it’s important to be prepared.

2. You should stop before crossing and take few minutes to make sure there is no train approaching. If there is no train approaching, you can pass a railroad crossing. If you see approaching train, you should wait until it will pass a railroad crossing.

3. You should stop before the lights and wait to check the traffic movement and signs. Make sure that everything is safe and pass the intersection. Don’t move fast to avoid accidents.

4. Flashing yellow light means that it’s not necessary to stop but you should to pay attention on the traffic movement. So it would be better to yield before the lights and make sure if it’s safe to move. After that you can cross the intersection.

5. The line change means that the lane changes and you can’t cross solid lines. Pay more attention on road marking because it shows how you should behave on the road or highway.

6. As you approach the next exit and  your passengers need to use the restroom and get some food, you should look for green signs which indicate food and rest stops. You should to slow down if you don’t want to skip the sign.

7. When you take the exit ramp off the expressway and merge onto the next road, you see yellow lines dividing the roadway which indicates that there is oncoming traffic and this is a two-way highway. 

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Lillian is 50 years old. her doctor has noticed a sharp decrease in her estrogen levels, and lillian is complaining about nausea and fatigue. according to the symptoms given in the text, what could be her initial diagnosis?

1. The answer is “C”.

“Identical twins” who have been raised apart are typically more similar in intelligence level than biological siblings raised together because they have been born with the same genetic code.

Identical twins originate from a single fertilized egg that parts into two. Before it parts, it is either male or female. After it parts, there are either two guys or two females. The two sections of the fertilized egg embed in the uterus and every create one of the twins.  

Identical twins have the equivalent hereditary source. No immediate reason for monozygotic twinning has been resolved; it isn’t innate. Monozygotic twins speak to around 33% all things considered. They may look strikingly comparative, and it might be hard to reveal to them separated.

2. The answer is “A”.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that one of the only ways individuals will accomplish the objectives in each of his six stages was to participate in “consensus democracy” in small group settings.

Lawrence Kohlberg felt that the best way to support development through these stages was by discourse of good problems and by investment in consensus democracy inside small groups. Consensus democracy was rule by understanding of the gathering, not larger part rule. This would invigorate and widen the reasoning of youngsters and grown-ups, enabling them to advance starting with one phase then onto the next.

3. The answer is “D.  showing a learner how to correct common mistakes”.

The term scaffolding alludes to a procedure in which instructors display or exhibit how to take care of an issue, and afterward venture back, offering support as required. Analyst and instructional architect Jerome Bruner first utilized the term ‘scaffolding’ in this setting, harking back to the 1960s. The hypothesis is that when understudies are given the help they require while discovering some new information, they stand a superior possibility of utilizing that learning freely. Bruner suggests positive association and three methods of portrayal amid educating: activities, pictures, and dialect.  

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Abigail has noticed that rose, her roommate, experiences extreme shifts in her moods and behavior. although rose doesn’t sleep much, she is unusually energetic and optimistic. she is highly distractible and delusional. this period of euphoria has lasted more than a week and is in sharp contrast to the depression and fatigue rose exhibited in the previous semester. rose is most likely to be diagnosed with _____.

Answer:    Joshua is correct

Explanation:  Animals, however well preserved and bred in conditions that are not in nature, that is, not in their natural habitat, animals still retain the animal instinct. Thus, young animals in the wild can be met daily, except for members of their species, and members of all other species, including predators, as well as humans. This means that in the natural environment, young animals can find themselves in a variety of dangers on a daily basis, but not only that. In this way young animals develop their ability to survive, escape from predators, manage, and develop their hunting skills, etc. All this is essential for socialization because according to all these developed skills and abilities their socialization depends. To deny any of the conditions prevailing in the wild means to deny the development of any skill or instinct, to deny proper socialization.

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A client is brought to the emergency department after a motor vehicle crash in which the client sustained a blunt chest injury when his chest struck the steering wheel the client is complaining of sharp pain on inspiration and dyspnea the nurse notes the absence of breath sounds on the affected side

Correct answer choice is :

D) The outer ear has to collect the sound waves and lead them to the middle ear.


The sound waves are produced by a sound root, such as the vibrating diaphragm of a radio speaker. The sound source generates waves in the around the tool. As the reservoir remains to vibrate the tool, the vibrations diffuse away from the root at the speed of sound, thus creating the sound wave. Vibrations in the air are called moving longitudinal waves, which we can hear. Sound waves consist of areas of high and low stress declared condensations and rarefactions, individually.

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Read the following passage carefully. She was such a sharp little lady, and used to sit with her hands folded in each other, looking so very watchful while she talked to me that perhaps I found that rather irksome. Or perhaps it was her being so upright and trim; though I don’t think it was that, because I thought that quaintly pleasant. Nor can it have been the general expression of her face, which was very sparkling and pretty for an old lady. I don’t know what it was. Or at least if I do, now, I thought I did not then. Or at least–but it don’t matter. (from Bleak House, Chapter XXX, by Charles Dickens) Do you think the point of view used is suitable? Would you have used that point of view to say the same thing? Why? Why not? Answer in complete sentences.

This is from memory but I’ll try my best.

Raymond’s Run is about a girl named Squeaky who is a runner and has a mentally challenged brother named Raymond. She goes to the May Day festival and decides to participate in the running contest. Her main opponent is a girl named Gretchen. When she is about to run, she sees Raymond also getting ready to run as well. Before the race, Squeaky thinks her brother could be a good runner. She runs the race and thinks she won, but the judges still have to debate on who won. Squeaky realizes that she should start coaching her brother and decides to focus on her schoolwork more. She is eventually announced as the winner of the race.