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Tina can paint a room 1.5 times faster than Joey can. If they work together, they can paint a room in 6 hours. How long would it take the slower person working alone to paint the room?


To answer this problem, let us define that:

x = amount of time Joey can paint a room in hours

1.5 x = amount of time Tina can paint a room in hours

Each person can complete 1 job in the specified amount of

1 job / x hours = rate of Joey

1job / 1.5 x hours = rate of Tina

By adding the two, they can paint the room (1 job) in 6
hours. Therefore:

(1 / x) + (1 / 1.5 x) = 1 / 6

Multiplying whole equation with 6 (x) (1.5 x):

6 (1.5 x) + 6 x = x (1.5 x)

9 x + 6 x = 1.5 x^2

Dividing both sides with x:

15 = 1.5 x

x = 10 hours

Therefore the time it will take Tina, the slower person, is
1.5x = 15 hours

ANSWER: 15 hours


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How does the Internet affect the way people find and exchange information? The Internet makes finding information a little faster, and exchanging information a little slower. The Internet makes finding information much slower, and exchanging information much faster. The Internet makes both finding information and exchanging information a little faster. The Internet makes both finding information and exchanging information much faster.


The correct answer is Ethnic unrest in the Balkans and Ottoman Empire caused conflict between the alliances.

In 1912 and 1913, just before the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the start of World War I in 1914, the Balkan Wars would leave a trail of disaster as four Balkan states defeated the Ottoman Empire. This war was caused because first of all the Ottoman Empire could not deal with the diverse ethnicity of the people it governed, much less with its rising nationalism, also because the Empire failed to govern and to reform itself to govern more efficiently; the Balkans felt they had to take the issue into their own hands, and finally the four Balkan states had formed the Balkan league and were confident together they could be free of the Turks. As this war took place, the alliances began to test each other: who was willing to take the chance to defend its allies in these wars? Everyone was saving their millitary for their own enemies. No one wanted to use them on another one’s quarrel. Tension rose and this prepared the ground for the final straw.


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Mike and adam left a bus terminal at the same time and traveled in opposite directions. mike’s bus was in heavy traffic and had to travel 20 mi/h slower than adam’s bus. after 3 hours, their buses were 270 miles apart. how fast was each bus going?


The basis to respond this question are:

1) Perpedicular lines form a 90° angle between them.

2) The product of the slopes of two any perpendicular lines is – 1.

So, from that basic knowledge you can analyze each option:

a.Lines s and t have slopes that are opposite reciprocals.

TRUE. Tha comes the number 2 basic condition for the perpendicular lines.

slope_1 * slope_2 = – 1 => slope_1 = – 1 / slope_2, which is what opposite reciprocals means.

b.Lines s and t have the same slope.

FALSE. We have already stated the the slopes are opposite reciprocals.

c.The product of the slopes of s and t is equal to -1

TRUE: that is one of the basic statements that you need to know and handle.

d.The lines have the same steepness.

FALSE: the slope is a measure of steepness, so they have different steepness.

e.The lines have different y intercepts.

FALSE: the y intercepts may be equal or different. For example y = x + 2 and y = -x + 2 are perpendicular and both have the same y intercept, 2.

f.The lines never intersect.

FALSE: perpendicular lines always intersept (in a 90° angle).

g.The intersection of s and t forms right angle.

TRUE: right angle = 90°.

h.If the slope of s is 6, the slope of t is -6

FALSE. – 6 is not the opposite reciprocal of 6. The opposite reciprocal of 6 is – 1/6.

So, the right choices are a, c and g.


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A plane can fly 600 miles in the same time as it takes a car to go 120 miles. if the car travels 120 mph slower than the plane, find the speed of the plane.



a) The time the police officer required to reach the motorist was 15 s.

b) The speed of the officer at the moment she overtakes the motorist is 30 m/s

c) The total distance traveled by the officer was 225 m.


The equations for the position and velocity of an object moving in a straight line are as follows:

x = x0 + v0 · t + 1/2 · a · t²

v = v0 + a · t


x = position at time t

x0 = initial position

v0 = initial velocity

t = time

a = acceleration

v = velocity at time t

a)When the officer reaches the motorist, the position of the motorist is the same as the position of the officer:

x motorist = x officer

Using the equation for the position:

x motirist = x0 + v · t (since a = 0).

x officer = x0 + v0 · t + 1/2 · a · t²

Let´s place our frame of reference at the point where the officer starts following the motorist so that x0 = 0 for both:

x motorist = x officer

x0 + v · t = x0 + v0 · t + 1/2 · a · t²      (the officer starts form rest, then, v0 = 0)

v · t = 1/2 · a · t²    

Solving for t:

2 v/a = t

t = 2 · 15.0 m/s/ 2.00 m/s² = 15 s

The time the police officer required to reach the motorist was 15 s.

b) Now, we can calculate the speed of the officer using the time calculated in a) and the  equation for velocity:

v = v0 + a · t

v = 0 m/s + 2.00 m/s² · 15 s

v = 30 m/s

The speed of the officer at the moment she overtakes the motorist is 30 m/s

c) Using the equation for the position, we can find the traveled distance in 15 s:

x = x0 + v0 · t + 1/2 · a · t²

x = 1/2 · 2.00 m/s² · (15s)² = 225 m


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Using a map for trip planning can make driving _____________. A. less stressful B. more stressful C. fuel efficient D. slower


1. I am definitely sure that correct option is: a. It will continue to move to the right, its speed increasing with time. If the object is experiencing a net force to the right, it always accelerates to the right => the velocity is increasing, because the greater the force, the larger the acceleration.

