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Burmese pythons are large snakes that have been introduced into the Florida Everglades ecosystem. Burmese pythons and alligators hunt the same prey. One likely effect of the introduction of the pythons is that


Well which one tends to live around deep waters like the open ocean?

Frogs are amphibians, meaning they need land. The open ocean does not have land.

Dolphins live in and travel around the ocean, not needing land and capable of swimming great depths so they are capable of living in the open ocean.

Alligators live in areas with shallow waters where they can cool down and hide to capture unsuspecting prey. They need to breathe every now and then and even though they are fantastic swimmers in rivers, they can’t go too deep. They also need land to lay their eggs and mate, so the open ocean is not the best option for an alligator.

Hippopotami also live in shallow water like alligators. And like alligators, they need to breathe every now and then and they can’t go too deep in water. Rivers are great for them, but they won’t last too long in an open ocean.

Thus, the organism most likely adapted to the open ocean are dolphins.


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Just one person survived the crash—Danielle. The other eight passengers are now gone, thanks to the evil deeds of others. It is up to Danielle to seek revenge on behalf of all those families who will never know the truth. Revenge, however, is not so easy. Danielle will have to survive a trek into the deepest, darkest part of the jungle before breaking into Giovanni’s well-guarded headquarters. But, before any of that can happen, Danielle must first overcome immediate problems: she is in a pit filled with poisonous snakes, her right arm is broken, and her only hope of escape is a crazy man named Tim. science fiction fable adventure fantasy



The correct answer is that this passage makes part of an Adventure.


The reason comes from knowing the different genres and styles of writing fiction and also taking into account the way that the situation is being narrated. In this passage, the writer is telling us about a woman, Danielle, who, after a terrible accident is found herself alone, in a really dangerous situation, in an even more dangerous and mysterious place, which she must survive in order to carry out her final goal, which is to deliver justice to those who caused the crash and the death of her fellow passengers. The fact that the passage itself narrates the terrible happenings, bust most of all, the difficult circumstances that Danielle must face for survival, shows that the author wants us to almost get into this adventure of survival with the character and understand how difficult this will be for her. These are all characteristics of the Adventure genre in literature.


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The probability that a randomly selected 55?-year-old male garter snakegarter snake will live to be 66 years old is 0.932080.93208. ?(a) what is the probability that two randomly selected 55?-year-old male garter snakegarter snakes will live to be 66 years? old


[Incomplete question. I found a table in other source –
see attachment]

I made a graph and it looks like a line (see attachment).

If the proportion is exactly linear, you have to use this
kind of equations:



y are the sales

x is the number of months since the beginning of the year
(for example, January is 1, February is 2, etc)

m is the proportion (how much it increases every month)

b is how much it was sold in month 0 (if January is 1, 0
would be December of last year)

But it’s not exactly linear – you have to round a little
to make it straight. So now we need to know the equation of the line that fits
best with these data. The most accurate way to know that is the method of least
squares – no one actually calculates that, not even university professors: we
just put data in Excel, click “add trendline”, and Excel does all the work ☺ Or you can just eyeball
it and draw
a line that looks right – in this case, make dY/dX to find m and the
intersection with y-axis to find b.

This is what Excel told me:
y = 1.2727x + 30.54

So if you want to know how much will be sold in November,
assuming the rate goes on like this, you have to replace 11 in the equation:

y = 1.2727*11 + 30.54=44.539

So that would mean  44,539 gallons

And 12 for Dezember:

y = 1.2727*12 + 30.54=45.812

So that would mean 45,812 gallons

So you will not exceed 50,000 until next year.

Let’s find in which month of next year:

1.2727x + 30.54 = 50

1.2727x = 50 – 30.54

x = (50 – 30.54)/1.2727=12.147

So this means it will be in month 13 (you
have to round it up)

which would be January (you have to substract