2. In my opinion the answer should be 

b. The table top will break and the object will fall to the floor. We should count the normal force of the object. According to the conditions, we can use N=mg; N=165*9,8 = 1617 N. 1617 > 1600. That’s why I’ve picked this option.

3. It’s tricky question, because the weight of the rock depends only on the force of gravity. Speed doesn’t affect the weight of the object. So it doesn’t matter what the acceleration is, its force will be 138 N. So the answer is D.

4. The friction doesn’t matter. We should use Newton’s laws to define 

the normal force that the floor exerts on the chair. 
So the solution is:
 m*g + 80*sin(35); where g = 9.8;
30*9.8 + 80*sin(35) = 342 N;
so the most approximate answer is B. 340 N.

5. I am pretty sure that correct answer is: b. extremely small values, such as the distances between particles in an atomic nucleus. According to its definition, strong interaction is a mechanism that is responsible responsible for the acts between subatomic particles of matter.

6. As far as I remember the correct option is: a. The action force and the reaction force act on different objects. Action and reaction forces are very important forces of a single interaction and they are not exist without each other. They’re both equal in strength but opposite in direction.

7. I am not completely sure, but I think that the answer should be 48 N. We have normal force which is equal to the box’s weight, so n = 320 N. Then we can count force of friction using the formula f = n*μ where μ = 0.15. 
f = 320*0.15;
f = 48;
The answer is B.

8. –

9. We have  F_{ alpha} = 330 N and  alpha = 42. And this is all we need to find the real force that pulls the wagon forward.
The formula is: 
 F_{f}=F_{alpha}*cos( alpha);

So the most approximate answer is C. 245 N.

10. According to the free-body diagram given above, the answer should be d. a woman jumping off the floor. Because in this option the object is experiencing a vertical acceleration, and this means that the normal force acting on the object will not be equal to the weight of the object.

11. According to the Newton’s second law of motion F=ma => a=f/m.
a = 8N/1kg = 8 m/s^2
So the answer is  A. 8 m/s^2


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HELP PLEASE ASAP! 1. War breaks out near Country A and B, limiting trade with nearby nations. Country A has a single resource economy and Country B has a diversified economy. Which country is more at risk for economic problems? Country A is more at risk because it has many types of products that it must find new trade partners to buy. Country A is more at risk because it has fewer types of goods to attract new trade partners. Country B is more at risk because it has fewer types of goods to attract new trade partners. Country B is more at risk because it does not have natural resources. 2. Which of the following best describes a disadvantage of a representative democracy compared to a direct democracy? Elections are unnecessary because birth and political party determine the officials. Elected officials may not always act in the best interests of those they represent. People are able to vote directly on issues that they care about. Decision-making is often slower because more people are involved in making the decisions. 3. Which statement about officials found in various forms of government is least accurate? A confederation would likely have several states with powerful state senators. A parliamentary government would likely have a prime minister elected by the legislature. A unitary government would likely have several states with powerful state senators. A federation would likely have a president elected by the people.



1- Country A is more at risk because it has fewer types of goods to attract new trade partners.

2- A disadvantage of a representative democracy compared to a direct democracy is that elected officials may not always act in the best interests of those they represent.

3- The least accurate statement is the one that says that a unitary government would likely have several states with powerful state senators.


1- If war breaks out near Country A and Country B, and Country A has a single resource economy while Country B has a diversified economy, Country A would be more at risk because as it only produces one resource, it would be more difficult for it to find new markets where to sell its production.

2- Representative democracy is often presented as the most efficient form of democracy possible in mass societies, arguing that it allows an effective decision by a sufficiently small number of people in the name of the greatest number. The efficiency of the service can be judged based on the metrics of profitability and efficiency over time. Representatives who vote on behalf of the people allow a monetary benefit, since the use of polling stations, vote counters, etc. is reduced. The government is generally responsible for paying the salaries of the representatives and would have to cover the substantial cost of a democracy. Representative democracy has been conceptually associated with historically instantiated by the political system known as “representative government,” which was born in the eighteenth century with the French and American revolutions. It is a system in which people choose their legislators (representatives), who are then responsible to them for their activity within the government.

3- A unitary government is a form of government where power is concentrated and there is a single center of power that extends its action throughout the territory of the respective nation through its agents and local authorities, delegates of that same central power. A unitary government is the opposite of a federal government.


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Which of the following statements is true about BAC? a. The positive buzz from alcohol doesn’t usually occur below a .06 BAC. b. Increased drinking above a .06 BAC can result in fatigue, slower breathing, reduced coordination, and a general “down feeling”. c. A BAC above a .10 has many side effects, but it also increases the stimulant effect of alcohol. d. BAC can be significantly reduced by vigorous exercise.


ANSWER 1) Option B) they prepare for contact with it

EXPLANATION: A golfer prepares for contact after he has addressed the ball. A player addressing the ball means that he has just grounded his club immediately in front of or behind the ball irrespective of the fact that he has taken stance or not.

ANSWER 2) Option D) Follow through

EXPLANATION: When a golfer makes contact with the ball, and they continue with the swing is called as Follow through. In this position, the golfer should be facing at the target. It is a stroke made by the golfer to hit the ball in a swing.

ANSWER 3) Option C) Driver

EXPLANATION: Drivers are designed to hit the ball to furthest distance. The driver in the golf is one of the standard golf clubs which is carried by most of the golfers and it is designed to hit the ball to the farthest out of all of them.

ANSWER 4) Option A) They are assessed a stroke

EXPLANATION : When a golfer accidentally makes contact when addressing the ball they are assessed a stroke. This is a penalty which is imposed on the golfer according to the rules of the game. There are several other instances where the ball can move, these situations have different rule and penalties depending upon how the ball is moved and who moved it. An image is attached with the answer for better explanation in different situations.

ANSWER 5) Option C) Course conditions

EXPLANATION : The strength of the golfer, the form of the golfer, the wind, and the course conditions affect the distance the golf ball will travel. Many factors influence the distance of the golf ball that will travel after being hit.

ANSWER 6) Option C) Back foot

EXPLANATION : For a good golf swing, a good balance in
necessary. While making a back swing, the balance should move to the back foot. This creates a proper and balanced turn. Many amateurs fail to move their weight backwards which is why they make a weak move.

ANSWER 7) Option A) Grip

EXPLANATION: Grip is very important for a golfer and it should be chosen according to the comfort level of the player. There are several steps to choose a right grip for the player. These include Grip Size, Grip Material, Surface Texture, Grip Firmness and Weather Conditions.


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6. Collisions tend to happen when one driver is going faster or slower than other cars on the road. A TRUE B FALSE


1. Trip planning helps reduce “driving distance and stress”.

Trip planning helps reduce Driving distance and stress. We can pre-plan the trip how to go, where to go first, from where the spot is close and what the spots to be seen there and the aggregate estimation for the trip.

We as a whole need to travel around and see things yet it all conceivable just on the off chance that we keep up few hints identified with trip. The initial phase in arranging an excursion is to choose where you need to go and what you’d get a kick out of the chance to see.

2. A pre-trip inspection will help you “find problems that could cause a collision or breakdown”.

The pre-trip inspection is a vital piece of each trip. It is intended to be an exhaustive check of the semi-truck, trailer and load, to guarantee that everything accurately, before the truck driver, leaving on a trek. Any harm or issues requiring consideration, are to be tended to before departure. The motivation behind a pre-trip review is to check the working state of your vehicle. When you direct an appropriate assessment, you are surveying the mechanical and wellbeing parts of your truck, for example, Brake framework.

3. When you hear or see the warning signal of any emergency vehicle, you should “pull over to closest edge of the road”.

You should yield the right-of-approach to flame, rescue vehicle, police and other approved emergency vehicles when they react to crises. They will show lights that are blazing red, red and blue or red and white and sound an alarm or air-horn. When you hear or see an emergency vehicle making a beeline for your vehicle from any course, securely pull over instantly to the right edge of the street and stop. Hold up until the point that the crisis vehicle goes before you drive on. In the event that you are in a crossing point, drive out of it before you pull over.

4. In order to reduce stress when traveling, you should avoid “rush-hour traffic”.

No one enjoys sitting in rush hour traffic. We endeavor to locate the most ideal approaches to keep away from it. There are sure circumstances of the day when more vehicles are on the streets, for the most part individuals going to work or school in the mornings and individuals heading home in the nights, so attempt to maintain a strategic distance from rushy hours. Before you go on any trip, design out your course so you can maintain a strategic distance from any street development or other congested driving conditions.

5. Before you leave for a trip, you should check “tire condition, vehicle lights, fuel gauge”.

It’s imperative to dependably check tire weight before taking off on a long outing or while conveying additional load. Driving on tires with inappropriate swelling weight is perilous and can cause tire harm and in addition influence the vehicle’s ride, dealing with and fuel economy. Take a minute to nearly examine the condition of your tires. Check for any cuts, breaks, parts or wounds in the tread and sidewall territory. Likewise ensure the front and back lights, brake lights, pointers and hazard lights work. You ought to do this each time you utilize the vehicle.